I’ve gotten some comments on the bulletin board part of our soon-to-be-up, complete website that I need to address. I haven’t yet added any of the many comments I’ve received on the posts I’ve made here. I plead ignorance, busy-ness, and, most recently, despair.
I don’t really understand how the whole blog software setup works, and my guy who helps me with it won’t be available until next week. When I read other blogs, I hate it when I have to scroll down through dozens of comments to get to the next post, so I don’t want to structure my blog so that others have to do the same thing I hate to do. I like to be able to look at the comments on other blogs when I want to and ignore them if I want to—and that’s how I want to set it up here. Problem is, I don’t know how, and I don’t really want to take the time to fool around with it trying to figure it out as I go, when a simple phone call will get it done when my expert returns.
Also, I have some friends, who, strangely enough, have made some intelligent comments and have even submitted some serious questions, the answers to which would illuminate the posts that inspired them. Problem is here, that these being my friends, their comments require bowdlerizing before I could possibly put them where others could see them. Although I have a pretty trash mouth when the mood strikes me, which, according to my wife is most of the time, I want to keep this blog PG rated.
We’ve been at a conference in the San Francisco area that has absolutely nothing to do with medicine, but that has occupied us fully for the past couple of days. I’ll post in the near future about this conference because I’m sure many will find it interesting.
And lastly, we just found out that a close, close friend of ours died today. When I get a little better grip on my swirling emotions about all this, I’ll write and post our friend’s obituary. He was truly one of the only artistic geniuses (if that’s even the right word) I’ve ever known up close and personal, and he will be greatly missed.
So, I hate to make excuses, but I have anyway. If you’ve sent comments, just hang in there, and I’ll get them posted as soon as I can

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