A few days ago I posted on a fish oil/krill oil/curcumin regimen that I’ve been using to treat joint and muscle soreness after golf. I had a number of comments wanting to know about krill oil and why I made it part of the treatment protocol. Your wish is my command.
Krill oil, logically enough, comes from krill, which are small, shrimp like crustaceans that inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world, primarily the Antarctic and North Pacific Oceans. Despite their small size–one to five centimeters in length–krill make up the largest animal biomass on the planet. According to Neptune Technologies, the Canadian company that holds the patent for krill oil extraction, there are approximately 500 million tons of krill roaming around in these northern seas, 110,000 tons of which are harvested annually.
A krill, in profile
Krill oil, like fish oil, contains both of the omega-3 fats eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA), but hooked together in a different form. In fish oil these omega-3 fatty acids are found in the triglyceride form whereas in krill oil they are hooked up in a double chain phospholipid structure. (The fats in our own cell walls are in the phospholipid form.) Attached to the EPA leg of the phospholipid is a molecule of astaxanthin, an extremely potent anti-oxidant. The phospholipid structure of the EPA and DHA in krill oil makes them much more absorbable and allows for a much easier entrance into the mitochondria and the cellular nucleus. In addition to EPA and DHA krill oil contains a complex phospholipid profile including phosphatidylcholine, a potent source of reductive-stress-reducing choline, which also acts as a natural emulsifier.
Krill oil contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D and canthaxanthin, which is, like astaxanthin, a potent anti-oxidant. The anti-oxidant potency of krill oil is such that when compared to fish oil in tems of ORAC (Oxygen radical absorptance capacity) values it was found to be 48 times more potent than fish oil.
The astaxanthin found in krill oil provides excellent protection against ultravoilet light and UV-induced skin damage. It was for this reason that I started taking krill oil to begin with–I only discovered its other virtues later on.
A number of studies have shown that krill oil is tremendously effective in reducing LDL-cholesterol, raising HDL-cholesterol, and lowering blood sugar. It has been shown to be effective in treating the pain and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis and aches and pains in general. One large study showed that krill oil has tremendous benefits in terms of symptom reduction in PMS and dysmenorrhea. And it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of adult ADHD. In all these studies krill oil was tested against fish oil and not simply a placebo.
Due to the rapid absorption of krill oil and the high anti-oxidant content there is virtually never the fishy burping and aftertaste sometimes experienced with fish oil. And there are no other side effects to speak of. The jury is out right now on if and to what degree there is a problem for those people allergic to shrimp. Until the jury is in, I would be careful in taking krill oil if I had a shrimp allergy.
Are there any downsides to this miracle substance? Only one. It is a little more pricey than fish oil, but, as with all things, you get what you pay for. Virtually all krill oil is produced by Neptune Technologies and shipped to the various supplement manufacturers, so any krill oil you get will have come from the same place and be the same dosage. The only unknown is how long it has been sitting around in a warehouse somewhere, which is, of course, the same unkown with fish oil. At least with krill oil, thanks to the high anti-oxidant content, the shelf life is much longer.
One last thing. I neglected to mention in my previous post that popping a couple of fish oil and krill oil caps don’t give the same immediate relief as popping a NSAID. It takes a while–a couple of weeks in my case–for the fish oil/krill oil to provide the same degree of pain relief as the NSAID. So, the take home message is: don’t take your first dose and compare it to the relief you got with a dose of NSAID. If you do, you will not believe the program works and will probably think me an idiot. It takes a while, so give it time. In the study I mentioned in the last post, the subjects took the fish oil for two weeks along with their NSAIDs, then tapered off the drugs and treated their pain with the fish oil alone.


  1. Hi! That was a great post with a lot of good information. I noticed in your last entry that you’re continuing to take fish oil along with the krill oil. After reading your current entry that struck me because the phospholipid form sounds much better. Is it because you can’t get EPA/DHA in sufficient quantities from krill oil without getting excessive amounts of vitamins/antioxidants?
    Hi Tad–
    No, I’m not worried about excess vitamins/antioxidants with the krill oil. I take the fish oil in addition just to get a little more of the good fats in a less expensive form. I figure that there is plenty of antioxidant in the krill oil to cover the EPA and DHA in the fish oil.

    1. I have RA. My doctor said I should take 5 gram fish oil.
      How much krill oil should I take to get to 5 gram of fish oil?

        1. I’m sorry but I need to know the dosage;i.e. mg or gram in each softgel. I may not want to buy NKO krill

          1. Pat, you probably have figured it out by now; 1,000 mg = 1g. So if your krill oil is 500 mg, you need 10 – wow!! Whatever krill you decide, you’re going to need 5,000 mg to equal 5 grams.

        2. Hi…if I am allergic to shellfish.. do you think Krill wouldn’t be the best choice for me? Fish oil capsules leaves me smelling like fish!! and burping… Ewwww!!

          1. Most people who are allergic to shellfish seem to do okay with krill oil, but I would try it in very small amounts – maybe rubbed on the skin – first to test rather than just throwing it back.

          2. I recently heard that krill oil is good for the mother and fetus during pregnancy. I’m 28 weeks and was wondering if this is true. I had intended to ask my ob at my last appointment but he was basically rushing me out the door. He never seems to have enough time for questions.

          3. Get another OB. You need your doctor to take the time to answer any and all questions you may have that you cannot get answers to doing your own research. Good doctors like patients who are pro-active and involved.
            Unfortunately many doctors are constrained by insurance and policies that do not allow them enough time with patients, but you have to demand it. Some of my doctors have potentially caused me problems by not being more informative, meaning, taking the time to be thorough.

          4. I started taking krill oil (500 mg capsule daily) and after a few days I got a rash on my leg that oozed fluid and had a couple of pus blisters. I stopped the krill oil and the rash has subsided. I’ve had shrimp before (I’m usually vegetarian – I almost never have seafood or fish only chicken once in a long while) and did not notice any reaction.
            I’d like to continue with the krill oil if I can – question is what can I do to continue taking it? Is there any way for me to get over the allergy – if indeed I have one?

          5. Sounds like you may have an allergy to the krill oil. You could puncture one of the gelcap and rub a tiny amount on the skin on the inside of your arm to see what happens. If the area you rubbed it on gets red and inflamed, I wouldn’t take any more krill oil. If you don’t have a reaction, you could squirt some of the krill oil from a gelcap onto some food and try a very small dose. If no problems, increase the dose until you are at a full gelcap. If you have a reaction anywhere along the way, krill oil probably isn’t for you.

          6. I too got a skin rash, though on my arms. What I discovered is the dose I can take without getting a rash, which for me is 500 mgs once a day.

          7. I’m allergic to shellfish and have been taking Krill Oil for over a month now with no problem. I actually did not know a Krill was a shrimp until today.

          8. Try putting your fish oil capsules in the fridge or the freezer. This will stop the burping up of the fishy taste and smell.

          9. The burping of fish taste indicates that the fish oil is rancid. I have read this over and over.


        4. I’m confused… was going to purchase krill oil from your website today (4/18/11) and see produduct info says it is Azantis KO, not NKO. Your post of 4/05/11 still says you use NKO. I have not been able to find any other info on your website explaining why you are using Azantis. Thanks

          1. Sorry about that. It is indeed NKO and not Azantis. Got it fixed to accurately describe the product available. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. One of the benefits of Krill Oil over Fish Oil is that, Fish Oil has the tendency to oxidize very quickly when it is exposed to air but Krill oil is far more stable. Krill Doctor Professional, carries 2x times more Phospholipids & Omega-3 DHA and EPA, as compared to other Krill products available in market.

      1. http://www.quackwatch.com/11Ind/Peskin/complaint.html
        On April 26, 2002, the Attorney General of Texas issued this complaint charging Brian S. Peskin and his company with making misleading claims about his credentials and three Radiant Health products they were marketing. In January 2003, the District Court issued a permanent injunction ordering Peskin and his company to pay $100,000 to the State of Texas and to refrain from making a long list of unsubstantiated claims about their Radiant Health Products and Peskin’s credentials.

        1. As a native born and long gone resident of the “third world state of Texas”, I would advise everyone to ignore any statement made by the so called government of the “third world state of Texas.” As some proof of my sentiment, I ask only that any one who doubts me to consider the Texas requirements for their children’s school books, which must contain all sorts of fairy tale biblical bunk in addition to actual known and proven SCIENTIFIC FACTS. And because many other states choose to purchase “Texas Approved” books because they are “CHEAPER,” a significant number of children are being subjected to the same sort of pseudo-education. So let Texas and Texans choose to be ignorant and let the rest of us choose intelligence. I just do care how many Texans I offend. I will never again set foot in my home state.

      2. :Darlene This is false. DHA and EPA are designated “essential fatty acids” or EFAs. “Essential” refers to the fact that your body DOES NOT synthesize these nutrients. If that is Peskin’s information, he is a fool.

        1. 🙁 George, Darlene is correct, and you are as wrong as the day is long, and your “beliefs” are not the facts. Even Wikipedia has the correct science in stating that EPA & DHA are derived FROM omega-3 and are NOT essential because the body CAN and DOES make them from the base, or parent, omega-3. The body can also make omega-9 oleic acid as found in olive oil, along with MANY others, which is why all of them also are NOT essential dietary fatty acids. Wikipedia is also correct in referencing omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 alpha linolenic acids as the only 2 true EFA’s. These are very well know and long established physiological and biochemical facts that are readily found almost anywhere one chooses to look.
          As further proof just look at any eicosanoid O-6 & O-3 pathway chart, such as the one in Sally Fallon’s article “Tripping Lightly Down The Prostaglandin Pathway” and you and everyone else will plainly see that EPA & DHA are synthesized in the body FROM the base substrate omega-3’s at the top of the pathway IF there are no conditions blocking or impairing the body’s production of the delta 6, 5 & 4 desaturase enzymes, which is also explained in that article. TRANS FATS from the intake of any and ALL processed ingestable snack substances (PISS) are one substance known to block and impede the body’s hormone and fatty acid metabolism, as do diabetes, alcoholism and several other dietary, metabolic or genetic conditions also detailed in the Wikipedia discussions of those topics.
          You would profit immensely from even a casual reading of any of Peskin’s work, and I suggest you take the time to research these subjects much more extensively than you have thus far before calling anyone else a fool so as to not hoist yourself on your own petard.

          1. If you’re referring to the ability of the body to convert ALA to DHA/EPA, you’re right, but it does this at an inefficient rate. Perhaps you could point me to a study that shows consuming flaxseed oil is just as effective as fish/krill oil?

        1. Can you tell me who finances these studies,are they financed by people with financial interest in Krill oil? I’m very skeptical…here is a link to a site that claims much of the information about krill is not true and very misleading.They are also upfront in their disclaimer that they link to a site that sells fish oil but still claim that what they print is factual and the facts can be proven.

          1. When my GF takes Krill oil for PMS, there is (obvious to me too) much better control at a significantly lower dose compared to normal fish oil. The combination of Krill oil and Ginkgo is the bees knees, but Krill oil by itself is pretty cool.
            Plus, astaxanthin on its own – 4mg 2x daily – is a fantastic antiinflammatory, I use whenever I have extra exercise stress or in RSI situations and it never fails me. Best with a few days to build up.
            Pete, the blog you linked to cites absolutely NO studies to prove their claims.
            Contamination of Krill oil would be IMO a non-issue because the amounts are so small, plus, just because it’s not decontaminated doesn’t mean it isn’t checked for contamination in the first place. Decontamination processes have the potential to denature PUFAs and remove vital vitamins (vit D is removed by deodorising, for example)

        2. I was Diagnosed with AIDS a while back and I have since been taking Atripla which raised my Cholesterol Levels to 526. I am on Prevastatin 20 mg and Tricor 145 mg (taken at different times) this did not reduce my cholesterol so I started taking fish oil 1000 mg. and still nothing. Took krill oil 1000mg and in 3 months it went down to 90. So it does work for me.

      1. Did you change your diet?
        there is something you are eating that keeping your numbers high.
        revamp the diet man!!

      2. I started taking KO instead of Fish Oil. In 2 months my cholesterol went from 230 to 165. My good cholesterol went up and bad went down. I was shocked!

      3. I take Krill, ubiquinol and B vitamins. Since I have elevated cholesterol, my doc wants me on a statin, but I am refusing to do this. So, I also take niacin but not the same time I take krill oil.
        My blood work has improved, but it takes a long time, 6 months is not enough when doing this without drugs.
        The main thing is that I have lost weight without dieting as I completely changed the way I eat…whole foods, good fats, no GMO fed meat.
        Give it time… we have to be proactive in our own health.

      4. Actually Mack snake oil has gotten a bad name over the years and is actually very high in good oils as well 🙂
        Maybe the use of another expression is in your future?

    2. My doctor advised me to use a professional krill oil formula about 2 months ago.. it is called Krill Doctor Professional which i purchased via their website krilldoctor.com
      I have been doing better overall and I think this stuff works when you use it regularly..now my husband also is taking this everyday.. good luck to everyone.

    3. It’s great that you mention reductive stress and choline here. Reading de Grey has sold me on reductive stress (I was a skeptic), Ghyczy and Boros et al. make a convincing case for electrophilic methyl donors (choline, betaine, SAMe, carnitine and, I figure, trimethylamine N-oxide from fishy smelling fish (sea fish, esp deep sea) being the protective agents. Reductive stress isn’t the opposite of oxidative stress, but an intermediate phase between mitochondrial and systemic OS.

      1. I was very skeptical of KO initially as I’d tried other expensive fish oils which I found to be no better than a relatively cheap cod liver oil product. But KO is different. It improves my mood and thinking in a way that other fish oils don’t. I’ve found I need to take a about 5g of cod liver oil to get a similar effect to 1g of KO. The improvement from KO was a surprising result.

    4. I’ve been taking krill oil for about 6 months. I’m a healthy white, 39 year old guy. I’m Irish by hertiage. In the summer I could stay out all day in the sun without sun screen on and wondered why – I would tan but not burn. For me its an AMAZING natural sunscreen!

  2. BTW, my friend’s retriever is having arthritis and on a regime of
    – krill oil
    – COX2Tame
    – SAMe Joint (SAMe & glucosamine)
    – chondroitine
    as well as winstrol (the vet’s giving it to her). The supplements are ours and this combo worked remarkably well within 3 weeks. You’d wish that people get treated as well as this particular dog 😀
    So yes definitely a good idea for pets as well!

    1. Thanks for some great information on Krill Oil. I take a high quality FO supplement made by MetaGenics, which does not cause burping, but an considering switching to KO. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and recently made the connection between my pain and ingesting nightshades and other fruits and vegetables that contain solanine. In his e-book, Nightshade Free, Pain Free, Michael Fowler points to potato in pet foods and it’s relationship to gastro-intestinal problems, but maybe the dog’s diet is also contributing to it’s arthritis Unfortunately, Fowler’s book only focuses on nightshades, but anecdotal information about other solanine sources can be found on the forum discussions at the Arthritis Nightshade Research Foundation website.

  3. Great post Mike but I can’t seem to purchase the products online at their web site? Any ideas on how to buy the stuff?
    Hi Fred–
    Neptune Technologies doesn’t sell directly to the public, but it produces all the krill oil that is for sale out there. I’ve seen it at health food stores, Whole Foods and other natural food markets, and a million places online. It is called Neptune Krill Oil or NKO. Since it all comes from the same place, shop based on price. We are currently looking for a source so that we can put it on our website.

    1. HI,
      I recently heard about the benfits of Krill Oil supplements over Fish Oil Supplements on the show “The Doctors”. I have been buying Krill Oil from Drugstore.com.

      1. I buy Krill at a health food store in Kensington Market, Toronto just in case anyone is from this area.
        It is costly, and I pay $56 for 120 softgells at 500mg each.
        Since I do not use fish oil, I take 2 gelcaps daily.
        I also try to eat WILD salmon at least 2 times a week.
        As Mike says, the source is all the same, so I would be surprised if one could buy Krill any cheaper than that.

    2. I find my Atlantic Salmon Oil Pills and Red Krill Oil Pills at Costco. The Krill oil is $19 per bottle and recommends 1 pill per day, which I supplement with the Salmon Oil.

      1. Is it a good quality one?? The one I am buying is selling for $96.00 for 120 soft gelcaps. It is a Trophic brand one. NKO

        1. The brand is ok, but you are paying tooooo much…should be $56 I have bought 3 different brands, and they all price the same, so it is likely the store you pruchase from that ups the price. In your case, I would go online and look for a similar price I pay.

      1. Please tell me what is the difference between Krill Oil and RED Krill?
        I placed an order recently for Krill and received 2 containers marked “red” Krill oil.

  4. I spotted the NKO at Whole Foods last night and it’s currently on sale. I would have picked up a couple of bottles but didn’t have my checkbook with me so I’m going to go back this weekend and get some. I believe that the tag said the sale price is good until 8/1/06. I can’t recall the price off-hand (I have a hard time remembering numbers) but had just been looking up prices on NKO yesterday afternoon and it was definitely cheaper than what I had been looking at. I’m going to give the curcumin a try, too.
    Also, I have a question. Just how much fish oil should one take? I currently take 3 caps a day of the Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil. I used to take 6 until I read somewhere that that was too many but other sources say 6 is ok so I’m getting rather confused. Thanks for posting about GLA. I think I must have read the same thing about it that you did and started to take it but based on what you’ve said, I’ve eliminated it. Also, what do you think of flax? A lot of folks are crazy about it but I can’t eat the ground meal as it triggers my IBS symptoms and the oil is rather pricey and it’s my understanding that the fish oil is better anyway. Thanks!
    Hi Esther–
    You don’t really have to take a lot of fish oil to get the benefit from it. As I posted, I’m taking two fish oil and two krill oil capsules per day, which is probably about all I would recommend.
    If you’re on a low-carb diet I would avoid the GLA.
    I don’t think a whole lot of flax. The fatty acids you need are the EPA and the DHA, neither of which the flax contains; your body has to convert the particular type of omega-3 contained in flax oil into fats. If you’re ill, or getting a little old, or diabetic, o have any number of problems your conversion apparatus doesn’t work optimally so you don’t get the amounts of EPA and DHA you need from the flax oil. Why not let the fish or krill do the conversion for you and get the EPA and DHA already formed?

  5. Hi Doctor , my husband and I use a krill oil as well . The company that makes it has extremely high standards and it’s called MarineOmega .
    Hi Cindy–
    Unless I miss my bet, the krill oil contained in the MarineOmega product comes from Neptune Technologies.

  6. Oh I forgot to mention that the makers of MarineOmega actually send someone from their company to examine the Krill for perfection before they agree to buy .

  7. Hi, I get a lot of nasty aftertaste/reflux from fish oil caps(and I’m on Prevacid for a hiatal hernia). Is this true of krill?
    Hi Elaine–
    One of the many virtues of krill oil is that it doesn’t have the problem of fishy reflux/burping/aftertaste. Because of its phospholipid structure the krill oil absorbs much more rapidly, and because of the high concentration of anti-oxidants the oil stays fresh. I would give it a try.
    If you want to try a different fish oil, try Nordic Naturals. It’s the only brand I’ve ever used that virtually never gives ‘fishy’ reflux.

