Paul Potts, the car phone salesman from Wales, takes the whole enchilada on Britain’s Got Talent. Here is a piece on Mr. Potts from the BBC and another from The Daily Mail for those of you wishing to know more about him.
And here is a long comment on one of the many YouTube videos out there of Mr. Potts’ performances that echoes what I wrote in answer to an earlier comment:

For all those that seem to think Paul is a pro in disguise, please realise the following.
– Bath Opera is an amateur opera company staging a small number of productions a few times each year.
– Paul has performed in just 4 four productions with this company
– Paul has attended some masterclasses in Italy. These courses are designed for talented amateurs. All of these are paid for by those attending.
– A few masterclasses, even one with the great man do not constitute “a formal opera training” by any stretch of the imagination.
– Professional opera singers earn their living by treading the boards night after night week-in week-out, year after year with professional opera companies.
– Paul, has never earned a single penny from opera performance, other than winning a tv talent show in 1999 – the winnings funding masterclasses.
– Paul has not performed since 2003.
– He is not a professional opera singer pretending to be a mobile phone sales man, but rather he is a mobile phone salesman aspiring to be an opera singer.
– An operatic voice IS a trained voice.

Enjoy the grand finale.


  1. What a voice. What a talent. Sounds a lot like Andrea. I wonder if this country has enough people interested in the higher levels of pure musical talent to vote for a person with his ability?
    I suspect so given the positive response I’ve gotten on the videos from people in the US.

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