It would never have occurred to me that Jessica Simpson and I might have something in common, but this photo proves otherwise.
For those readers here in Seppo-land, have a happy and safe 4th of July.


  1. And of course…PETA agrees with you! ;0D
    Credit goes to Martin Luther King Jr. for having once said and which applies to those believing in the teachings espoused by PETA, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.
    What I would give to see Dr. Eades spending a little time on their web site trying to educate those poor souls!
    Sky King

  2. Please never ever again post a picture of Miss Simpson !
    Hitler adored his doggies if you get my drift.
    What next “Buggered and Strumptet Publishers Ltd are proud to announce that within 6 weeks the hotly awaited book by revered authors and Dr’s Michael and Mary Can Eades and Miss Britney Spears will hit the stores Nationwide”
    A publicity jaunt will encompass Miss Spears offering her nutritional savvy to attendees at various book shops while Michael, who has a cracking pair of legs incidentally from when working at the Moulin Rouge as a student will adopt pink lycra and sing his newest single “Oops i did it again i dropped the bacon” to local contest winners
    Nuff said

  3. Boy, the media flipped out over that–they saw it as a dig to current Simpson boyfriend Tony Romo’s former girlfriend Carrie Underwood, a well-known vegetarian (although I thought I remembered reading somewhere she’s lacto/ovo, not vegan).

  4. Low carb is how Jessica stays thin. She has curves, and women like us have to watch those carbs. I’ve read a few times in those stupid celeb magazines about how they over hear her telling the waiter to “hold the rice” etc…
    When she’s getting ready for a movie she does low carb and 2 hour workouts a day.
    I don’t mean to keep up with this stuff so well, but these magazines are left behind at my gym and it keeps me entertained while work it on the elliptical.

  5. Pretty much all celebrities keep their weight off eating high protein, low carb, moderate cal diets. Recently Heidi Klum was asked what she had for breakfast, her answer “eggs and bacon”. She keeps her weight off with low carb, and jessica simpson uses it to lose and maintain. No one talks about it anymore because it’s not trendy… but it is what actually works.
    Some celebrities do strict vegan diets, but I can’t help notice they are overweight, have poor muscle tone, and look aged beyond their years (alicia silverstone, alec baldwin, and gwenyth paltrow seem so much older and flabbier for their vegetarian eating).
    Most vegetarians I know in real life tend to gain weight, unless they are the freakishly “always skinny” kind that can’t gain no matter what.

  6. Itsthewoo, i don’t know if Gwenyth Paltrow has changed her eating habits, I know she has changed her workouts, but she is hottie body now. (did have 2 kids and all) All the recent pics of her are all legs and she looks fabulous, not disagreeing with you on the veg diet at all, just on Gwenyth’s recent photos 🙂

  7. She has been voluptuous since she was teenager, so I don’t think she has had breast implants. In fact, according to “Behind the Music” her curves were considered a problem for some folks in the Christian music industry, where she got her start. Apparently, Jessica was “too sexy”. Is that even possible?

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