  8. My husband tried to take fish oil and it made him sick (not sure what kind of sick) however the flax oil doesn’t so he has been taking that. He has heart disease with one blocked artery and is on a whole mess of pills.
    Would the krill oil be a replacement for fish/flax oil for him?
    Hi Cathie–
    The fact that is absorbs so well and reduces the problems with fish oil is the major virtue of krill oil. Tell him to give it a try. Let me know how is works out.

    1. Flax is not fish oil Omega 3, you need to review what he is taking. It is vegetable oil of which we alreday get plenty of.
      He is not getting the benefits of Omega 3.
      There are different coating on fish oils. Some do not breakdown as quickly and would benefit him. Look at the labels at your Big Box store. Like Costco, Super Wal-Mart,
      K-Mart, others, they all have fish oils, many have Krill oil.. Costco was one of the first providers and it is where I still get mine.
      All Krill oil is produced by Neptune. The quality is all the same regardless of the label. However, there are different dosages. If unsure, a little more is fine.
      Doing fine at 69, still pumping iron and very capable. The muscles still show.

  9. I read the rheumatoid arthritis extract. It seems that I could reduce my daily intake of 10 grams of fish oil to 3 grams of krill oil. This assumption is based on the finding that 1 gram of krill oil was more effective than 3 grams of fish oil.
    I found another supplier of krill oil. NSI at vitacost.com. I was delighted to calculate that the daily cost of krill oil would only rise to 39 cents a day from 25 cents/day for fish oil.
    Unfortunately, the NSI oil is not as potent, with 1/3 the EPA per gram and almost 1/4 the DHA. And the Astaxanthin is 2 mg versus 15 mg. So the low-cost NSI krill oil is probably not as effective as Neptune.
    Probably my solution will be to take a combination of krill oil and fish oil. The prospect of improvements in lipoproteins and glucose control seem worth the trouble.
    Hi Dave–
    Keep me posted on how you do.

  10. About the Neptune astaxanthin 15mg level. I was misled by a label typo. I believe that 1.5 mg is correct for Neptune.

  11. Hello.
    Doesn’t krill oil contain Omega 6? Are you concerned at all about ingesting any additional Omega 6?
    Hi Diana–
    There is a minuscule amount of omega-6 in krill oil, which is no big deal because there is so much more omega-3. It’s the ratio of the two that matters. Most foods contain some omega-6. Even a beef steak will have a little. Don’t worry about the tiny bit in krill oil.

  12. Hi Dr. Mike! I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I hadn’t heard of krill oil before, and it is fascinating (although far out of reach of my budget at this time, unfortunately). I can see that the krill oil (and/or a cold water fish BODY oil) would be a *better* choice, but do you and MDE still consider the Carlson’s (lemon-flavored) cod liver oil to be a decent product? I took 1 tablespoon per day for a number of years until I couldn’t afford it any more, and I hope to be able to squeeze it back into my budget pretty soon here.
    Hi Donna–
    Yes, we still think that Carlson’s cod liver oil is fine. At the time we recommended it we couldn’t find any fish oil capsules that we thought were good (i.e., lacking in peroxidized oils); now there are a number of fish oils out there that qualify.

    1. Hi Dr Mike: I am currently taking 2 capsules “Seven Seas” Pulse [high strength Triomega with Vitamin E -concentrated fish oil.
      I wish to switch on to Krill oil – please recommend suitable type on Krill’s production. I am 70 yrs old and wish to take one suitable for my age. I am taking treatment for my both knees – loss of cartilage ?

      1. There are only three companies that produce all the krill oil that is for sale. There are countless different brands, but all the companies bottling the various bands get their oil from one of the three companies that actually harvest the oil. The three oils are pretty much the same, but most of the studies have been done on oil produced by Neptune Technologies, a Canadian company (disclosure: I have no financial involvement with them). It was the first to produce krill oil, and so it stands to reason that its product would have been studied more than the others since it has been around longer. You can tell if the oil comes from Neptune Tech because, irrespective of what brand it says on the bottle, there will be a little logo that says NKO (for Neptune Krill Oil).

        1. Vital Choice has a krill oil they sell. I cannot find the NKO logo any where on the bottle. They represent that their krill is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

  13. i was wondering about mercury (heavy metal) content in the krill oil – how does it compare to say Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals’ CLO? my concern is a child with mercury-related autism. thanks!
    Hi Louise–
    Don’t worry about the mercury, heavy metals, etc. because there are none. Krill, due to their size and the fact that they are at the bottom of the food chain, have virtually no contaminants. The oil extraction process of Neptune Technologies gets out anything that may be there. I would have no hesitation using Neptune krill oil with a patient with autism. In fact, I suspect it would help.

  14. hi, i have a question. Is there any experience with intake of krill oil by autistic infants? In terms of effective doses, and margins to them maximum intake/day).
    On parents’ forum, I found NKO mentioned occasionally as an interesting option yet I haven’t found any scientific publication on the subject.
    My concern is with my autistic daughter who is 2 1/2 years of age and 14 kilo’s body weight.
    Hi Ben–
    I’ve read one paper that was a case report of an autistic girl (I’m pretty sure it was a girl because I remember thinking when I read the paper how few girls are autistic compared to boys) who made pretty remarkable improvement on krill oil. I don’t know if she had been tried on fish oil first and then switched to krill oil or had simply been put on krill oil to begin with.
    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to give the krill oil a try. I would puncture one of the gel caps a squirt the contents into something your daughter likes to eat and mix it in. One capsule about 4 or 5 times per week should be plenty.
    If you haven’t read them yet, a couple of pretty good sources on treatment of autism are:
    The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism by Stephanie Marohn This book can be had through Amazon.com and found in bookstores.
    Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD by William Shaw, MD. This book you can find at the following site: http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com. Great Plains Lab does a lot of the testing for various parameters checked in autistic kids.
    Good luck. Keep me posted.

  15. Dr. Mike,
    After reading your excellent article on Krill oil, I simply had to research it myself, and spent several hours on the internet this morning. I am convinced it is far superior to traditional fish oil capsules. It’s too bad it never caught on in the marketplace. My local health food store, Lindbergs, said they sold it a few years ago but it never caught on, so they stopped selling it!
    Two other stores in my immediate area do carry it – Whole Foods, and a smaller health food store, so I bought some. However, you and your readers might be interested to know that I just found out amazon.com is selling different brands of krill oil at amazing prices – half of what I paid for it today at the store.
    Just thought I’d let you know in case you want to pass on the word.
    Hi Sheryl–
    Thanks for the info. I’ll be happy to pass it on.

  16. I take cod liver oil caps, would it benefit me to also take krill?
    I have low thyroid function and am on synthroid. That and
    nexium are the only meds I take. Also my husband has back problems annd High blood pressue, would this help him?
    Thank you
    Doris De Jong
    Hi Ms. De Jong–
    I can’t make specific medical recommendations, but I can say that in my case and those of others posting comments here the addition of krill oil helps.
    Krill oil contains a number of anti-inflammatory agents along with the EPA and DHA. making it a more potent anti-inflammatory agent that plain cod liver oil.

  17. Dr. Mike,
    I just read an alarming report on Jean Carper’s blog. I cut and past the email address for you:
    http://www.jeancarper.com/newsflash/1727 – 18k
    In it she says that all the benefits I’m reading about krill oil are a lot of hype, and that regular fish oil is more beneficial. In this blog she states that fish oil is a better source of antioxidants than krill oil and cites CoQ10, etc. in fish oil. But isn’t the CoQ10 she talks about,an ADDED antioxidant? It is my understanding that Krill oil contains it’s own NATURAL antioxidants. She also says that krill oil is a much less potent source of fish oil, and what we’re reading in the press is bunk, more or less.
    She goes on to state that there are only two studies done to back up krill oil, done by the manufacturer, whereas fish oil has 40 years of studies to back it up.
    Dr. Mike, please give your opinion of this. I realize that Jean Carper is a medical journalist only reporting what she finds. Please say it ain’t true! From what I read, I was very impressed with the benefits of krill oil and the double blind studies they used. Also, it’s my understanding it takes less of krill oil to do what a higher amount of regular fish oil can do in one’s system.
    Dr. Mike, what do you think?
    Sincerely, Sheryl
    Hi Sheryl–
    What can I say? Based on my research on the subject, she’s simply wrong. You are absolutely correct in everything you write in your last paragraph.

  18. Dr. Mike,
    My “duh” moment has passed since I sent you my comment a moment ago. I went back on Jean Carper’s website.
    Jean Carper is SELLING fish oil capsules on her website! Enough said!
    Sincerely, Sheryl
    Hi again Sheryl–
    I’m soon going to be selling my favorite fish oil on my website along with krill oil (if I can find a source I like). I guess that will make me suspect, too.

  19. Dr. Mike, if you can get us decent prices on the krill oil, I’m sure you’ll have yourself customers, me included!
    Hi Sheryl–
    That’s why I’m trying to find a good distributor.

  20. what is the size if the krill oil market and what is the price level in bulk. i was wondering if you could comment on the present situation as well as future forecast;
    Hi Szemioth–
    I haven’t a clue as to the size of the krill oil market. Nor do I know what it costs in bulk since I’ve never ordered it that way.
    I only know that it works and why; I haven’t made a study of the economics of the krill oil business.
    Wish I could be of more help.

  21. Thanks for all the good dope on krill. I has angina starting in 2002 getting steadily worse. In July 2003 I started taking 6 caps a day of Res-Q 1250 (fish oil concentrated with 750mg of EPA and DHA in each 1250mg pill) and 2 of LDLX, a red rice yeast, as recommended and sold by http://www.n3inc.com They promised that my total cholesterol would come down in 8 weeks (it did from 240 to 160) and that after that my arteries would start cleaning out.
    In 12/2003 my angina peaked, I got a nuclear stress test and was invited to have an angiogram the next week. I declined and hoped that Res-Q would work. By 10/2004 my angina had disappeared. This past march I had a 64 slice CT scan which disclosed that I had one 50% block of hard placque (calcium) and several soft blocks of about 20-30%. The doc said my arteries were as good as most 30 year olds (I am 70). The 64 slice machine is as good if not better than an angiogram (the pictures show exactly where blockage is and precisely how severe a block. I could see for myself. I highly recommend that everyone with any doubt get 64 slice CT scan (machines are about a year old now) or wait a year or more for the next version, a 128 or 256 slice which will really be accurate. Takes about 6 minutes.
    I don’t quite understand why you still take fish oil as well as the krill. Is this a cost issue only or if not why not take 3 krill instead?
    Best regards, Ben
    Hi Ben–
    Good question. Although the krill works at lesser doses, I continue to take the fish oil just because the studies on heart rhythm were all done with fish oil. I guess I’m just trying to cover all my bases. If I were going to take just one supplement, though, it would definitely be the krill oil.
    I’m glad to hear of your success with the fish oil. Keep it up.

  22. Hi Doc,
    I have been doing alot of research on the net about Krill oil and couldn’t find anything negative about it.I have eaten shrimp all my life and on rare occasions i have experienced a mild itching between my fingers but that’s about it and i have been to an allergist who tested me for allergy to shrimp and they told me i showed an allergic reaction on my skin.They said i should not eat shrimps or lobsters but i have been consuming these products all my life with no serious side effects.My question to you is could i take krill oil in small amount and gradually build up my dosages over a period of weeks or months? I would appreciate any advice you can give me on how to build up my tolerance to this great product. Thank you.
    Best Regards,
    Max Parsanlal.
    Hi Max–
    If you’ve been eating shrimp and lobster all your life without problems, I doubt that the krill oil will bother you. I would be careful just the same and maybe puncture one of the caplets and try a tiny dose first (a fraction of a caplet–it doesn’t’ taste bad) and work up from there. Remember, anaphylactic reactions can be fatal, so if you’ve had a problem, I would recommend that you should try your first ‘dose’ with someone present.

  23. Hello,
    I started taking krill oil shortly (1 month) before I discovered Mike’s info on it here. It seems it may have helped with some agravating knee pain I was experiencing the past couple years.
    I was suprised to find out that all “NKO” krill oil is manufactured by the same source. So it’s ok to “shop based on price” assuming they store it properly. I did some researching and bought from the cheapest (reputable looking) source at $20 shipped. But I noticed a stronger fishy smell with this brand, although it is also NKO krill oil, with a year left on the expiration date.
    I did the bite test and it doesn’t taste good, but bearable. Got a slight bad aftertaste. Didn’t bite test the first brand for comparison (already used up). So I don’t know if that’s just how krill oil always tastes. Also noticed the softgel is almost hard instead of flexible like the other brand. I’m thinking it’s not spoiled, but perhaps less fresh. I’m not sure though. Considering throwing it out to be on the safe side and buying from the first place again (which sells in higher volume, so fresher maybe). What’s everyone elses experience with the NKO krill oil softgels?
    Hi Rich–
    The type we use originate–as do they all–from Neptune Technologies. I’ve never yet gotten a batch that had a unpleasant smell. Since you purchased yours for about $20, which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them, I wonder if Neptune off loaded a bunch that were a little long in the tooth for a low, low price? I don’t know; I’m just speculating.

    1. Krill oil tastes just like eating flaked fish food, which I must admit I have a liking, as I always have a small amount myself wen feeding my tropical fish, I ca’t say whether there is any benefit in eating the fish food but I never noticed any side effects neither, I always get a bad aftertaste and fishy burps if I take cod liver oil or any other fish oil but with krill virtually nothing and if I do I find quite pallatable, not sure what it’s effect on the women are when kissing as no one ever mentioned it..lol
      Bob U.K

  24. Hi Mike M.D.
    Thanks for the feedback on your experience. Have you ever come across NKO softgels that are hard (not flexible to touch)? I contacted the company about returning for a refund (awaiting their response).
    Hi Rich–
    All of the NKO caplets I get are soft. I’ve never encountered one that is hard. If I did I would probably send it back as well.

  25. Hello MRE
    Reference rich’s comments oct 3.
    I bought Jarrow brand krill that was shipped cross country during heat spell last summer. The stuff smelled badly when I opened first bottle. The nutritionist at the company claimed the product was not damaged by the heat and that product does have strong odor anyway. I had some stomach problems after taking 50 or so tablets at one a day. Don’t know if the krill caused it but I have been trying to get refund on the other full bottle to no avail. The company rep will not return my phone calls. I was hoping for quick resolution of this so that I could order another bottle in this cooler weather.
    Hi Norm–
    I would not take krill oil caps that had an unpleasant smell.  I have no experience with Jarrow, so I don’t know what your chances of a refund are.
    Thanks for giving us a heads up.
    Good luck–

    1. Unfortunately, there are bad vendors out there…
      My krill is never hard with no bad smell and I have bought a few different brands.
      It it were, I would complain.
      The reason I use Krill is that it is simple to take and store.
      I use Chia seeds instead of Flax seed for a similar reason as I do not have to crush them or worry about having them over 6 weeks (plant source of omega 3’s). Besides, chia seeds give great fiber to cereals and shakes.

  26. Hi Dr Eades,
    You mentioned that Krill oil has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of adult ADHD. I did a medline search, and couldn’t find any references of such an effect. Could you point me in the right direction?
    On another note, I had once mentioned an article about increased levels of Superoxide dismutase, glutathione proxidase, and catalase in cold water swimmers, but forgot to send you the article. Here’s the link, it should be free.
    Hi M.R.–
    Here is a link for a study by Neptune Technologies on krill oil and adult ADHD.
    Thanks for the link.  I’ll keep all that in mind the next time I plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe.

  27. Hi Mike M.D.
    I was wondering if you still refrigerate your krill oil in a glass bottle (as mentioned at http://www.mreades.wpengine.com/drmike/?p=148). I noticed that it says on the product page for krill oil (on this site) not to refrigerate. I’ve heard conflict on this from other sites as well (saying different things) and I’m confused.
    Some say don’t refrigerate at all, others say refrigerate, and others say refrigerate during long-term storage (such as when you have multiple bottles not being used), but not when being used since it supposedly absorbs better at room temperature. Will refrigeration damage the capsules or krill oil?
    Hi Rich–
    We have always refrigerated our fish oil capsules.  When we first started taking krill oil we refirgerated that as well.  After a week or so the capsules became weepy and gooey and all stuck together.  At first I figured it was just a bad bottle, but when I tried another the same thing happened.  At about this same time I happeded to run into a vendor for krill oil at a trade show.  I told him about this, and he said NOT to refrigerate the capsules.  I asked why, and he told me that they shouldn’t be refrigerated because of their phospholipid structure.  I’ve been thinking about it and can’t figure out why the phospholipid structure would have anything to do with why the capsules would go bad with refrigeration.  But, they did go bad, so we quit refrigerating them, and they’ve been fine since.
    We have inquiries in to the scientists at Neptune Technologies and are waiting to hear back.  As soon as I do, I will post whatever I find out.  Until then, I will continue NOT to refrigerate, and I would recommend the same to you.

  28. I bought some NKO Krill Oil and tried it out for a month. At the same time that I started taking the KO, I stopped taking Spring Valley’s Super Omega Complex with Omega 3, 6 & 9. Why take both, I thought. KO is supposed to be superior.
    During that month, my period cramping & PMS intensified & the inflammation in my dry eye syndrome worsened. I decided to return to taking the SOC from Walmart (Walmart’s brand has been rated very high by the Consumer Report Magazine).
    My conclusion is that the Krill Oil was NOT superior to the Super Omega Complex in reducing inflammation. (I’ve since read that period cramping is also a result of inflammation.) I have also experimented in the past with taking Fish Oil ONLY compared to taking the SOC. The SOC did a much better job at reducing inflammation than just the fish oil alone. That’s something you don’t hear very often. I read this article on line (by Michael Smith):
    “There’s clinical agreement about the overabundance of omega-6 fatty acids in the average American’s diet. It’s not that omega-6s are “bad.” After all, they’re essential nutrients that help stimulate hair and skin growth and regulate metabolism, among other things. …….Proper levels of omega-6, gamma linolenic acid (GLA), can also function as a PMS regulator, immune system strengthener and arthritis inhibitor.
    The problem is that, while the American diet does contain an overabundance of omega-6 sources, the oil is most commonly found in processed shortenings and vegetable oils, which the body is incapable of metabolizing into a useful form. It’s like putting diesel fuel into a gasoline-fueled car. The tank may be full, but the car can’t make use of the gas….”
    So perhaps the hype about KO stems from the fact that people are not getting enough of the right form of Omega 6, and KO does provide Omega 3, 6 & 9. But in my opinion, you don’t have to buy KO to get the EFAs or “fuel” that your body can use.
    Hi Wendy–
    Thanks for an alternative viewpoint.  Were I you, I would do exactly as you have done; it obviously works for you.
    The standard American diet does contain way too much omega-6 fats, many of which are NOT partially hydrogenated, and the body can use them just fine.  The problem is the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, not just the overall levels of either.
    Because of its phospholipid structure, I believe krill oil is better absorbable and will provide more rapid benefit to more people than fish oil.
    Thanks for writing.

