Thaddeus Tremayne hits the nail on the head.

I have always regarded it as reliably axiomatic that government departments are named after whatever it is they are trying to put a stop to. One need look no further than the Department of Education for practical proof of this principle in action.


  1. Oh well there’s a red rag to a bull! 😉
    Why doesn’t it work for groups like Diabetes Australia then? Sure they are only partly government funded (they get some ever so helpful assistance from the (high carb)food industry and drug companies) – but I don’t see any signs of them stopping diabetes, or wanting to … mind you the Heart Foundation probably does their bit to stop a few hearts!
    Isn’t this just a case of empire building? Regardless of whether you are in government of not, there is no real incentive to make your department so efficient at its task that the reason for its existence (and your job) disappears in a puff of smoke! Quite the reverse in fact, as the worse your department’s performance the greater the problem, the greater the problem the bigger the department, the bigger the department the more prestige and pay the bosses/empire builders get …
    There was an old lady who swallowed a fly …
    (Ha ha – I just did a search on the lyrics – couldn’t remember if it was an old lady or not – the very first page is from (your) Department of Health & Human Services!!)
    Another example.  The Department of Health and Human Services promotes anything but health as evidenced by their use of taxpayers funds to produce the lyrics of an old folk song.  How does that promote health or human services?

  2. That’s a corollary of Quinn’s First Law:
    “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.”
    Jim Quinn hosts a conservative “talk radio” show that’s broadcast from here in Pittsburgh, PA. His show is syndicated in limited markets throughout the country and he can be heard on XM radio, M-F, 6-9 am EST on channel 165.
    Philip Thackray
    I suspect it’s not only liberalism that does so.

  3. Couple observations:
    1- I work in one of those Departments. Please review the WIRED initiative, the WIA or SCSEP, and explain how these are destroying labor.
    2- Conservatives seem against conservation of anything but power and financial gain. Borrow and Spend is less conservative than tax and spend. Tax cuts during a war, ditto. Don’t get anyone started on their conservation efforts towards the world we all rely on for life.

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