  29. I tried the Krill oil, 1.5g/d just as in the study, and use genuine “Neptune” product. After 4 months – Trig down from 105 to 90. HDL no meaningful change (from 41 to 39), LDL no meaningful change (from 165 to 168). All of the studies looked great, but the product just didn’t work in the real world. Suggest to everyone that you wait until there are meaningful studies in “real” peer-reviewed medical journals that don’t have ties to the supplement industry before you thrust your whole future into this one.
    It of course could be that I was the one out of 1000 that just didn’t respond. Or, perhaps it just isn’t all it is cracked up to be.
    Hi Tsobs–
    I would never recommend krill oil for its cholesterol altering properties, although in your case it did seem to work to lower the most important parameter of all: triglyceride levels (which in your case fell from 105 to 90).  I recommended krill oil as an anti-inflammatory for back and joint pain.  I don’t really care what it does to cholesterol levels because I don’t believe that cholesterol levels mean squat.

  30. I had abnormal EKG Dr. said I possibly have a blockage My heart is not getting enough blood. So I went to homeopathy dr. he said to take 8 cap of Krill Oil a day for 30 days then 4 cap a day for 30 days I concern is it has 300mg of krill oil per cap won’t that thin your blood don’t know what to do, he said it would clean my arteries fast doing that.
    Hi Peggy–
    Good luck.  Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

  31. Peggy –
    If you think you have been diagnosed with a possible heart blockage you had better consult and treat with an M.D. cardiologist, not a “homeopathy Dr.” who is treating your condition with Krill oil capsules. There is not a shred of evidence anywhere that this Krill oil is going to “clean your arteries” of a blockage!!!! This kind of advice is going to land you in the cemetery. Dr. Eades – please comment, this person’s life may be at risk.
    Hi Tsobs–
    I can’t ethically get in the middle of this.  It goes without saying that any and all should seek the advice of qualified physicians for serious health problems.  Many MD physicians believe in and practice homeopathy, even some cardiologists, I would suspect.  I can’t recommend physicians and I can’t prescribe and I can’t recommend for or against other physician’s treatment plans online.

  32. I’ve always had pretty dry skin and some asthma; and don’t carry any extra weight. I started taking krill because fish oils seemed too strong and led me to the bathroom often. But after taking them for a couple months now, for the first time in my life I have oily skin and am breaking out.
    The anti inflammation affects have been terrific for breathing in the cold winter weather, but it looks like I may have to cut back to one a day for skin purposes. Have you run into this? Julie
    Hi Julie–
    No, I haven’t experienced this problem.  Were I you, I would cut my dose back a little to see if I could find a dose that provides enough anti-inflammation to keep your asthma in check yet doesn’t cause the oil skin.  You might try adding about 500 mg of circumin per day to the reduced krill oil regimen.  The circumim will intensify the anti-inflammatory effect, but should affect your skin.
    Keep us posted.

  33. Thanks for your reply.
    I try to keep up with health matters but I’ve not heard of curcumim – what is it and where might I find it?
    Thanks much* Julie
    Hi Julie–
    Circumin is an extract of turmeric.  It has great anti-inflammatory properties.  We will ultimately have it for sale on our website, but you can purchase it at any health food store or online.  I take 500 mg per day, but many people with serious inflammatory problems take much more.

  34. It’s great to be able to discuss the pros and cons of something like krill oil on this site, since some health issues are simply not that easy to find reliable information on.** Since reading an above note that mentioned the smell of krill oil, I decided to cut open one of our krill oil capsules. These are red in color and quite firm (swansons) … and the smell wasn’t very pleasant. HOW could you know if these aren’t fresh … or if it’s not in your best interest to take them ?? thanks – Julie
    Hi Julie–
    Krill oil is more stinky or fishy smelling than fish oil.  I just got in a fresh bottle, so I opened a gelcap and smelled it–it did indeed have a fishy odor.  I then chewed a gelcap and it didn’t taste too bad.
    With the technology we have today, I would guess that krill oil would be good for at least a year.  I did a test with mine in the refrigerator after transferring them from a plastic bottle into a glass bottle.  After doing this and keeping them in the fridge for two weeks, they were fine.  I think the oozing that comes from refrigeration while in plastic bottles comes from the humidity that penetrates the plastic bottles.

  35. I have recently started the krill (NPO) capsules; however, I have also been taking cod liver oil (1 teaspoon a day). My question is: Is this too much oil? Can’t vitamin A or D build up in the liver and become toxic?
    Brenda McDowell
    Hi Brenda–
    Most of the A and D comes from the cod liver oil, and one teaspoon per day won’t give you enough to worry about, assuming you’re not taking other supplements with large amounts of A and D.

  36. My son, who had a kidney transplant a year ago, is allowed to take typical, reasonable doses of fish oil. Would he be able to substitute krill, or does it act on the immune system in more powerful ways than fish oil does?
    Hi AOM–
    I would check with his physician just to make sure, but I don’t see any reason krill oil would cause a problem.

  37. I was talking to a trainer at the gym where I workout. He said he’s been taking krill for the purpose of losing weight, and he has. He said he takes 2 tablets or capsules at lunch time and does it for 10 days, then goes off for 15 days, then repeats the cycle but takes 3 a day. What do you recommend? I’m 41, have always had a low % bodyfat, but I feel my metabolism slowing down. I still workout 3-4 days a week, including 20-30 min of cardio. I can’t seem to trim the waist area with the ease that I used to. Will Krill help?
    Thanks, John
    Hi John–
    Krill oil contains long-chain polyunsaturated fats.  It has been shown that these fats have a lipolytic (fat breakdown) effect, but I’m not sure there is enough in a couple of krill oil softgels per day to effect much lipolysis.
    The single best way I’ve found to get rid of excess fat around the waist in a hurry is to go on almost an all-meat diet.  Such a diet is high in leucine, which is required to build muscle, and low in carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates increase lipogenesis (the build up of fat), so decreasing them does the opposite and stimulates fat burning.
    Hope this helps.

  38. I have been taking MarineOmega for a little over a year. One month ago I stopped taking it and started with Nature’s Made Fish Oil tablets (this contains no Krill oil). I have noticed that I don’t feel as “alert” anymore, and sometimes I really have to concentrate on things. Could this be that the MarineOmega has 100mg of NKO and the new tablets don’t contain any Krill Oil?
    I have bought a bottle of Twinlab Cardio Krill Oil to see if I notice any difference. Can different combined amounts of EPA/DHA produce this effect?
    Thanks, Marie
    Hi Marie–
    I’m not familiar with any of the brands you have been taking so I don’t know about their EPA/DHA dosages.  I do know that krill oil has a different fatty acid structure that allows it to be absorbed better and have a more potent effect.
    I would try adding a krill oil softgel to your new fish oil capsules and see if the problem goes away.

  39. I see all these comments on cod liver oil but none on salmon oil. I have gotten the impression that sockeye salmon oil is better, what do you think?
    Hi Al–
    I think that most of the commercially prepared fish oils are salmon oil.  In my opinion, krill oil is better than either fish oil or cod liver oil.

  40. Is there a source that you know of that offers Krill oil in bulk. I do not like to consume gel caps made with beef gelatin.
    Hi Atiso–
    There is no source I know of, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. You might try contacting Neptune Technologies directly to see if they would sell krill oil in bulk.
    Let me know what you find out.

  41. Amazing Info !!
    Ok Doctor. I am sure you have heard this before, but I had a unique situation and I’d like your opinion.
    I am 28, 6″3 220lbs, been in athletic shape all my life, but have had several joints dis-located, fingers broken, knuckles shifts, lower back pain etc …
    In other words, I feel like I got hit by a truck somedays, others I don’t feel any pain. I work with my hands for 30 minutes and I get pains up the sides and “flaming” feeling in the muscles of the hands. Did the “arthritis” tests and according to the doctors, they were negative.
    krill can help ?
    Hi Shaun–
    It has worked for many others.  Take a look at the rest of the comments to this post and others on krill.  I would take the curcumin along with it.
    It won’t work overnight; it takes a couple of weeks of taking the regimen, but once it kicks in, it works pretty well for most.
    Keep me posted.

  42. Thanks for this very informative posting on NKO. I’m interested in krill oil primarily for its heart health effects and was most intrigued by your statement in the posting that “A number of studies have shown that krill oil is tremendously effective in reducing LDL-cholesterol, raising HDL-cholesterol, and lowering blood sugar.” But later, in response to a comment by someone whose experience did not bear this out, you said, “I would never recommend krill oil for its cholesterol altering properties . . . I don’t really care what it does to cholesterol levels because I don’t believe that cholesterol levels mean squat.”
    I’m convinced that blood lipid particle profiles are meaningful for people with CHD and anything that does increase HDL to the extent claimed in the one study I’ve found that was sponsored by Neptune would be a remarkable product. Unfortunately, I can’t find any study other than the one study they sponsored. I’m surprised that there has been no further study of these properties of krill oil (especially given all the studies on fish oil, which also cannot be patented), and am wondering if there are in fact “numerous” studies showing the cholesterol effects or is there just the one?
    Hi Warren–
    You wrote:

    I’m convinced that blood lipid particle profiles are meaningful for people with CHD…

    I’m just as convinced that it doesn’t matter.  And since I don’t think it really matters I don’t spend a lot of time searching for papers showing that this compound or that reduces cholesterol.
    You have sort of caught me out on the krill oil papers.  I wrote that I had seen numerous papers showing that krill oil reduced cholesterol, raised HDL-cholesterol, etc, but I really haven’t as far as krill oil specifically is concerned.  Because of its phospholipid structure, krill oil is kind of a supercharged fish oil (i.e., it has the same fats as fish oil but structured in such a way as to make absorption much better giving much more bang for the specific fat buck), so I was considering papers I had read showing the advantages of fish oil as being also applicable to krill oil.
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this paper (pdf file) or not, the krill oil was provided by Neptume Technologies, but the study itself was done at McGill University, a prestigious Canadian university.

  43. Thanks for your feedback.
    When I say that I am convinced that blood lipid profiles matter, I am not talking about total cholesterol levels, or even the interpolated LDL number, but rather, some of the more specific measures, such as small, dense LDL (which is pretty widely believed to cause artery damage), high triglycerides, and low HDL (particularly large particle HDL), as well as LpA. I agree with what you stated in a recent post:
    “If any components of the whole constellation of lipids do end up being involved in the development of heart disease, they will be triglycerides, HDL (the so-called ‘good’ cholesterol), and small dense LDL particles. Ideally, you want to have a lot of HDL, low triglyceride levels, and low levels of small, dense LDL particles. How does one achieve that? Easy. With a good quality whole-food low-carb diet. Restricting carbs decreases triglyceride levels, increasing fat increases HDL levels, and at least a dozen studies have shown that switching to a low-carb diet reduces the levels of small, dense LDL particles.”
    If krill really has the incredible impact on HDL that the McGill University study showed, that could be pretty exciting. I’ll probably try it and see whether it helps raise my HDL levels.
    Hi Warren–
    Keep me posted.  I’m eager to learn your results.

  44. Hello Dr.Eades…I have read this particular subject (on here) with much enthusiasm, since I just ordered the oil and wanted to know more about krill oil….I also have been reading about a French dermatologist that has been researching what he calls a “marine lecithin” for the benefit of people with psoriasis! In reading his literature on line and various articles on the web it sounds as though krill oil and the “marine lecithin” are the same!?
    this quote stuck out for me implying some people lack an enzyme in the liver which may bring on the disease of psoriasis? because of the lack of lecithin?
    “So without making it a medicine, we can treat psoriasis simply by compensating what might simply be a disease due to the lack of lecithin induced by an enzymatic deficit of the liver.”
    Hi Sally–
    Yes, krill oil and marine lecithin are the same.
    I’m not sure I agree with the ‘science’ as related to the causes and ‘cures’ for psoriasis in the link you included.  But if krill oil works to reduce the symptoms, who cares what the underlying mechanism is?

    Keep me posted if you try it.

  45. I’ve purchased my first bottle of NKO Krill oil, and will begin taking it soon. Presently I’ve been taking fish oil and read in a magazine by the name of Radius, that fish oil can cause gastinal/intestinal problems due to it turning rancid in the system. I researched the info read in Radius but was unable to find it written anywhere else, unfortunately, I read the magazine in a fall avoidance office while waiting for my Dad so can’t pick up the book and find the origin. Have you ever heard of this problem with fish oil? Also have you heard if Krill can help the elderly brain function?
    Thanks in advance, It was interesting to read all the posts.
    Hi Bill–
    You don’t have to worry about the fish oil turning rancid in your body; you have to worry about the fish oil turning rancid before it gets in your body.  A misconception has arisen about fish oil because a lot of people have fishy burps after taking it.  The reason is that some people have a little difficulty in absorbing it.  The same is not true of krill oil due to its different structure.  It contains the same long-chain polyunsaturated fats as fish oil does, it’s just that their hooked up differently in a way that virtually everyone can absorb better.  So you get the same oils without the burping.

  46. Thanks for the quick reply. The last bottle of fish oil caps I bought had fairly firm caps and at the time I thought nothing of it, but through your posts I see that I should have been concerned and possibly I could have taken some fish oil that is not so new, so what would be symptoms of rancid fish oil? Since reading your posts, I have discontinued use of these caps. Lastly one question I asked at the end of my last post was: Would Krill oil help the elderly in brain function in any way?
    Hi Bill–
    There aren’t really any symptoms from taking rancid fish oil.  It would gobble up some of your endogenous antioxidant capacity to deal with it, but you wouldn’t notice this as a symptom.
    Yes, krill oil will definitely help an aging brain.  It helps mine a lot.

  47. Would krill oil be contraindicated in people with shellfish allergy?
    thank you
    Typically not.  Many people with shellfish allergies seem to be able to tolerate krill oil okay, but I would be careful and not overdo it to start just to be on the safe side. 

  48. I am taking Propylthiourac presently for a thyroid “hot” nodule, will Krill oil interact with this medication, I tried researching on the web but could find much information.
    Thank you for your help.
    Hi Metta–
    I can’t imagine why it would interact, but you should check with your physician to make sure.

  49. Hi Michael,
    I have had trouble with memory, concentration, and emotional blunting after taking an antidepressant. In your experience does Krill Oil help with these symptoms?
    Hi Joseph–
    I’ve never used krill oil for these specific symptoms.  I can’t see how it could make them any worse.  It’s probably worth giving a try.
    Keep me posted.

  50. A message for the Vanessa who posted a comment about the difference between NKO and NSI krill oil.  I wrote an answer, but lost my internet connection as I was posting the answer and couldn’t recover the message.
    I don’t know that answer to your question.  I looked up NSI krill oil online, and all I could find was a ton of people selling NSI.  I suspect that it is pretty much the same stuff but I don’t know for sure.  I can’t check it out until I get back from this trip.  I will check it out when I get home.

  51. Dear Doctor,
    i am having panic attack and stress related symptoms over the past years and have gotten ups and down with the feeling. I don’ feel as good as i used to. Do you think is it a good try to take krill oil for my anxiety symmptoms. I need your suggestion please
    I don’t think krill oil would hurt anything, but you must talk it over with your own physician.

  52. Would you tell me if krill oil or fish oil are beneficial to the mood and depression stuffs or anxiety. I have my friend who is taking fish oil since 10 days. Also would you tell me how long it takes to kick in its effect?
    Your comments are appreciated
    thank you
    Hi Mike–
    There are some reports that krill oil has positive effects in terms of mood elevation.  Like all natural substances, it takes a while to take effect.  I would give it several weeks.

  53. Dear Doctor!
    My 28 years old daughter has an autoimmune disease from her childhood.Five years ago she was diagnosed also from schizophrenia.Every day she takes 6 caps. of pure EPA. Have you any information does krill oil could help in schizophrenia?
    Thank you
    Hi Irena–
    There is much literature out there on omega-3 oils and mental health. I haven’t seen anything specific about schizophrenia and krill oil, but since krill oil is a highly absorbable, potent source of omega-3 fats, I certainly don’t think it would hurt to give it a try under your daughter’s physicians care.

  54. I understand that you don’t believe in the significance of cholesterol numbers, but many (in fact, most) physicians and researchers do. Was wondering if ANY reader of this blog has actually had ANY increase in HDL or decrease in LDL or TC from using Krill oil. It did nothing for me personally, I’m interested in knowing if others have had results.
    I’ll throw it out to the crowd.

  55. Hello to everybody. My name is Mike and i’m from Belgium (sorry my english is not very good) and i want to post some questions and a message. A few days ago i bought my first krill oil. It has the smell of fishfood and the smell is not bad at all. When i bite into one and chew it, it taste like a nutral oil. It doesn’t has a bad taste.
    1. Can i suppose now that my krill oil is ok?
    2. What is the tast of rancid krill oil?
    A friend of my had a total cholesterol of 300 before he used krill oil. After six months of krill oil it went down to 189.
    Hi Mike–
    Sounds to me like your krill oil is okay.
    Rancid krill oil tastes like rotten fish. You will know it if it is rancid.
    Let me know how you do with the krill oil.

  56. Hello,
    My krill oil smells like fish and it has the same taste. It tastes like fish, i do not like the taste. But i’m not sure if it is rotten fish. My oil doesn’t tastes nutral. The BBE is feb2009. Dr. Mike do you think that my oil is okay?
    Hi Sandra–
    It’s probably fine. Krill oil does have a little fishier taste and smell than does fish oil itself. Since yours is in date, I would worry about it.

  57. Is it dangerous when you take rancid krill oil? And what is the normal taste of krill oil ( a taste of fish?)?
    I doubt that it’s seriously dangerous, but it probably doesn’t do you a lot of good. The normal taste of fish oil is kind of fishy.

  58. I have read in the medical supplies of dr. Mike that rancid fish oil convert to harmful oxidized fats and that it is necessary to take vitamin E to neutralise the lipid peroxides.
    But what about krill oil, krill oil has a lot of neutral antioxidants, is it necessary to take vitamin E with the krill oil? And if it is necessary how much do you have to take? Is 30mg/day enough?
    Hi John–
    The many antioxidants contained in krill oil is one of its major virtues. I don’t think it requires any additional vitamin E, but it probably won’t hurt if you take a little extra.

  59. Dear Dr. Mike
    My Cholesterol has gone down with one a day Lescol 80 xl. Moved recently. New GP doctor has suggest adding fish oil. I do have occasional (not sustained) rapid heartbeat….going for stress test end of Sept.
    Upon looking into fish oil I came upon something that said do not take or take only with Dr supervision. I will discuss further with my Cardiologist. I did not see this comment when I looked into Krill oil. Would you know if the lack of this comment was possibly do to the fact that Krill has not been studied in as much depth of fish oil, or is there something different about Krill that would not cause any concerns.
    Thank you for any input you might have about this.
    Hi Marilyn–
    It’s a good idea to check with your cardiologist about the krill oil as well. It’s always good to keep your doctor in the loop about all supplements as well as prescription drugs. Krill oil doesn’t have many of the effects of fish oil because the doses needed to achieve a desire effect are so much lower. The reason is that the omega-3 fats in krill oil (which are the same ones in fish oil) are hooked up differently so that they absorb much, much better. So, in essence, you get the fish oil effect without so much fish oil.
    Hope this helps.

  60. Here are my results after one week krill oil.
    Before krill oil:
    Total Cholesterol: 250
    LDL: 160
    Hdl: 80
    Tri: 50
    Ferritin: 485
    After one week krill oil:
    TC: 206
    Ferritin: 408

    Not too shabby. I’d like to see the same labs after 6 weeks on krill oil. Some of the changes – although in the right direction – could have simply been within the limits of lab variation.

  61. Dear dr. Mike,
    You wrote “Some of the changes – although in the right direction – could have simply been within the limits of lab variation.” Is it possible to explain this a little? Do you want to say that my results are not exact?
    Thank you.
    If you had blood drawn and sent half the sample to the lab for analysis, then sent the other half for the same analysis, you would get slightly different readings for each even though both are the same blood sample. The techniques used by commercial labs aren’t that precise, so there is some variation. If you get a cholesterol reading one time of 205 mg/dL and the next time it’s 197 mg/dL it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cholesterol has fallen. It could just be within the limits of normal lab variation.
    Hope this explains it.

  62. Something i forgot to mention, the bloodanalysis were done in the same lab.
    Doesn’t matter. The variation is in the imperfection of the laboratory process.

  63. Hi Dr. (2) quick questions:
    My wife is 6 months pregnant, and was curious if krill oil is ok, or if you ever heard of any adverse effects of krill oil on pregnancy. (Were trying to make our baby smart is possible, while helping with some of her back pain)…
    2) Do you know of any krill oil in liquid form? If not, do you just open the gel caps and take it that way? Any recommendations to kill the smell/taste?
    Thanks Doc!
    Cheers –
    Hi Ken–
    Krill oil should be fine during pregnancy, but your wife should let her doc know what she’s taking. One of the fats in krill oil (and fish oil), DHA, is one of the two fats essential for the developing fetal brain. The other is arachadonic acid, so I always tell my pregnant patients to eat red meat to get plenty of this essential fatty acid.
    I don’t know of any krill oil that comes in liquid form. Maybe other readers have found a source and can let us both know. You can open the caps and take it that way, but if it’s in date, I would just take the caps.

  64. Dear Sir,
    I really enjoyed reading all the questions and Answers, regarding Krill Oil.
    I could never imagine NOT supplying my body with Krill Oil. I am 35 years old and have lived a healthy active life, I love life and intend keeping active and healthy as long as possible. Most readers will think at 35 years old, you should be well and active; However, I have 4 children and 1 on the way, I have a stressfull Job within the Oil and Gas Industry as well as set 6 World Records in Endurance Motorcycling.
    I have been very lucky with illnesses over the last 35 years, suffering only broken bones and fractures due to an active Sports life.
    I do not profit from Sales or Marketing of Krill products, However I wish I did, because taking Krill Oil has without a shadow of doubt shown me fantastic results:
    1: I have not been sick with flu or a common cold for over 2 years.
    2:My skin is constantly clear.
    3:No aches or pains in muscles or joints.
    4:Dont have headaches.
    5:Never moody.
    6:Loads of energy.
    7:Great Sex life.
    8:Always posotive.
    I could list 50 more things, but you get the point.I would highly recommend Krill oil to anyone thinking of trying the product. Like me you will see great results.
    Best Wishes,
    Hi Nick–
    Thanks for the krill oil testimonial. I’m glad it’s worked so well for you. It works pretty well for me, too.

  65. Ok, thanks for letting us know. I’ve read so many good things about krill oil, and was hoping it was ok. Also, Doc do you recommend a particular brand? Which do you take? Is there a web-site? Dr. Mercola is where I first learned of Krill Oil, and then I found this site.
    He sells Antarctic Krill oil, but I’ve seen others cheaper. (He warns against cheaper products)
    Hi Ken–
    I use krill oil that comes from Neptune Technologies. I’ve never used any other brand, so I can’t really comment on anything else.

  66. Great blog about Krill Oil, i just learned about it in the past few weeks. Thank you for all the info. You said you continue to take fish oil as well, could you tell me how you split each up during the day? Do you take them together, one of each twice a day, something like that?
    with food, in between meals, before bed…?
    Hi Rob–
    I take them all together once a day and at different times. If I’m going out to play golf, I usually take them before I leave. If I’m not playing golf I’ll take them at bedtime.

  67. I keep my krill oil on a temperature between 14 – 16 degrees. But when i bite on it, the oil is no longer liquid for 100%. Is it possible that the oil has coagulated a little?
    The highly unsaturated fats in krill oil are like any other fats – they become less fluid as their temperature drops. Krill oil at 14-16 degrees will indeed become a little more solid, but it’s nothing to worry about.

  68. I just recieved my first order of Anartic Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola’s web site.
    Has anyone found this Krill Oil to be a good choice?

  69. In response to Tom, all Neptune Krill Oil comes from the same lab (Neptune Labs in Canada). Dr. Eades here says to buy the one that you get the best deal on, because NKO is NKO regardless who the reseller is.
    It’s a bit amusing how Mercola goes on to say to not waste your money on other products because his product is extracted from the real “Neptune Krill.” There is no such thing as “Neptune Krill.”
    Aggressive marketing aside, I did notice a good sale price a few weeks ago, but I didn’t act on it.

  70. First off, great info on Krill. I’m 63 and been taking fish oil from Trader Joe’s for 15 years. I started taking it for the purpose of helping to lower my cholesterol. Helped a little but I keep on taking it. Now thinking of adding Krill for same reason and additionally for help with my tendinitis in my elbow (golf).
    Two questions: Why do you not believe in lower cholesterol levels as a way to lower chances of heart attack since the entire planet seems to believe that lowering your cholesterol will keep you from a heart attack for a longer period of time and will Krill help relieve pain from tendinitis?
    Thanks for your time.
    Hi Rit–
    Enter the term lipid hypothesis into the search function on this blog and you’ll learn why I feel the way I do about cholesterol. I do think krill oil will help with tendinitis. Especially if you use it like I do with 800 mg curcumin.

  71. Dr. Mike,
    i am a 41 year old woman who was quite active the first 2/3 of my life. I played up to 5 hours of tennis a day. However, I had several car accidents which resulted in neck and back injuries and I recently had a microdiscectomy/laminectomy at L4/L5. I still have a significant amount of aches and pains and pretty significant PMS symptoms. I am still trying to conceive a child, which is a challenge at my age. I take synthroid and need to refill my prenatal vitamins. I have just started researching the Krill Oil and am looking at trying it to see if it will help my aches and pains and PMS. Are there any other supplements or vitamins you recommend I take in addition to the Krill Oil. How much Krill Oil should I take and can you provide a link for the Neptune technologies brand you use? Also can you tell me more about the circumin and if I should add that as well. I’m not a big fan of taking medication or supplements so I want to keep my supplements to a minimum. I guess you could say I’m trying to get the most bang for my buck. Plus, I have always had trouble swallowing pills so the fewer I have to take the better. Thanks doc.
    Hi Eileen–
    Here is an early post I wrote on krill oil that should answer most of your questions. There are other suppliers of krill oil now besides Neptune Technologies. Any of the commercially available brands should be fine.
    If the krill oil doesn’t completely do the job, you might think of adding circumen. It helped me. I take about 800 mg per day.

  72. Dr. Mike,
    Can you tell me anything about Zyflamend softgels by New Chapter in treating inflammation and joint pain. I was wondering if I should try this product or just use the Curcumin you described. I found the NKO fish oil at whole foods and the zyflmend. Both have warnings on them if you are trying to conceive or if pregnant. Would you let your wife take any of these supplements if she were trying to conceive or was pregnant. You input is appreciated. Thanks.
    Hi Eileen–
    I’m a little bit familiar with the Zyflamend softgels. In my opinion the krill oil/curcumin is a better option. As to the pregnancy warnings…if my wife were pregnant I probably wouldn’t have her take the Zyflamend, mainly because I don’t know how a number of the ingredients would affect the fetus. I probably would have her take some krill oil, however. But, that doesn’t mean I’m recommending it to you. You need to check with your own physician.

  73. I got sold on Marine Plankton. Is this any good? I add a few drops to pure water and drink it down twice a day. I am getting so confused about the omega’s plant or fish??? which is better? would krill oil be better? thanks.
    In my opinion the krill oil would be much better.

  74. Dr. Mike,
    I have been taking Krill oil since March. One of the things that endorsed it for me is when I went in to have one of my 3 dental cleanings per year, my hygenist asked if I was doing something different as the tissue in one problem area had improved. Nothing has ever effected my gum tissue so I had to attribute it to the Krill. I’ve also noticed an improvement in the “pre-beats” I occasionally get in my heart. My questions are: why is it recommended on the bottle to take it with the morning meal-any particular reason you know of and do you think it matters? 2) I’ve been taking one daily(500mg) but am thinking of upping it to 2 a day for 1000mg. I weigh about 165#s-do you think this makes sense?
    Thanks, Judy
    Hi Judy–
    I don’t think it much matters when you take it. And I don’t think it would be a problem to up your dose to two per day if you think that will help with symptoms you may be having. If you’re not having any problems, though, I might stick with just the one.

  75. Dear Dr. Mike,
    I have been recommending omega-3 (EPA/DHA) to my patients for years for both HDL/LDL ratio management and joint pain management with great success. Of course the fishy reflux is a commonly reported side-effect which sounds easily remedied with Krill Oil and taking supplements with meals.
    I’ve recently had a couple of hunters relate they they are concerned about the increase in body odor from taking fish oil. Will Krill Oil potentially diminish this effect as well?
    Hi Dr. K–
    The krill oil will definitely get rid of the fishy reflux and should get rid of the body odor as well.
    Keep me posted.

  76. Dear Dr. Mike,
    I have two questions? I’m 38yr old and in good health. I’m taking krill oil during five months now. And i feel good. Should i take the krill oil every day (1cap=500mg) for the rest of my life or is it better to take a cure (3 months krill and then 3months nothing…)?
    Is it true that krill oil reduces oxidative stress?
    Thanks, Mike.
    I take krill oil daily and have been for a while because I don’t eat a lot of fish. It will not hurt you to take a krill oil softgel daily.
    Does krill oil reduce oxidative stress? A difficult question. The omega-3 oils in krill oil actually increase oxidative stress because of their multiple double bonds. But the antioxidants in the krill oil reduce oxidative stress. And the omega-3 fats can ultimately be converted to anti-inflammatory substances. So, it is a mixed answer, I guess. Overall, I would say that krill oil reduces inflammation.

  77. Thanks for the answer dr. Mike.
    But increase the omega-3 oils (from fish or fishoil) always the oxidative stress or is it only the omega-3 oils in krill oil?
    And if omega-3 oils in fish or krill oil increase oxidative stress, is this not a problem for our health, because oxidative stress is not something good, i suppose?
    Thanks, Mike.
    The increase in oxidative stress is probably a little greater with the fish oil for a couple of reasons. First, you have to take more of them to get the same effect provided with smaller doses of krill. Second, the fish oil doesn’t contain the antioxidants that the krill oil does.

  78. hey doc…
    just wondering…. i was at a convention about a year ago with barry sears (zone diet) and he recommended that we simply ‘guzzle’ fish oil to help with what he termed ‘silent inflammation’ in the body. What is your take on this and how krill oil might affect this silent inflammation in comparison to regular fish oil…
    also, how is it you came to recommend circumin over say a ggt (garlic, ginge, tumeric) therapy and why?
    I think krill oil would help fight it better because it’s better absorbed and you don’t have to take so much of it. The fatty acids in fish oil and krill oil are easily oxidized, and if you ‘guzzle’ it you are asking your body to use resources to stabilize this oil that could be better used in fighting inflammation other places. A little fish oil is good – too much can be problematic.
    I recommend circumin because it has worked well for me and for a number of my patients who haven’t had the same success with garlic and ginger. Circumin is the active ingredient in tumeric.

  79. INFORMATION TO ALL: Costco has just announced they will have Krill Oil available in their
    vitamin aisles beginning in January. They say in their magazine “What is small, red and 3X more powerful than fish oil” for supporting cardiovascular health. It shows a photo of a much smaller caplet than the fish oil we see. This was in their December 2007 Costco Connection magazine. Volume 22 * Number 12. Hopefully a better price and perhaps fresher product due to their huge volume.
    A QUESTION: I just had a 64 SLICE heart scan showing some blockage. My rating was in the mid 500’s on the scale. Then I scheduled and had a nuclear stress EKG And nuclear scan. They advise me that the blockage I have in 2 arteries isn’t bad and I should just be careful about diet and get some regular exercise, lose some weight, the normal stuff. The cardiologist told me it is not reversible. Is that true. Can I hope for some reversal or, of course, just protect what I have?
    You should discuss this with your physician. I don’t know anything about your specific case. I do know that in studies it has been shown that some blockage can be reversed.

  80. Just found your blog info on krill oil, and wanted to add my thanks to the others. Our postal clerk suggested I look into krill oil for arthritis. I have had problems with degenerative osteoarthritis in my spine and both hands. This sounds like something that perhaps may help the pain and soreness that goes with it! Worth a try.
    Thanks, Sherrey

  81. I compared the Krill oil from Costco with Swanson Vitamins and Swansons has the better value. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11236660&whse=BC&Ne=4000000&eCat=BC|589|770&N=4001268&Mo=146&pos=7&No=8&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=770&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC3418-Cat589&topnav=
    (90) 300 mg softgels for 18.99.
    versus http://www.swansonvitamins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10051&SourceCode=INT999&productId=16379&R=7090
    (90) 500 mg softgels for 18.49.
    I have been purchasing my supplements from Swanson vitamins for the past year and I am very happy with them.

  82. Can you eat too much omega-3? I’ve recently discovered your blog and am reading it so much my eyes hurt! It has propelled me into eating real, whole, foods and fish (and meats) will be a much bigger part of my diet. Regarding the krill oil and fish oil caplets: I currently take 2 Nordic Natural Omega-3 softgels per day(as does my 13 year old son), and I will definitely add the krill oil capsules to this. I also want to add fresh salmon roe to my diet (I discovered this while eating sushi… it’s called ‘ikura’ in the sushi restaurants). It’s expensive but since I’m cutting out all the crap I’ve been eating for snacks, it’s a treat I will reward myself with frequently – I happen to love it and would it huge amounts of it daily if I could afford it! Do you think that one can get too much Omega-3? … if I eat a few spoonfuls (like 3 or 4 teaspoons….1 to 2 oz I think that would be??) of salmon roe every other day in addition to the NN Omega-3 and the krill oil… am I getting too much omega-3? Just as a reference, one website that sells the salmon roe says “Ikura boasts remarkably high levels of omega-3s (EPA and DHA), averaging 1,800 mg per ounce (USDA figure). This is only a bit less omega-3 fatty acids than occurs in a 3.5 oz serving of King Salmon”.
    Thanks, and I’m telling everyone I know about your site!
    Hi Lina–
    I think one can eat too much omega-3 fat. An overconsumption of omega-3s can lead to bleeding problems among other things. Stefansson reported that during his years living with the Eskimo that they suffered from spontaneous nose bleeds frequently. I think that omega-3s are kind of a Goldilocks and the Three Bears deals: you don’t want too little, and you don’t want too much – you want just the right amount. Which, of course, varies from person to person.

    1. I also vote for salmon roe over krill oil.
      1) Salmon roe has a higher phospholipid percentage.
      2) Only two spoons of salmon roe contains 1800 mg of Omega-3
      3) Salmon roe has the most stable fat profile, more stable than fish oil or krill oil

      1. You’re way ahead of me on this one. I’ve never heard of salmon roe as a supplement. I’ll have to take a look.

  83. I want to begin taking Krill Oil. I have 24 years old. Am I too young to take it or is it fine? I currently take HealthPak 100 which doesn’t have Omega3. Will taking Krill oil help keep my skin smooth and also help with my brains like eating fish? Thanks ALso, is it possible to consume too much on a daily basis?
    As far as I’m concerned, no one is too young to take krill oil. As to what it will do for your skin and brain – anything fish oil will do, krill oil will do at a lower dose. And as with anything, too much can cause some problems. But taking a gelcap or two per day should be fine.

  84. I just saw that Costco is now carrying MegaRed brand from Schiff that is NKO oil. It’s 90 300 mg caps for $18.99… It’s the best price I’ve seen so far.

  85. Mega Red Krill Oil from Schiff should have a warning label:
    * Blurred vision
    * Itchy Eyes
    * Sleep disorders
    * Cold sweats
    * Other allergic reactions typically caused by shrimp
    After purchasing the bottle of 90 caps at Costco, took only 3 days for me to suffer all the aforementioned, which I have NEVER suffered during the years I’ve taken Omega 3 capsules made from fish oil.
    KRILL ARE NOT FISH. They are shellfish similar to shrimp which Schiff does not tell you ANYWHERE on their labeling.

  86. I also purchased MegaReds at Costco. The shellfish warning is listed in two places. You have to have good eyesight, which I don,t have, to read it.

  87. Hi Doc,
    I have been taking krill oil for about a year and a half now. I first read about krill oil on Dr. Mercola’s website and have been taking it ever since. I have a book on healthy aging which has alot of information on types of foods we need to consume as well as supplements we need to take in order to slow the aging process. One of the supplements they mention is Coenzyme 10 which i have been taking for the past year now. One of the chapters in this book mentions the importance of fish or krill oil and coenzyme 10 together. I know this blog is about krill oil, but i wonder if you any information about this enzyme.
    A treatise on CoQ10 is way beyond the scope of the comments section. You can find all the info you want on it online or in our book The Protein Power LifePlan.

  88. What should be the daily dosage of krill oil. I’m taking 2 500MG to load up for 30 days and should a 300mg after that be enough or stick with the 500mg a day.
    Since I don’t know you or know your medical history and your medical condition, I couldn’t possibly make a recommendation. For most people one softgel per day will do the trick.

  89. Dear Dr. Mike,
    I have a question about the capsules. Of what are they made? Can the capsules cause health problems over the long term?
    Some are made of gelatin, others of vegetable material. Neither should cause any long term problems.

  90. i have been taking krill oil for about 4 months now, 500mg per day and have had a 2/3 rd’s decrease in my triglycerides, previously i was taking 3000mg of salmon oil per day- it had little effect on my lipids but i still take it. krill oil is expensive but in my opinion well worth the price
    It’s more costly but more potent as well. If you compare potency per dollar it probably comes out to be cheaper than fish oil.

  91. I find this whole approach quite ridiculous. Our granparents generation called it “eating high off the hog”, meaning, only eating the most rare, expensive, hard to find, best.
    Why do we have to put yet more species in endangerment because we are now going to eat their only supply of food?
    We don’t have to do this. I wish persons such as yourself would be more sensible, and environmentally responsible.
    I doubt seriously that the great biomass of krill are in danger of being depleted. But thanks for the advice.

  92. Dear Dr Mike,
    I’ve been taking NKO for over 18 months and each different batch I’ve bought (from 2 different suppliers, all smell really fishy when you open the cap to the bottle. When you break open a capsule the smell is the same, no worse. The smell itself is not repulsive, just extremely fishy like a box of kippers or shrimp you might hav ekept in the frige fo r acouple of days. Is this normal or would rancid oil actually smell awful and be immediately apparent, e.g like shrimp you threw in the garbage can 3 or 4 days ago?
    Also, did you ever hear back from your suppliers about why you shouldn’t refridgerate. I know one person you spoke to said certain bonds might be affected but you couldn’t see how that might be.
    for krill oil the fishy smell isn’t bothersome – that’s just the way they smell. Fish oil has that smell only if it’s starting to oxidize, but krill oil smells that way when it’s fresh.
    The refrigeration isn’t a problem because of the cold. It’s because of the moisture. If the bottles the softgels are in is permeable the moisture in the fridge is going to penetrate and make the softgels sticky. If you keep them in glass bottles (or some of the plastic bottles we’ve gotten them in) they don’t get sticky even in the fridge.

  93. I have been taking Schiff’s MegaRed Krill oil for over a month now and I love it. They are so small and they actually smell good. I have never had any fishy after taste. I also give it to my children (9 & 6). Thanks for leading us to it. Best one out there!

  94. I bought the MegaRed for my husband, who is allergic to freshwater fish. I am now going pick up a bottle for myself. Thanks for great blog!
    Thanks for reading.

  95. Just purchased a bottle of 500mg krill oil,exp. date 2010.They are very hard, can barely make a dent pressing with my finger. I am not worrying about rancid but wonder if these will even disolve. You have answered this elsewhere but I can’t find it. Should they actually be soft? Thanks.
    Most of them are pretty firm – at least the ones I use are. They are much harder than large fish oil capsules.

  96. I’m a vegetarian so I don’t use krill oil for myself, but I have been giving it to my dog, along with a homemade diet. Do you think that would be better for him than fish oil as well?
    I have been taking Water4Life V-Pure vegetarian EPA & DHA supplements. http://www.water4.net Have you heard of them before…I’m curious if you think they are legit, or if I’m just wasting my money? Thanks.
    I think krill oil will work fine for your dog – it’s just expensive.
    Many companies sell EPA and DHA supplements that are produced from algae, and are therefore vegetarian. I don’t know anything about Water4Life, so I can’t comment.

  97. I have been taking 2 softgels 1000mg each as dictated on the Krill Oil from Mercolas site. Is that too much would one softgel do? I am taking for general health purposes. Do you know if it interferes with asborption of synthroid? many thanks
    It shouldn’t cause a problem.

  98. What is the difference between res-Q 1250 and Krill Oil. I’ve been taken Krill Oil for about 2 months, and what wonders. A friend of mine has been taken res-Q 1250 several years. I’m told that res-Q is better. Confused
    Joe L.
    I’ve never heard of res-Q 1250, so I can’t comment.

  99. 90 MegaRed Krill oil softgels sell at Costco in Hawaii for only $15.99, and Costco prices in Hawaii are usually higher than the mainland. $5.00/month is cheap enouch compared to fish oil

  100. I noticed you told Ken, – 21. September 2007, 23:08, that krill oil is fine for his pregnant wife. All the krill oil products state emphatically that it should not be taken while pregnant. Do you know the reason for this? What specifically are they guarding against. I have been taking fish oil and am thinking of switching to krill oil but I am hesitant to do so with such a blatant warning on the bottle.
    Most products – even natural products – have warnings against their use in pregnancy because they haven’t been tested in pregnant women.

  101. Is there any iodine in Krill Oil? My concern is that iodine can sometimes aggravate adult acne according to some studies. Anything about krill oil that might cause or aggravate acne in middle age adults?
    Nothing I know of that could aggravate acne.

  102. After reading an article David Mendose wrote about krill oil, I started taking 1,000mg daily for about three months. I use the NSI brand from Vita-Cost (very reasonably priced): http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-KriaXanthin-Antarctic-Krill-Oil-with-Natural-Astaxanthin-1000-mg-300-Softgels
    Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my right knee. The orthopedic doctor told me I was less than ten years away from total knee replacement (I was 53 at the time) as the cartiledge was almost non-existent and my severe debilitating pain was from the bones rubbing together. He prescribed Mobic but it did not help. I used to lie in bed and cry at night because the pain was so bad that I could not get adequate sleep. And I hurt all day long. I was beginning to think I would not make the ten years!
    About six weeks after starting the krill oil I noticed my knee was not keeping me awake and my pain had reduced about 50%. Then sometime during this past month I suddenly realized that my pain was nothing more than a slight twinge! I would have to describe the transformation as miraculous.
    On a side note, my total cholesterol has gone from 274 to 117. I don’t know if it is the krill oil, my Armour-Thyroid, or a combination of the two.

  103. I have high cholesterol. My last lipid test taken this month was 200 for total cholesterol, 98 for trglyceride, 44 for HDL and 136 for LDL. I have been taking 1500 mg of niaspan for over two years but it does not seem to be lowering my cholesterol. I annnot take statin drugs I have had juvenial diabetes for 52 years. I recently bought a bottle of Schiff Krill oil at Costco. It does not have the same amount of Omega, EPA and DHA as fish oil. My Doctor recommended I take fish oil. Will Krill oil help my cholesterol and lipid problems and should I take one, two or three softgels a day? Also fish oil gives me flatulence.
    I don’t know why you think you have high cholesterol. A total cholesterol level is a pretty meaningless test even if elevated, but yours isn’t elevated. 200 is at the high end of what most lipophobes consider normal. Your LDL level is fine as well. Having said all that, the krill oil despite having lower doses of EPA and DHA has the same effect as fish oil and usually with fewer GI symptoms.

  104. Dr. Mike,
    I have a really bad food allergy and there are just a few things that I am not allergy to. They are onions, tomatoes, seafoods and apples. There are many problems that are caused due to my food allergy and I have been in the hospital several times in the last year. Do you think that Krill Oil will help me with my problem?
    Thank you,
    Hi Nancy–
    I don’t think the krill oil will help with food allergies.

  105. I prefer a more Natural Source of Omega-3.
    I recently found http://www.Omezing.net
    The product is an ALA derivative from plant. I am a firm believer that my body, void of excess Omega-6, can effectively and efficiently convert ALA into EPA and DHA. I would much rather prefer this than a mercury contaminated fish oil, a poor tasting and foul smelling flax seed product and a high allergen krill oil.
    Our bodies are meant to be self sufficient. It is a safe and natural option and I believe a safer one for my family.

  106. Thank you for this great discussion. It has been extremely helpful and informative. I have been taking 4,000 mgs of Omega fish oil for my cholesterol for 5 months. It has helped with LDL but not the HDL. So since I have read so many good things about Krill helping HDL, I would like to try the Krill. But I still want the DHA and EPA benefits as well because I notice a nice difference as far as mental clarity is concerned. But the DHA and EPA are extremely low in the Krill Oil. So if I take half dosage: 2,000 mgs of Omega 3, what would you think would be equivalent to the other 2.000 mgs of the Omega 3 to the Krill Oil, with similar benefits of DHA and EPA? The DHA and EPA in this Omega 3 is 300 mgs. of EPA and 200 mgs. of DHA per gram. Your comment would be very much appreciated. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you,
    I would start with one krill oil gelcap and see what happens. Because of the phospholipid structure of the fat the EPA and DHA in krill seem to be much more potent than their lower doses would indicate. If you don’t get the result you want with one gelcap, move to two.

  107. Hello Doctor!
    My mom is 70 and diabetic. She is very thin but has a knee problem. Every time she climbs stairs, it hurts. She is taking fish oil (800mg EPA and 400mg DHA) and lethicin (1000mg, I think) everyday. Seeing all the benefits of krill oil and curcumin, I want to give her krill oil (1000 mg) and curcumin (500mg) per day as well. However, would this be too much for her? I’m kinda concerned about her memory and don’t want to see her having AD someday… Also, I’m 35 and I think my memory is getting terrible! When I need to think, I feel like my brain doesn’t work as fast any more. Any recommendation? Thanks!
    I don’t think the krill oil and circumin should be a problem, but you should ask her doc what he/she thinks. You can find a ton of information about preventing AD from Dr. McCleary’s book.

  108. I do apologize but my wife insists I ask you a question relating to krill.
    She wants to know if in your opinion it is OK for breastfeeding. She intends to swap from her fish oils to krill (somewhat on my advice).
    The fact that you already say above that it is ok for pregnancy I expect you will also believe it ok for breastfeeding, but we simply want to re-confirm.
    Since your wife isn’t my patient, I can’t give her medical advice. I would counsel one of my own patients that a switch from fish oil to krill oil shouldn’t cause a problem. Your wife should check with her own physician before making any changes in diet or supplementation while breastfeeding.

  109. Just bought Whole Krill / 300mg. Noticed that most are selling Krill Oil. Is there a difference between the two? in The ingredients say each capsule of gelatin contains 300 mg of freeze dried whole krill. First time using Krill and was recommended by a friend. I’m having knee problems ( after surgery) with inflammation (water). Had meniscus repair and removal on May 31.2008. Thanks
    I’ve never heard of Whole Krill. That would imply that it is the entire krill crunched up somehow. And I don’t know if that’s what it is or not. Sorry.

  110. Dr. E,
    You said that you leave the krill oil out of the refrigerator, but is it OK to do that with fish oil? In PP Lifeplan you say to test it every few days, but do you think the oil is of better quality now and that’s not as necessary?
    I do think the fish oil capsules available today have a longer shelf life and are better ‘pakaged’ then were the capsules several years ago. Plus, many, many more people take them now than did back then, so there is less chance of inventory sitting around getting oxidized. I keep my fish oil in the fridge, but even then I chew one up every now and then just to check. I’ve yet to find a bad one.

  111. Hello,
    4. January 2007 you said ” I don’t really care what it does to cholesterol levels because I don’t believe that cholesterol levels mean squat.”
    I exercise regularly and eat fairly well but my cholesterol is high (about 250 total). Are you saying all the hype about high cholesterol = heart problems is untrue?
    Can you elaborate?
    Too lengthy of a response would be required to ‘elaborate.’ Fortunately, I have written fairly extensively on this subject. Start with this post, then put ‘lipid’ in the search window of the blog, and you’ll find a lot of other info.

  112. Just found this blog because I was trying to find out why Krill oil worked so well for me. It’s was pushed on me by a “health nut” family member who is always advocating healthy stuff (in truth, she was always ahead of her time, taking flaxseed years ago)
    Long story short, I was on psychotropics for 13 years (prozac, then lexapro). The one time I tried to go off I “rebounded” so badly I was terrified to try again. Started taking Krill Oil capsules (I think by the “Marine” co. mentioned above), felt “right” somehow, so thought – eh, I’ll try again to get of the psycho tropic. I have been off it for five months, use krill oil, it’s great for mood support, and I’ve coped with a pretty severe medical crisis in my family without ever feeling the need to “medicate”. I have no other health issues but I’m impressed Krill oil got me off Lexapro after all this time.
    Glad to hear you’ve done so well. I’ve heard a number of similar stories.

  113. Hello,
    I’m a cyclist from Belgium (age39) and i was taking krilloil during 9 months, then i stopped 3weeks and then i restarted. I noticed two big changes.
    1. My blood pressure went donw from 125/80 to 110/55.
    2. My average heart rate during competition went down with 15-20 heartbeats.
    My mother was also taking krilloil during 6 months and her tot. chol. went down from 290 to 230. HDL stayed at 90. Ratio went down from 3.2 to 2.7.

  114. Could you tell me how can we tell how much vitamin E is in the Krill oil if it’s not in the nutrition facts on the bottle? I am now thinking of taking the Schiff’s Mega Red Krill Oil, 300 instead of the 500 mgs. I hope it works better for me! I value your extremely helpful responses. Thanks so much!
    This probably won’t be one of those extremely helpful responses because I don’t know how much vitamin E is in there if it isn’t on the label. The primary antioxidant in krill oil is astaxanthin, which gives krill oil its red color. There may not be a lot of vitamin E.

  115. HI,
    I’m pretty impressed by your article and all the responses it has recieved.
    I want to give KrillOil to my FatherinLaw who has Rheumatoid Arthritis ,
    but would also like to give this to my Motherinlaw since it just seems to have so many benefits, but there is one problem , My mother inLaw has gallstones, do you think that her having gallstones would pose a problem ?
    She generally avoids oily foods because she has an upset stomach when she eats oily foods becuase of her Gallstone problem, Just want to make sure , will taking krill Oil cuse any problems or should it be avoided for people with Gall stones?
    or would it be ok , since you said that it absorbs quickly , will it be fine ?
    Thanks in advance for your reply
    I can’t say for sure because your mother-in-law isn’t my patient, and I know nothing about her other than what you’ve told me, which isn’t enough info to allow me to make a judgment. Although a krill oil softgel contain fat, it doesn’t contain much. Maybe she should try one to see what happens. If it bothers her, then you’ll know the answer.

  116. Hi, I just discovered your blog doing some research for my Mom (she’s 86), and would really appreciate your thoughts on the following: She recently started taking Krill Oil (500mg) instead of the Omega 3 she was taking because of what she heard about Krill being better than fish oil and more easily absorbed by the body. She was also taking CoQ10 (for one reason because she takes Lipitor) and a plant-sourced calcium-magnesium product that also contains D3, K1 and K2 (MK-7).
    She has always been prone to bruising easily and after about 1 week of taking the above supplements she said she got a bruise on her arm that is probably worse than any one she’s ever had before so she stopped taking everything.
    I’ve read you need to be careful taking Krill Oil is you bruise easily, but I really don’t understand why. Is it because Krill Oil thins the blood ? She didn’t have this problem when taking regular Fish Oil. Could it be the combination of Krill, CoQ10, and the Cal-Mag product.
    Thanks so very much for your thoughts !!
    Because of its phospholipid structure, krill oil is like fish oil on steroids. If she replaced the fish oil with the same amount of krill, she was probably taking too much. I wouldn’t use more than a gelcap per day or maybe even one every other day. Krill oil – like fish oil – does thin the blood. I don’t think the CoQ10 or the Cal-Mag had anything to do with the bruising.
    And I can’t resist commenting that lipitor has never ever been shown to be beneficial for women of any age. And studies have shown that elderly people who have higher cholesterol levels live the longest.

  117. Dear dr. Mike,
    My question has nothing to do with krill-oil, but what is your idea concerning flaxseed? Should we take it or not?
    Thank you very much.
    It doesn’t hurt to take it, and it might even do a little good. But it’s not as good as krill oil or even fish oil. The fats we need to get are EPA and DHA. Both fish oil and krill oil contain these two fats. Flaxseed oil does not contain them. Flaxseed oil contains the raw materials to make these fats, and, if everything is working as it’s supposed to, the body can convert the flaxseed oil into EPA and DHA. But my thinking is why take the chance on everything working properly when you can just get the necessary fats directly without having to worry about the conversion process.

  118. There is a lot discussion concerning how to keep the krill oil …not too cold…not too warm. But what is too cold or too warm? I keep my krill oil at 13° and they are not gooey, so assume that’s ok?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    That’s fine.

  119. Doc, I normally take 2 krill oil capsules a day (because of back pain) and turmeric also. But, I also love salmon (Vitalchoice) and eat it on a regular basis. Am I getting too much omega 3 in my diet? Thanks for your time.
    All the best,
    If you are taking two krill oil caps daily and eating salmon on a regular basis, I doubt that you’re getting too much omega-3. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  120. I recently saw studies for treating ADHD children with fish oil. I’ve been giving my daughter fish oil, but the pills are so big, I need to hide it in her food. The krill oil pills (I saw at Costco) are much smaller and can be taken easier. Your article said it worked with adult ADHD. Could krill oil be taken instead of fish oil and get the same effects? Also, the EPA and DHA amounts seem very small (less than 100mg). Is the EPA and DHA more potent?
    Yes, krill oil is more potent than fish oil even with lower doses of EPA and DHA. It’s all in how these fatty acids are connected. In fish oils these fats are in triglyceride form whereas in krill oil they are in a phospholipid form, which makes for much easier absorption and fewer side effects.

  121. As you mentioned, krill oil has a number of things going for it that make it a superior choice to taking fish oils. One thing to mention is that majority of research on krill oil has been done by Neptune Technologies using Neptune Krill Oil, not generic krill oil.
    I believe if patients wish to get results with krill oil, they should look at the research of what kind of krill oil was used. This will make a huge difference in specific responses each individual may receive from this marine supplement.
    Just as not all fish oils are the same, not all krill oils are the same. You can buy lower grade fish oils that may contain higher levels of impurities, compared to a higher priced pharmaceutical-grade fish oil that’s been 3rd party-tested to ensure it contains what is written on the bottle label.

  122. Hi Dr.,
    I recently bought Dr. Mercola’s “Krill Oil For Women” which has an 500mg/day addition of “Organic cold pressed evening Primrose Oil” do you think this will be a problem for my girlfriend who is approx 2 months pregnant?
    If so, is it just the primrose oil which is not advisable, the krill or both?
    Also he advises to take a good quality “Full Spectrum” Vitamin E supplement with the Krill Oil, do you have any recommendations brand/store wise?
    We truly appreciate your help!
    I would avoid anything with evening primrose oil in it. I’ve had patients experience inflammatory-type problems from taking too much evening primrose oil (and it doesn’t take a lot to be too much).

  123. Pregnancy/Back pain and Krill Oil
    First, I’d like to share my experience as I took NKO for my 1st pregnancy, which was advised by my OBGYN (a holisticic oriented MD OBGYN), for both the omega 3 supplement and for my chronic low back pain. I was 30 years old at the time, and was always terrified to get pregnant because I was afraid of having accute lumbagos over and over (the kind with the “electrical” spasms, that make you not be able to move and bend for 2 weeks afterwards until healing. And even without getting spasm every day (I would normally about 1 every two months), I had everyday chronic low back pain which would not enable me to do too much housekeepoing or walk for too long, before I needed to sit and curve my back. I must add that my weight/height proportion is normal, and except for that, I am a fit person, eating absolutely very well, mostly organic.
    Nevertherless, I started to take 2 soft gels from NKO per day the 1st month as my OBGYN recommended to replenish, then 1 soft gel per day. Let me tell you: I had the best ever pregnancy I could never had wished for !!!! Not back pain, no lumbago. I did re-increased to 2 soft gels per day around the 7th month because I read somewhere that I wasn’st taking enough Omega 3s (at that time, I wasn’t taking any fish oil in addition to the Krill), and a little after increasing the dose back to 2 soft gels again, my back felt even better, while adding the pounds in my belly. And for those who are wondering, my son, now 2 and a half, is a very healthy bright little boy. I do give him cod liver oil since he’s been eating solid food as well, but everything is fine, so I would totally recommend any pregnant lady with back problem to take NKO.
    Now, here is my 2sd point, which is now more a question to you. I have been eating shrimps and all kinds of seafood (I’m French, so when I was leaving in France, I would eat fish and many different kind of seafood in addition to shrimps in a regular basis), and never experienced any problem. When I took NKO while pregnant, I did not have any problem. However, I have been having some light eczema coming on and off on my hand’s fingers once in a while since I’m 20 years old. During my pregnancy, all sign of eczema disappeared, I assume probably because generally immune reaction is lowered in pregnant women because the fetus is producing some kind of substance to avoid rejection from the mother (can’t remember how this is named but I remember the purpose is that for the mother not to reject the fetus because the fetus is not part a self). So anyway, no eczema during pregnancy. However, the day my son is born (full term), I had preeclampsia severe Hellp syndrome (I must precise that I was check for 3 days before he was born: no high blood pressure, no protein in the urines, everything looked perfect). I had a difficult back labor vaginal delivery while being under magnesium sulfate IV for pre-eclampsia, and after all, everything went well. But, after he was born, I suddenly developped the eczema back on my fingers, and in a matter of 3 months, my 2 hands were all swollen and reddish and small cut bleeding, no elasticity in my skin hands anymore ….. horrible. While I did lots of allergy testing, including extensive food allergy testing, they came back with lots of allergy positive (about 16 ingredients) but found out that those ingredients were not the one who were bothering me. The ingredients that were NOT listed on the extensive allergy lab test results were the ones that I found out were bothering me (using an elimination diet): all nuts, all citrus fruits… and I’m not sure but I believe Krill Oil, but not shrimps or other seafoods !!! So anyway, I found the answer of my problems on my own and not with the help of any doctor who clearly have no clue how to deal with eczema/food allergy !!!! Anyway, after talking with a midwife before starting my 2sd pregnancy, she thinks that Pre-eclampsia and eczema are both linked because it’s a weak liver problem, and she told me to take dandelion tincture every day. I found out that dandelion enable me to eat my forbidden foods occasionnaly and I would not have a flare of eczema.
    So, now, here I am at 33 years old, going to start a 2sd pregnancy. But since I stopped taking NKO for the past 2 years because of my eczema, I have been suffering with low back pain and huge lumbagos more than ever (with caring and holding the baby etc …. it takes lots on the back). So what do I do ? On 1 hand, I won’t be able to have a good back during my 2sd pregnancy if I don’t take NKO, let alone I am very scared if I get a lumbago the day of delivery or just before: I won’t be able to push or sustain the effort. (And I’ve been taking cod liver oil and fish oil since the past 2 years, it does not help at all). Or do I take the NKO anyway, let it have some eczema, take the dandelion (which won’t probably offset entirely the eczema if I take NKO every day). I would go for the NKO and let it have the eczema as my preferred choice, but then I wonder if it might trigger preeclampsia again later.
    Well well, you probably won’t have an answer for me but I was just wondering what you thoughts are on this situation. Just to let you know, I’m sure you’re going to advise me to see with my provider but all my providers have no clue at all !!! I have already asked many different kind of M.D / OBGYN. / Back pain specialists etc… Just your thoughts will be welcomed. Thank you for your kind feedback. I’m quite on my own in this situation. Sorry for the long e-mail. Please send me your answer online AND on my e-mail address as well, because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find where I posted it.
    It is true that pregnancy exerts an anti-immune kind of effect. For example, women with sever auto-immune disorders such a rheumatoid arthritis get significant – sometimes even complete – relief during pregnancy. If you are having bad back pain that was relieved during your previous pregnancy by NKO, then it stands to reason that it would do so again. And probably without causing the eczema on your hands due to the pregnancy effect. You could try a little just to see what happens.
    Keep me posted.

  124. Do you know if the Krill Oil marketed by the MLM JDPrimium is from Neptune?
    I’m not familiar with the company you asked about. Since most krill oil does come from Neptune, however, I would say the odds were good.

  125. Would the garlic supplement I’m taking interfere with Krill oil? I saw it listed in these things to watch out for re Krill oil, and would be interested in your opinion on this:
    Side Effects
    People with allergies to seafood shouldn’t use krill oil. People with bleeding disorders shouldn’t use krill oil unless under the supervision of a qualified health professional.
    Side effects of krill oil may include loose stools, diarrhea or indigestion.
    Possible Drug Interactions
    People taking blood thinners (anticoagulant or anti-platelet medication), such as aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin), heparin, clopidogrel (Plavix), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve) should only use krill oil under a physician’s supervision.
    Krill oil should also be used with caution by people taking herbs and supplements that are thought to increase the risk of bleeding, such as ginkgo biloba and garlic.
    All oils containing EPA and DHA can cause a little ‘blood thinning.’ These warnings are for people taking prescription blood thinners to be careful adding even more with the krill oil. In my opinion the krill oil thins the blood less than large doses of fish oils, so I would think it would be less of a problem for those taking medications and nutritional supplements that may cause blood thinning. But, as always, if you’re concerned, you should check with your own physician.

    1. Thankyou for this very informative piece Mark!
      I recently started taking NKO Krill oil caplets, and did fine for first couple of days, then I started taking a bunch of other supplements(over-enthusiasm) and experienced extreme discomfort near my C-section incision, lots of red rash and itching. Since I never ate any sea-food or meat my entire-life, I was not sure if I am allergic to seafood?
      I read all allergy warnings that I could reg. any seafood, until I found you listing the forbidden combination of NKO and Ginkoba!
      I had my Ah-moment!
      I can discontinue GB and start taking the NKO!
      Thanks Again!

  126. The benifits of Krill oil is an interesting one. You really do need to be aware of the metal issues in other from fish oils, i.e. Cod Liver Oil, etc. I am involved in a distribution line for Krill Oil, K48 Omega 3, it is an awesome product that I feel has some amaizing value. Check out the link if you are interested.
    Hope this helps some of you out there!

  127. i think quality flaxseed is a decent source of omega-3s for vegetarians and folks alergic to shellfish. it’s not as potent, but would be better than nothing, though i’ve to say that i get insomnia when i take even one capsule of trunature organic flaxseed that’s sold at costco in the pm.
    i recognize that w/ my strong supplementation, i’m probably able to convert a higher percentage (say a quarter or so) of the omega-3s into dha and epa. nonetheless, in my experience, my father has single-handedly benefited from taking organic flaxseed from costco. mental clarity to just absolutely glowing skin tone. he takes it with a multivitamin everyday for almost a year now. my father in law can’t take krill capsules w/o getting hives.
    i take trunature’s flaxseed in addition to nko, carlson’s medomega (which clocks in at almost 3g per teaspoon) as part of my supplementation regime. so i would definitely keep the *quality* flaxseed option in mind as a viable alternative for folks with special conditions like the ones i mentioned.
    folks can find out more about costco’s flaxseed and nko products:
    – and –

  128. Doc, I read that there is fluoride in Krill Oil, is this true? Appreciate the information.
    I’ve never heard that, but I’ve never seen a chemical analysis of krill oil.

  129. Will taking Krill oil help solve my dry eyes problem? I am taking Fish Oil and
    hope to try Krill Oil also. Good idea?
    I have no idea. A number of medical problems can cause dry eyes – Sjogren’s syndrome being a common one – and I doubt that krill oil would help with those. You might just want to give it a try to see, though.

  130. My girlfriend has been using Krill oil and trying to get me to use it. But I have one reservation…when I was taking fish oil, it didn’t take too long for my urine to “smell so fishy bad” that I had to spray room freshener after using the bathroom. Will Krill have the same effect? And if so, what can I take (or do) to avoid such a “smelly” reaction? Thanks!
    It shouldn’t because of the different way the fatty acids are hooked up. All you can do is give it a try and see.

  131. Greetings,
    I am currently taking Omega 3 capsules 3 times daily, I’d like to add Krill oil to my daily regimen. However. I am breastfeeding and I’d like to know if adding the krill oil would be safe to do so.
    I don’t see why not. But since I don’t know you or know your medical history, it would probably be best for you to check with your own physician to make sure.

  132. why is it recommended to not take nsaid with fish oil?
    Some people think it may thin the blood too much. I’ve never seen a problem with it. I took both when I was switching over from NSAIDs to my fish oil/krill oil regimen.

  133. I note you state that people with an allergy to shrimp should take care when using Krill oil. I am allergic to crab (most severely to Dungeness), but eat shrimp and scallops frequently without any problems. Is it the iodine that is generally present in shellfish that is the problem, or is it a true allergy to something unique only to shrimp that causes the problems? Would it be safe to start with small, infrequent doses to see if there is a problem, and gradually build up to the recommended dosage if no problems occur, or would you recommend staying away completely? The health benefits seem wonderful – but not at the risk of hives, or worse.
    Typically people are allergic to one of the proteins in shrimp. There shouldn’t be a problem with krill oil, but if you want to make sure, just try a little of it, and work up from there. You can even puncture one of the capsules and rub some onto the inside of your arm to see if any redness and/or itching ensues. If so, that’s an indication that you are allergic to krill and should avoid it.

  134. Shopping for krill oil, I see a lot of products on the market that are NOT Neptune krill oil. The ones I have seen appear to be priced significantly cheaper at first glance because you get more oil for less money. But when I look at what I’m buying on a cost per gram (of omega-3s) basis, the Neptune oil ends up being slightly less expensive.

  135. Hi Dr. Eades
    I want to thank you. You are full of good information. I tried taking two quality fish oil pills and two krill oil pills for a few weeks. This works GREAT.
    My joints feel really good, very lose and flexible.
    What fish oil pills do you recommend ? Is Carlson’s and the type you use better quality than Whole Foods Fish Oil ?
    I just don’t want to use junk as far as fish oil .
    (Neptune is what I use for krill so I know it’s good)
    Take Care,
    I think both Carlson’s and Whole Foods fish oils are fine. All you’ve got to do is chew a capsule every now and then to make sure they’re fresh.

  136. Hi Dr. Eades,
    I’m absolutely fascinated with all the posts I have read on this site. I am thinking about taking krill oil pills for my rheumatoid arthritis as well as my high cholestrol. I have a hard time swallowing or chewing big pills (it makes me gag) and I saw that Schill had a new megared krill oil pill that was much smaller. I’d appreciate any comments on the quality of the Schill and how much of it I should take each day.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
    I’m sorry to say that I don’t know anything about the Schill krill oil. Most, but not all, comes from Neptune Technologies, so if the Schill comes from there, it will be of high quality. But, it is probably okay even if it comes from another producer, but I just can’t say for sure.

  137. MegaRed is from Schiff and is from Neptune Tech. I just purchased it in one of the major pharm chains. The price was $29.99 for 60, it was on sale as buy one get one free, so I took advantage of the sale, then I found it again in Sam’s Bulk Store for $17.97 for 90. I have just started taking the krill. My Diabetes Dr. recommended I take fish oil. You have to take so many fish oil a day, I decided to try the Krill. What is the recommended mg per day??
    Depends on what one is taking it for. I now take one softgel per day.

  138. My Dr. recommended it for my cholesteral, but I am diabetic and I have Arthritis so I want to cover all basis. Right now I am taking 1 softgel per day. I have only been taking them for about 1 week. I noticed that I sleep better and do have more energy during the day. I’m hoping for even better results in the coming weeks. My blood sugar readings are pretty much the same so far and I won’t have any blood work for at least another month.

  139. I’m interested in krill oil I’ve been taking fish oil and flax seed oil for awhile. I’m taking warfarin for my atrial fib and wonder if this would affect my blood thinner. Would it replace the other oils? My doctor knows about them but haven’t discussed this krill oil yet.
    Yes, it should replace the other oils. I wouldn’t take it in addition without discussing it with your physician.

  140. I take cod liver oil in winter and fish oil in summer months. I am allergic to soft shell crabs but have no problem with shrimp and lobster. Would it be safe for me to take krill oil?
    Probably, but you’ll have to test a little to be sure.

  141. Dr Eades
    Is up to 3 krill oil pills every other day still safe if you take no medicines ? I’m trying to get a strong anti inflammatory effect.
    Take Care,
    Shouldn’t be a problem.

  142. Hi Doctor,
    You recently posted you take 1 softgel a day. How many mgs are in that 1 softgel.
    500 kg krill oil per softgel.

  143. Hi,
    I am new to this and have read through the posts–very interesting, and I would like to start taking krill oil.
    question related to taking Ibuprofen: While taking krill oil regularly, can you take ibuprofen on occasion, without risk?
    I have been taking advil pm so i can sleep through the night, but may switch to something else, if the krill oil makes me feel better.
    I am menopausal, and my dr. recommended to take flax seed oil….can you take both krill and flaxseed oil and are there different benefits from each, or would it be unnecessary to take both?
    I would go with the krill oil and not the flax seed oil. And it is okay to take with ibuprofen.

  144. Doc,
    In your recent post on March 14th, you said “kg” ,but I believe you meant “mg” right? So what is the maximum recommended dose 500mg or can you take more without negative effects? Will 800mg or 1000mg be ok?
    “500 kg krill oil per softgel.”
    Sorry. My bad. It is 500 mg per softgel. 800-1000mg can be taken with no problem.

  145. Hi Doctor E.
    I recently started taking the Mega Red trying to reduce LDL and some arthritis pain. I read somewhere else that taking an aspirin a day may not be a good idea with Krill. I take a baby aspirin a day. What do you think?
    You should check with your own doctor on this, of course, but I don’t think a single baby aspirin with cause much of a problem if taken with krill oil. But, again, I don’t know your medical history, so you should check with your doc on it.

  146. Doctor,
    What is the brand that you take? I noticed that you mentioned taking 500mg per day. I thought that Nepture only sold to suppliment distributors in 300mg doses. At least that is what I read you to say back toward the beginning of the blog (but that was back in 06). My daughter works at CVS, and she picked me up some last night from work. The are on sale, 2 for 1 price (29.99) These ones are packaged under the name “MegaRed” by Schiff, 60 softgels at 300mg. Any impressions on this brand?
    I have started taking the NKO (Neptune Krill Oil) variety, which come in 500 mg softgels. NKO is the only krill product that has been studied extensively. Virtually all the investigators writing the papers showing the benefits of krill used NKO for their studies. Neptune Technologies has the patent on the way the company extracts the oil. Other companies have been producing krill oil by other methods that don’t yield the same product, yet making the claims that have been verified only by the NKO product. Do these other products work as well or better? No one knows because they haven’t been studied. They simply use the studies done with NKO to promote their products. For these reasons, we are switching to NKO on our own site. We have no affiliation or investment in Neptune Technologies.

  147. My doctor put me on Fish Oil a few years ago despite the fact I told him I take flax seed which is high in Omega 3. I would like to try this new product as it sounds wonderful. My biggest and only concern is what do krill feed on. Being a Seventh-day Adventist we shy away from lobster, clams, sturgeon, pork all because they are garbage eaters and we feel,
    following the Lord’s advice in the Bible the philosophy that “you are what you eat” so consequently keep away from garbage eaters, do krill fall in this category??
    As I understand it, krill eat plankton, so I don’t think that would qualify them as garbage eaters.

  148. Hi,
    I am allergic to shell fish will krill oil cause an allergic reaction. Also, I live in South Africa and have not been able to find krill oil – do you know if one can import it?
    Jenny Dugmore
    In my experience, no one who claims to be allergic to shellfish has had a reaction to krill oil. I would take it carefully, however, until I knew for sure. I have no idea as to whether it can be imported into South Africa or not.

  149. My doctor told me to take 3 grams of fish oil a day. If I take Krill how many mg of krill will be equivalent to the 3 grams of fish oil.
    I don’t know that there has been a dosage equivalency established. I would guess that two of the 500 mg softgels would do it.

  150. Hi Dr. Eades;
    I am actually designing a Krill Oil, ubiquinol, mixed tocopherol complex product. Your information on your Krill Oil post is very good. You state that if I liked this post, I can freely share it. Can I have your premission to use some of your writing in my product description that would be on the product web page, but also in product brochures? I obviously would give you proper author credit.
    Best regards,
    Patrick Bailey
    Medicinal Nutraceutics
    Be my guest.

  151. Hi Patrick Wopuld be interested to hear more on your product development. I currently take mixed tocophs and Krill oil and have been thinking about adding CO enzyme Q10 (which I beilieve is ubiquinol?) as I’m in my mid 50’s and know that this is produced in lower levels as you get older. Question for the good Dr is though, could tocophs and krill thin the blood too much?

  152. Hi Dr. I prev wrote when I started on Krill Oil. My Dr. Recommended I take Fish Oil to help with my Diab and Cholestrol. I chose the Krill Oil and started just prior to my appt. with my Dr. She was not familiar with Krill Oil or its advantages but encouraged me to continue. I have been taking 2 per day. My A1-C has gone from 7. to 6.2. I have had a great deal of relief from Arthritis pain, 2 fingers that were stiff are now alot more flexable. I still have to work on the cholestrol. My question is, would additional Krill Oil be helpfull for that and increase my relief from arthritis pain? And what is the max amount of Krill Oil you can take??
    Thank you,
    Pat Harvey
    It may be a little helpful, but I wouldn’t overdo it. I don’t know what kind you are taking, but if it is the NKO variety, I would say maybe three softgels per day max. Usually the relief comes from taking the krill over a longer period of time, not just by increasing the dose.

  153. I have a serious question. After much research I suggested to a friend to try Dr. Mercola’s Neptune Krill Oil to help lower her cholesterol. She took it for 3 months and recently told me that the “Krill Oil caused her cholesterol to shoot way up by 90 points to a very dangerous level, and she says her boss told her that she was nuts to use krill oil to lower cholesterol, because it is the same as eating tons of shrimp every day. I would very much appreciate any comment you have regarding this. She does smoke, though she quit, she started again, and I have no idea about her other “habits”, but understand she likes fried foods. I seriously do not think that the krill oil is what caused her cholesterol to go up, but am open to any comments you may have. A concerned friend, because after all, I suggested she use krill oil! Van
    I seriously doubt that the krill oil had anything to do with her cholesterol. And it certainly isn’t the same as eating tons of shrimp every day. Even if one did eat nothing but shrimp every day, I suspect his/her cholesterol would fall, not rise.

  154. I started taking krill oil a couple months ago, and I started having symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I am going to my Dr. in a day or two to find out what I have. My opinion so far, is that the iodine in krill, along with the iodine in salt( I eat alot of salt) and in my multi-vitamin has brought on these symptoms. I feel that if I do end up having an overactive thyroid, that it should clear up on its own since I’m no longer taking krill oil, salt or my multi. My Dr. will disagree I’m sure, but I don’t want to overdo treatment and end up worse in the long run and “take” something I don’t need.
    There should be no iodine in krill oil, or at least not much to speak of. Hyperthyroidism generally isn’t caused by too much iodine anyway. If you are diagnosed as being hyperthyroid, you definitely need to be treated.

  155. Dr. Eades,
    Thank you for sharing your blog. In one of your posts there was a mention of when you find the best source for krill oil supplements you would post it. Would you be kind enough to post again?
    Thank you for your time and efforts to help educate the layman.
    After a fairly exhaustive review, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best krill oil out there is produced by Neptune Technologies and sold under a number of brands. All will have on the label the letters NKO, which stands for Neptune krill oil. As a consequence of my review, we changed the krill oil we offer on the product section of our website to NKO, but you can find it many other places.

  156. Thanks Dr. Eades for providing such a great resource for people. I have taken krill oil and fish oil supplements for awhile now and my total cholesterol has gone down about 20%( not that I really care ) but I have noticed fairly prevalent anal leakage during the day. I’ve read that is fairly common but usually only in high doses (which I don’t take). I’ve also read that it could be caused by the quality of the fish oil supplement. What are your opinions regarding this issue?
    I’ve never heard of this issue with krill oil. And certainly not with the krill oil I use and recommend. Are you by chance taking Alli, the OTC weight-loss drug? It will certainly cause the problem you describe, as will consuming a fish called escolar, or eating potato chips made with olestra. I suppose some of the fish oil you are taking may be from the escolar. I would switch brands of fish oil, and I would definitely make sure my krill oil had the letters NKO on the label somewhere. NKO stands for Neptune krill oil, which is the purest on the market.

  157. Hi Dr.
    Thank you for all the wonderful information.
    It is greatly appreciated.
    I was wondering if it’s true that too much omega 3 can thin the blood to dangerous levels?
    Anytime that you take a supplement containing omega 3, wether its krill, fish or cod liver oil…..does it thin the blood?
    The reason I ask is because I had a recent incident that led me to the hospital.
    To this day I am not sure as to what led me there.
    I was not taking ANY prescription drugs…….
    All I was taking was cod liver oil, the recommended amount: 1tsp a day, 1-2 caps of fish oil, and a calcium supplement that had magnesium and vit D in it.
    At the hospital they seemed to think I was suffering from psychosis, but have never had any mental health problems at all…..in my life!!
    They had ran several tests and the only thing they found is that I had been low in vit K and they also did and EKG….in which came up slightly abnormal and had to put be on pottasium chloride!!
    I am a 26 year old healthy girl, who has always taken such good care of myself with a antioxidant rich diet consisting of fruits and vegies and high quality protein.
    I also have always led an active life, with regular exersice!!
    It just boggles my mind how i could have possibly been practically depleted in vit K, when I consume spinach on a regular basis………as well as how the EKG came up abnormal.
    So I am just thrown on such a loop as to what may have happened to me.
    And the doctors at the hospital just didnt give me any clear answers!!!!!
    Could it have been the supplements?????? Could it be that my blood became too thin and caused psychosis……….so confused
    I have always read the benefits of omega 3 in mental health………… vs possible complications????!!!!
    I would appreciate your opinion.
    Thank you so much

  158. Hi Dr.,
    I just started taking Krill Oil today. My question is – what product of fish oil are you taking (or recommend) in conjunction with the Krill Oil. I read that you are taking the Nordic Naturals along with the Krill Oil. There are many listed on their website and just wanted to buy the one that you take and/or recommend
    I use the Nordic Naturals, but I’ve had so much improvement on the krill/Nordic Naturals/Circumin regimen that I now take only a single krill oil softgel and one 800 mg circumin per day.

  159. Dr.
    Thank you for all the valuable information concerning krill oil. I was diagnosed with breast cancer October of 2005 and since have had 8 chemos and 34 radiation treatments and so far have had good checkups. I am currently taking Lipitor, Femara(for the next 5 yrs. for cancer),some herbal medicines that include Astragulas.Maitake D-Fraction, and Nordic Naturals Omega 3 softgels. I would like to take The Neptune Krill oil. My question is do you think I should and how much daily and should I continue with the Lipitor? My cancer doctor doesn’t suggest supplements,so I have taken these on the advice of a friend working in a Natural Health store.
    Thanks for your time.

  160. Can any type of fish/cod liver oil and krill, thin the blood too much?
    When can it become dangerous?
    Thank you

  161. Thanks Dr. for those updates. Do you use and/or recommend the Ultimate Omega-D3 or another product in the Nordic Naturals line?
    I take Pro Omega.

  162. FYI
    90 caps of Schiff Red Krill we bought at Sam’s was about $18…. Schiff web site has their bottle of 60 caps @ $25.
    My blood pressure is coming done in one week, and some relief in my joints , expecting more..

  163. I have had a problem with severe nosebleeds and try to avoid taking anything with aspirin or nsaids. But, I really like the research on krill oil and my husband has already started taking the supplement several months ago. I also take toprol and arimidex. What would be your recommendation?
    I can’t give specific medical advice over the internet. I doubt, however, that a single krill oil softgel would cause a nosebleed. But you should check with your own physician.

    1. I live in a desert climate at one mile high elevation, and have occasionally experienced nose bleeds during the winter. An older woman friend advised me that in pioneering times pregnant women at risk of miscarriages would eat the rine (white pulp) on the inside of orange peels. I have done this on several occasions, and it stops nose bleeds for weeks or months. Some have suggested that there may be vitamin K in the rine??? How pioneering women got oranges also is a riddle. But, it works.

  164. Just to let people in this post know, Dr Mercola is now selling his NKO in capsules, so that should eliminate the gel tab problem some people are using.

  165. Hi Doctor,
    thaks for the great info. I’ve recently started looking into this, and I heard that although krill oil is better overall, you still get more dha and epa from fish oil. Is that true? does krill oil have “enough” dha and epa?
    Also, I think you might have mentioned you take both krill and fish oil…since i currently take neither, i was wondering if taking both is better.
    One last q–i would like my whole family to start taking this–ages range from 13 to 40+. Should everyone take one caps? We will consult our physician to double check that it doesn’t interfere with other things, but I just wanted to know generally what’s a good amount.
    I appreciate all your help. Thanks 🙂

  166. Hello, Dr. Mike
    Great post. There’s alot of great information in there about krill oil. I was wondering if you’ve had the opportunity to analyze Chia seed in the same way for the same benefits as krill oil.
    Without placing too much information in a long comment, I’d love to discuss Chia seed with you and provide you with a very high quality sample of what I, and many in the medical field, believe is the greatest and safest source of Omega 3 around (http://mykindofgrain.com).
    I’d love to discuss more with you. Feel free to email me.

  167. Would you recommend krill oil for children?
    I have a 2 1/2 year old
    Thank you
    Yes. Problem is that the softgels are probably too large for young children to easily swallow. I would puncture the softgels and squirt the contents into the child’s food.

  168. I also wanted to know what effects it has on the skin–does it help with acne?
    I’ve not seen studies showing krill on makes acne better, but I seriously doubt it makes it worse, so I would give it a try.

  169. I use the Nordic Naturals, but I’ve had so much improvement on the krill/Nordic Naturals/Circumin regimen that I now take only a single krill oil softgel and one 800 mg circumin per day.
    Can you clarify that post? So you take 1 NKO pill, pro omega fish oil and 1 800mg circumin? Thanks doc
    Unless I have some aches and pains, I use one NKO softgel and one 800 mg curcumin per day. If I do have the aches and pains, I’ll sometimes add a Nordic Natural fish oil.

  170. Hi,
    I have a question. I read Dr. Mercola’s articles regulary, and he had a comment on his page where he has krill oil tablets for sale, saying that if you are taking warfarin that you should not take krill oil at the same time. Why is that?
    Thank you
    Fish oil and krill oil thin the blood a little. Warfarin is a prescription blood thinner, so adding fish or krill oil to it could thin the blood too much. I don’t think a single krill oil cap a day will make the blood too thin, but you should check with your doctor before you take it.

  171. Krill Oil is an excellent way to decrease inflammation and pain for the weekend warrior. It has so many great health benefits and no real downside like you mentioned. It is good stuff – one thing I would like to add is that Dr. Mercola a very well respected natural Dr. suggests you be wary who you purchase your Krill oil from. He states “be very careful of other’s claims out there”. He says some process the oil using bad manufacturing processes whcih will make the oil less robust.

  172. Dan,
    Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) comes from the same lab (Neptune Labs in Canada). Dr. Eades here says to buy the one that you get the best deal on, because NKO is NKO regardless who the reseller is.
    It’s a bit amusing how Mercola goes on to say to not waste your money on other products because his product is extracted from the real “Neptune Krill.” There is no such thing as “Neptune Krill.”
    Call it aggressive marketing.

  173. Hello Dr. Eades, I am only 22 and I want to bring my cholestrol and trigs down asap. There has been evidence that taking 1-3 GRAMS of krill oil is effective in reducing all this, but krill oil does not contain the EPA/DHA amount like fish oil does. krill oil= 45mg/27mg per tablet while fish oil = 180mg/120mg per tablet. There has also been research that more than 100mg of fish oil has added advantages and is recommended by american heart association for appropriate dosage. Is there anyway I can take about 4 fish oil tablets perday and 4 krill oil tablets perday to get the added advantages? the fish oil will be 1200 mg and krill oil will be about 400 mg of omega 3 for a total of 1600 which isnt really excessive. what do you think because as of right now this is what I am about to start doing.
    Because of the way the fatty acids are connected in the krill oil (phospholipid vs triglyceride), the krill oil is much more potent than a similar dose of fish oil.

  174. I find this fascinating, I started a new weight loss and wellness program called Futures Weight Loss & Wellness System. They performed a blood test for immune reaction to foods along with an implementation program and they highly recommend the krill oil product to facilitate inflammation reduction and weight loss. Do you think it would be beneficial to include krill oil in a wellness and weight loss plan?

  175. Hi,
    Can you tell me if taking the Krill and taking approx 3,000 mg of Vitamin D is too much Vitamin D in one’s diet?
    It depends on what one’s vitamin D levels are. But, in general, 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 isn’t a problem. And the combination of vitamin D3 and krill oil isn’t a problem.

  176. Hi, I have another question. I just read one of the blogs where the patient tried to get off antideperssant and rebounded and has gotten off this time with the help of Krill. Is there a way to ask that person to e-mail me privately? I too have been on antidepressants for years and tried to go off and rebounded so badly I swore I’d never try again.
    I’ll stick your comment up in the comments section and if that person sees it and writes that it’s okay, I’ll pass the email along.

  177. Hello from England ..
    Getting Krill oil is difficult here in the UK ..
    It’s obvious health benefits are not recognised and the oil is not stocked by any of the large UK health store chains ..
    So I have to purchase my krill oil on-line .. which isn’t usually a problem, except that the bottle of NKO most recently purchased is 3 months past the expiry date ..
    Reading your posts, I understand the high antioxidant content of the krill oil will prevent the capsules becoming rancid too quickly .. I know from taking krill oil capsules on a regular basis that they already have a strong taste when bitten, even when fresh .. if they don’t smell or taste completely disgusting, should I consume this latest purchase?
    Hello back from England. I’m here myself right now. I’ve got a meeting with Heston Blumenthal today (you’ll know who he is – he’s not well known in the US yet).
    I would imagine the krill will be okay. Usually there is a safety factor built into the expiry date, so I wouldn’t worry. But I also would let whomever you bought them from know and maybe wouldn’t order from that source again.

  178. We buy our krill oil from CostCo. It’s called Schiff’s “MegaRed” – “contains genuine NKO Krill Oil…from genuine Antarctic Krill”. $18.95 for 90 300mg gelcaps.

    1. Wrong… Schiff’s MegaRed is a Superba product and nowhere on any of their literature or website do I find any mention of NKO. Aker BioMarine produces krill oil from fresh raw krill.
      Please show me proof to prove me wrong.

  179. I purchased TwinLab Krill Essentials Joint Krill Oil, 300 mg. MKO Neptune Krill Oil. I have one open bottle and one that I have not opened. They both have been in the closet in my bathroom for a long time. The expiration date is still good, 10/09. I want to begin taking the krill oil again. I don’t know why I stopped! Anyway, the smell is very fishy. I bit into one of them and it’s very fishy tasting. How do I know if it is rancid or not? Is it okay to take them? I hate to throw both bottles out. Should I not store them in the bathroom? We live in the South so there is some humidity in the house, even with A/C. I have read conflicting reports about storing them in the frig.
    I also take fish oil and buy the Carlson brand. I have stored these in the bathroom as well. Should I store the fish oil in the fridge?
    It’s hard to tell whether the oil is rancid or not. Krill oil normally smells fishy – even when brand new. With the new bottling processes used, the expiration dates are generally a pretty good indication that the rancidity is controlled through that date. But these products aren’t all that expensive in the great scheme of things, so if you’re worried about it, throw them out and get fresh ones.

  180. Hi,
    Has anyone tried NSI KriaXanthin Antarctic Krill Oil with Natural Astaxanthin? Is it as good as Neptune Krill Oil?
    They have a good price for it on this site: http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-KriaXanthin-Antarctic-Krill-Oil-with-Natural-Astaxanthin-1000-mg-300-Softgels?csrc=PPCADW-krill_oil&s_kwcid=TC|3001|krill%20oil||S|p|3518167151
    I prefer NKO because at this point virtually all the research showing improvements of all kinds from using krill oil used NKO. All krill oils aren’t the same. If and when the research comes in showing that other brands – which truly are different products – are as effective as NKO, I’ll think about using them.

  181. My husband has diabetes. When he takes fish oil, krill oil, evening primrose or Sesathin (sesame oil), his blood sugar readings go up. It has something to do with glycerol being released from fat cells and being used by the liver as a substrate for gluconeogenesis. It is frustrating because he could benefit so much from taking any of these for his neuropathy and heart disease, but the rise in blood sugar is worrisome. I haven’t seen much information on this and it is widely believed that fish oil does not raise your blood sugar. Have you heard this complaint, and do you advise diabetics not to take it if it has that effect?
    I doubt that the little bit of glycerol released from the oils your husband is taking are causing his blood sugar rises. I can’t really comment on his situation online. I would have to have much more info. I can say that if your husband is following a low-carb diet, I would recommend that he stop the evening primrose and/or sesame oil.

  182. Hi Dr. Eades,
    Is there a difference between Antarctic Krill Oil and Neptune Krill Oil other than marketing? I was under the impression that all krill oil came from Neptune Technologies.
    Also, my brand of krill oil says that it comes from the species Euphasia pacifica (found off the western coast of North America), but after some Googling I’ve discovered that Euphasia superba is the species that is found in Antarctica. Should I be concerned?
    Thank you for your time.
    – RL
    At this point, virtually all the studies showing a benefit to krill oil used NKO, so I like to use NKO myself and recommend it to others. NKO has a patented method of extracting the oil, which is what makes NKO different than others. I fell into the trap of thinking that krill oil was krill oil and found a less expensive variety to sell through our website. I had numerous complaints that the new product didn’t work as well as the old product (we originally sold NKO), so did a little research and discovered that not all krill oils were the same. And I switched back to NKO myself and in the products section of our website.
    I’m still in the process of researching this issue, and when I’m finished, I’ll do a major post on my findings.

  183. Hello Doc…
    I have a high C-reactive Protein level . It has been high for quite some time now. How long will it take to see the effects on C-reactive protein levels? Also, if one has liver disease ( auto-immune hepatitis or Primary Biliary Cirosis is Krill contradindicated?
    I assume you mean how long will it take for krill oil to bring down C-reactive protein levels. The answer is that I don’t know. I imagine that it would help bring it down, but I don’t know a timetable. I don’t think krill oil would be a problem with the diseases you mentioned, but you should check with your own physician before starting.

  184. Hi, Dr.
    I have been researching different brand of NKO krill oil. Could you tell me what brand you are using?
    I use Neptune Technologies krill oil, usually branded NKO.

  185. Hello,
    Is there a better time to take Krill oil, morning or night?
    Also, does it matter if i take the krill Pill at the same time as I take my multi vitamin?
    Thank you
    Any time is fine. You can take it with your multi.

  186. Hi,
    My dad is 78 and has Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus with the associated symptoms of dementia/difficulty walking/incontinence. He also has very itchy skin and of course, times his confusion is worse than others. His doctor said that sometimes dementia patients are itchy or have perceived itchiness. I will certainly discuss krill oil with her but wanted to get your opinion on whether you thought the krill oil could be beneficial to his itchiness and dementia?
    Thank you,
    It certainly couldn’t hurt, and it may well help.

  187. Hello from Denmark,
    I see that this post closed on 16/07, but I hope it reaches you anyway! I would appreciate an email response if that is possible. I have read all the comments on this post and am very interested in trying Krill oil capsules to help with what is becoming a quite serious arthritis, affecting feet, knees and hands. I am a woman, 68, still working and I trek/climb in the Himalayas and want to be able to continue. I take 75 mg of Hjertemagnyl (acetylsalicylic acid) because of a possible blood clot (could not be confirmed) which may have hit a channel to my left ear. I had an ‘incident’ where I lost my hearing in the left ear quite suddenly some years ago. Would you anticipate any problems with a combination of Krill oil and the anti-coagulant I am taking? As 75mg is quite a low dose, could the Krill oil capsules replace the necessity for the Hjertemagyl because of its blood-thinning attributes?
    Hoping to hear from you. Joanna-Maria
    It might be able to replace the anti-coagulant, but I wouldn’t switch without consulting your doctor. I don’t think the krill along with the anti-coagulant would be problematic, but, again, you should check with your doctor.

  188. My 15 year old son’s psychiatrist recently recommended fish oil to help in treating his mild case of depression and anxiety. We all agreed that we want to avoid the use of anti-depressants if we can find an alternative that helps. When we shared this information with his counselor, she told us to consider krill oil, as she has heard from others it is preferable. I’m confused by some of the advice above, specifically if he should take one or the other, or a little of both?
    I would use the krill oil because it is more potent and absorbs better. Plus it contains some useful antioxidants. There are multiple krill oil products out there, but all the studies have been done with krill oil produced by Neptune Technologies, so I would get one made by that company. You can find them multiple places. Just look for the NKO on the bottle.

  189. I have a ? I have slightly high cholestrol, I eat right , excersise, and I don’t take medication for this. I took my second Antarctic Krill Oil softgel 1000 mg and I felt itchy, hot, and I had red blotches on my upper body. (When I took the 1st softgel I did not get this reaction). Should I stop?

  190. Hello Dr. Eades,
    Just wondering if there is any concern about Mercury and any other dangerous metals or chemicals with Krill Oil?
    Thank you
    No, not in the NKO brand. I can’t speak to the others.

  191. Hi there. Started taking krill oil three weeks ago and could not believe how quickly it affected my arthritic body and I felt tremendous until suddenly I developed severe pins and needles in my fingers and acute ringing in my ears–really loud. i take 20 mg of fluoxetine daily and was concerned that it might be the combination but read some research that recommends that these two together are particularly effective for severe depression.However when my blood pressure shot up to glory I stopped the krill oil and three days later the pins and needles are gone and the ringing is significantly reduced.Dont know a doctor who is sufficiently alert to alternative medicines to ask–wondered if you would have a comment–the relief was so great I do not want not to take krill oil–thanks from New Zealand

  192. Hi I have been most familiar with the barry sears Zone line of products regarding fish oil.
    A 4 capsule total 4000 serving has 1600mg of epa and 800 mg dha.
    a Dr. Mercola recommended brand of Krill oil contains 90mg epa and 50mg dha.
    At first glance this seems like no comparison…Am I missing something? Is the higher absorption of Krill oil enough to make up for the proportional difference?
    Also it is my understanding that Sears has perfected the GLA in his Eico product.
    Any feedback?
    Third, a friend of mine is advocating spirulina and chlorella as a sourche of EPA, that this is ultimately where the krill / fish get it from…but I would imagine you would have to eat so much of it to equal the fish / krill consumption?
    Last, what do you think of the fish oil at http://www.mind1st.com
    seems to be the most purified and concentrated, but for some reason they have eliminated the dha as “non essential”
    Thanks…ultimately i want to get this to my 2 year old and 8 year old boys who get ZERO omega 3’s in their diet.

  193. Hello Doc,
    I recently started taking “Health Resources” Brand Super Krill-Omega. I purchased three bottles, and got one free. I noticed the capsules are hard and not spongy as you mentioned about another brand. Should I be concerned? The expiration date is 2011, so they should be fine, and they have a slight fishy odor, but it’s not overbearing.
    They’re probably okay as far as being fresh.

  194. I Been taking krill oil for two weeks and been taking fish oil five years. I no longer have ankle pain and I lost five pounds. Does it help loose weight?
    Sounds like it may have in your case, but I wouldn’t take it specifically for that.

  195. Hello Dr Eades!
    I have a 12 year old son with in-attentive ADD and who has had slightly elevated total cholesterol. He also struggles with excess weight–currently about 30 pounds over his ideal weight-for-height. The excess weight is in the middle. I want to start him on krill oil and i was wondering the dosage. If you know of any other nutritional supplements that are safe but he could benifit from for ADD and weight issues, i’d appreciate the advice as I currently keep him active and eating healthy.

    1. I was wondering the same thing only my son has ADHD and is Nine years old. He is overweight and about 5′ tall. Please advise on the dosage.

  196. I started taking Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil several weeks ago after a blood test ordered by my doctor showed I had very low levels of Vitamin D. (He wants me to take 1,000 – 2,000 units per day. In addition to 1 1/2 teaspoons of the oil, I am also supplementing with Vitamin D and calcium combo cap for a total of about 1400 units per day.) The krill oil sounds like it might have some other benefits, and I would like to start taking it. Does it contain sufficient Vitamin D that I would substitute it for the Carlson’s, or is it O.K. to continue with that and take them both?
    P.S. I have Type 1 diabetes – love your books!!
    I don’t think the krill oil has the same amount of vitamin D as does the cod liver oil, so I would up my intake a little. And you’re right, the krill oil will provide more benefit.

  197. Dr. Eades,
    I came across your blog while researching krill oil, relative to managing pain. I have a seriously long list of problems in my spine which make for a daily battle with significant pain. My efforts to manage it are hampered to a great degree by my loss of a kidney to cancer four years ago. At that time, I was advised to discontinue taking NSAIDs (which had been a daily med for several years which may have contributed to the renal cancer) primarily because they are prostaglandin-inhibiting. My research, if I understand correctly, indicates that fish oil provides prostaglandin precursors which are beneficial in managing pain. Is that something you can confirm for me? Also, can you tell me if the pain-relieving action of curcumin comes from prostaglandin inhibition? If these three supplements are safe for me to take, can you recommend doses?
    Many thanks!!

  198. Dear DrEades,
    Have you heard or read anything about Extend-Life Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil from New Zealand.
    There is a PDF file with a lot of facts and figures on fish oils.
    I’d like to know if you think there statements are true.

  199. Would applying the krill oil directly on the skin- face- be beneficial if one wants to
    I) Use as a sunscreen and (Would it prevent uv burns)
    2) Use on face that is naturally oily with lots of blackheads, but dried out by using products such as Renova.
    Could using the oil directly on the skin be beneficial in addition to taking it orally.

  200. I begun mega red twice daily omega -3 krill oil in march . Is it possible it can cause urinary bleeding about once a month? That’s my experience so far.
    Thanks for your advice.

  201. Hello Dr. Eades,
    I’ve been reading the comments & your responses with interest because I take fish oil caps and decided to look into Krill Oil. I noticed that several of the comments had to do with cardiovascular disease and cholesterol and I agree with your response that cholesterol doesn’t mean anything in that regard.
    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on “The Linus Pauling Therapy” where Linus Pauling recommended high, generally equal, doses (5000 to 6000mg) of vitamin C and the amino acid lysine to treat CVD. I know several people who have used his protocol to effectively treat severe angina which, they believe that if they had gone to their Cardiologist, would have required either a stent or bypass surgery.
    Thank you for your Blog, it’s very interesting.

  202. Hi,
    I just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly. If I wanted to start taking krill oil regularly, I could take one fish oil capsule and one krill oil capsule daily so as not to finish my krill oil capsules so quickly. Will I be getting everything I need from it?
    I was looking for a brand that doesn’t contain bovine capsules. The gelatin has to be from fish or vegetable. The only brand I could find was mercola 96 dollars for 360 days. That would be a good buy is that not right?

  203. Hello Doctor,
    I have a few questions that I was hoping you could help me out with.
    1. I can’t find an alternative to bovine capsules for krill oil in my local stores. Neptune Krill Oil found at my local whole foods has gelatin in it. The only source with fish gelatin capsules that I found was sold online by mercola ($96 for 360 capliques). Do you know where I could get the least expensive brand that sells it without gelatin? Fish Gelatin, or vegetable would be fine. Liquid would be fine too. Price is very important for me.
    2. I would like to make sure I understood one of the previous posts. Did you say it is just as beneficial to take One Krill capsule along with one fish oil capsule instead of two Krill? Will I be benefiting just as much, as if I took two krill capsules?
    3. I am of Asian descent. Regarding my health, I have problems with: knee pain from runner’s knee, vitamin D deficiency, and slight anemia. What would you suggest for someone like me? Would taking krill oil, a calcium supplement, and a multi vitamin be enough?
    4. My father has high cholesterol and type two diabetes. He is 63 years old. I was thinking giving him krill oil along with his regular dose of calcium and multivitamin would be good. I was wondering if you think that is enough.
    5. I have heard that taking multi-vitamin’s every other day rather than every day is more beneficial for absorption. Have you heard anything like this?
    Thank you for all your help in advance. Sorry for the long list of questions.

  204. An economical, high-quality source of krill oil is MegaRed by Schiff Nutrition. I know people who’ve had great experience with it. Check their web site — they sometimes have coupons, too.

  205. Hello, I’ve read that canthaxanthin damages the retina of the eye, and was wondering since Krill oil contains canthaxanthin why is it recommended? Thank you for any information. Laura.

  206. Quoting: “I would avoid anything with evening primrose oil in it. I’ve had patients experience inflammatory-type problems from taking too much evening primrose oil (and it doesn’t take a lot to be too much).”
    There are numerous studies out there going back at least to the 1990’s showing the combination of gamma-linolenic acid (evening primrose, black currant and borage seed oils) combined with the long-chain fatty acids in fish oil (EPA and DHA) results in superior anti-inflammatory results than either by themselves.
    Probably the latest study:
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2009 Sep;247(9):1191-203.
    A dietary combination of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids is more efficient than single supplementations in the prevention of retinal damage induced by elevation of intraocular pressure in rats.
    CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates that a 6-month supplementation with a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs is more effective than single supplementations, since the EPA + DHA + GLA dietary combination prevented retinal cell structure and decreased glial cell activation induced by the elevation of IOP in rats.
    Note the 6-month horizon, which mirrors exactly the human study findings showing dramatic reductions of inflammatory cytokine levels (60-80%) in human subjects subject to the oxidative stress of colorectal cancer and its treatment.
    Clin Sci (Lond). 1994 Dec;87(6):711-7.
    Modulation of cytokine production in vivo by dietary essential fatty acids in patients with colorectal cancer.
    ” Essential fatty acids, at the dose and duration (6 months) used in this study, reduced total serum interleukin-1 beta levels by 61% (P = 0.044), interleukin-2 by 63% (P = 0.05), interleukin-4 by 69% (P = 0.025), interleukin-6 by 83% (P = 0.030), tumour necrosis factor-alpha by 73% (P = 0.040) and interferon-gamma by 67% (P = 0.050). 6. Three months after cessation of essential fatty acid intake, however, these cytokine levels returned to presupplementation values.”
    A recent review of why and how this combination works:
    Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Feb;87(2):498S-503S.
    Mechanisms by which botanical lipids affect inflammatory disorders.
    Although I have never tried the krill / evening primrose oil combination, it is at least theoretically interesting, although probably best accomplished with EPO extraction methods that best retain the oil’s protective natural antioxidants.

  207. I greaty appreciate the lack of “fishy burping” with the Krill Oil, but I have a serious tendency for irregular heartbeats [which all but disappeared when I started the fish oil caps a few years ago]. Does the Krill Oil
    have the same heartbeat regulating effect as the fish oil ?

  208. I just started taking Plavix and Simvastatin 2 months ago and I do not want to take them. But I know that the Doctor would not recommend that I take something that is natural, I am going to take Krill Oil to see if it would help. to get off the things that have so many side effects. I had 3 TIA that left no problems whatsoever r.I am in my 70’s and still work 6 days a week. I guess I would just like to know what I can do? And if anyone else has taken themselves off RX drugs and got along OK. Thank you

  209. Hi I have purchased both Source Natural and Jarrow brands of NKO. Jarrow has it’s lead ingredient on label as “Fish (anchovy, sardine, mackerel, jack macerel) shellfish (antarctic krill) and soy.
    Source Natural label says 100% anarctic krill and then lists the ingredients used for producing the capsule.
    What is the correct Neptune Krill Oil composition that goes out the factory door? Is Jarrow diluting? Both claim to each have 400mg phosholipid content????

  210. I have been taking MegaRed brand Krill oil for 6 or 8 months which uses NKO. However, recently I have been reading that the recommended dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids for cardiovascular benefit are around 1000 mg with the EPA/DHA levels equaling the 1000 mg level. These levels in my Krill oil only total 72. It concerns me that these levels are less than 1/10th of the traditional Fish Oil levels. Can you speak to this substantial difference? Do these levels of DHA/EPA in Krill equate to the same beneficial properties of the 10x amount in regular fish oil?

  211. Spring of 2009 I had a total cholesterol count of 260. I heard about krill oil and purchased source naturals NKO 500mg soft gels. I took 1gram or 2 soft gels per day and after 6 months my total cholesterol is down to 211 !! That is with out changing eating habits, I do work out 3-4 times a week. I have experianced a few other bennifits from krill oil. I had a severe problem with TMJ my jaw would always pop and it was causing me major problems. Since taking krill oil the symtoms have all but left after about a month on krill. My over all health and well being is much better. I have painful knees and it has helped with the joint pain, not taken it away but made it so I dont have to take NSAIDS anymore. Great product!! My Dr was very pleased with the cholesterol results..

  212. I forgot to ask my question in the last post. My Dr. would like to see total cholesterol under 200. I was thinking of taking 2 grams of krill oil per day instead of 1 to see if it would lower it even more. ?

  213. First, thank you Dr. Eades for this outstanding resource! You’ve made me aware of the benefits of krill oil, so I plan to switch from fish oil immediately.
    I’m starting the shopping process and notice a number of posts here that mention MegaRed from Schiff. They say it uses NKO from Neptune Technologies, which I understand to be the “safest” choice because most of the krill oil studies used oil made with Neptune’s patented processes.
    However, it seems that Schiff has switched suppliers and now use Superba™ Krill Oil from Aker BioMarine.
    “NEW! Exclusive agreement with Schiff in US
    Aker BioMarine has signed an agreement to be the exclusive supplier of the company’s Superba™ Krill Oil dietary supplement to the market leader Schiff Nutrition International.

    Schiff Nutrition has chosen Aker BioMarine as its exclusive krill oil supplier.”
    As far as I can tell, this Aker BioMarine Superba™ Krill Oil is NOT the same as NKO. Have any of you who use MegaRed noticed the switch in ingredients?

    1. Yes, I have noticed that the last few bottles of Mega Red I have purchased are different and that’s why I am doing some research now and finding out they have changed. They have a bad fishy odor and aftertaste, the capsules are much darker and are softer than the previous bottles of Mega Red. I will not use Mega Red anymore.

  214. Hi,
    i found your site and read up a bit on krill oil. My question is what is best to take, cod liver oil, fish oil ,or the krill oil? I’ve read a few times now that cod liver oil isnt best to take cause of the vitamin D? Dr Mercola’s site seems to frown on cod liver oil, so now am concerned if I should continue to take it. I know we get vitamin D from other sources with calcium, etc so am now confused in what to take. I have psoriasis so am trying to find which oil might be the best option for me. Any suggestions. Thanks.

  215. Dr. Eades,
    I was reading an article that you posted some time ago regarding taking Kril Oil, Fish Oil and Curcumin. I can’t seem to remember the protocol that you gave and how to take these products. Can you advise how to take the protocol and what products you use in taking this protocol. Are they the products you offer on your website (Krill, Pro Omega by Nordic Natural and Curcumin w/ Bioperine)
    I am just getting started and experience aches and pains. Can you advise how I should take the protocol in getting started

  216. Hello I’m using krill oil against ADD (concentration problems). I found out that combining krill oil with the supplement phosphatidyl serine/ lecithin has powerful concentration enhancing effects. It really works for me!
    I take the phosphatidyl serine/ lecithine approx. one hour after taking krill oil.

  217. I’ve been taking krill oil for about a month, I’m 64 years old, not taking any medicine, just vitamins. My problem is I am having a lot of stomach gurgling. Is there anything or anyway to take the krill so it doesn’t cause this problem. I should add I stopped taking the krill with my vitamins in the morning, and am now taking them in the evening, but now I have the gurgling in the night when I’m trying to sleep. I take Natures Way EFaGold Krill Oil.

  218. I can speak with first hand experience that krill/fish oil work great. The omega 3 in each of these is amazing and helps in so many ways!!

  219. Hello Dr. Eades, I received my first bottle of NKO Krill Oil today, along with Phosphatidylserine Complex. I am hoping the combination of the two will help with my ADD symptoms. Do you know of any contraindictions or perhaps benefits of taking these two medicines concurrently? I also began taking the prescription drug Vyvanse for ADD, just yesterday. This may be overkill but I am desperately hoping to find a cure for my ADD. I am a 40 year old woman. Thank you.

  220. Hi! After reading the comments on krill oil, I couldn’t wait to go get some for my husband and me. Rushed over to Sam’s and grabbed up two packages of MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil. I understood that they contained NKO, but I got home and read they are made with Superba Krill oil. So I start searching for some comparison between NKO and Superba–the link below is just one of the things I read. Guess I’ll just have to take these and see what they do–they were only 14.97 for 90 300mg.
    Dr. Eades, have you heard of this company’s tests results? The krill used is a different species/genus or something. (I’m sorry if you’ve already blogged about this and I missed it)
    Here is that link– http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1513590

  221. I was also concerned with some amount of Omega 6 in all Neptune Krill oil. A bit of research on wikipedia revealed that krill oil doesn’t have omega 6. It looks like ArcticPure TM Krill Oil contains a bit more phospholipids, no Omega 6 and because is not as popular as NKO is cheaper. Would you please comment on ArcticPure KO? Do they remove the contaminants as well NKO claims?
    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

  222. Hi Dr, I seem to be getting posts made by other members through to me by email but when I click on the link it brings me here where there appears to be no record of said post or more importantly your replies. Any ideas?

  223. All my life I had avoided eating shellfish. It just didn’t appeal to me. Then a few years back I had an accident and an iodine contrast dye was used on me and I had a massive allergic reaction. I guess my body had been trying to tell me something all those years. Recently I started to take one softgel of krill oil a day on the advise of my cardiologist. Now I have a rash that started around my stomach and has spread as low as my thighs and as high as my neck. Since nothing else in my life has changed, I have to assume it is the krill oil. It is not a pleasant reaction.

  224. I take warfarin/coumadin. I see that people tht take this are advised not to take krill oil because it has blood thinning effects. If krill oil thins the blood could it not be taken instead of warfarin or with a loser dosage?

  225. Aker is just as good if not better than NKO because of the way they harvest the krill. It’s a lot gentler to the environment. Plus they process the krill right on the ships, no need to freeze the krill. The only thing NKO has on Aker is the studies done for the smaller douses.

  226. I noticed that someone was asking about JD Premium. I am associated with the company and can say that our oil is not Neptune. We work probably with everyone except Neptune.
    Supplement information concerning this product can be found at the following site.
    What kind of krill are you currently working with, and have you compared different companies?
    We use NKO. I have looked at other companies, but at this time most of the studies have been done with NKO. I can make recommendations based on those studies. When other companies have done an equivalent number of studies, then I have no problem recommending their products if they are efficacious.

  227. In regard to the post about warfarin/coumadin….my husband has been on it for a couple of months. He had already been taking fish oil and the doc said everything was fine as long as it was ‘routinely’ taken. We started taking krill oil (from Sam’s) in Nov and I asked the cardiologist if it was safe to take instead of the fish oil. He said fine.
    Now my husband has bleeding behind his eyes–he has macular degeneration and gets injections in both. Of course, he stopped taking the krill oil….but I wonder, too, if krill oil thins the blood and prevents it from being sticky, why take coumadin in the first place?? Prescription drug ($$) vs. natural remedy or what?
    I had MUCH rather see him take krill oil than that horrible warfarin/coumadin. I wish some doctor would do a study on that.

  228. I’m wondering if anyone on this blog actually experienced the huge LDL decrease and HDL increase that the “studies” from Canada suggest? It did nothing to my LDL and HDL levels personally. I am not convinced that the studies are unbiased.

  229. Hi Dr,
    Thank you for your informative post. I was taking the standard fish oil for sometime, now have switched to krill. I am currently seven weeks pregnant and take Elevit (which was recommended by my Dr) but apparently Elevit doesn’t contact Iodine which is crucial for brain development. Does Krill contain Iodine, and if so is it enough? I am really struggling to find any answers.
    Thank you and kind regards
    I don’t think krill contains much, if any, iodine. If you are concerned, get some Iodoral through Amazon, but don’t take anything without first running it by your ob-gyn doc.

  230. I recently had bloodwork done after being on MegaRed krill oil for just 4-6 weeks. I have been taking high-quality fish oil/Omega 3’s for several years without any great effect on my labs. When my doctor’s office called me with the results, I almost called them back to make sure they didn’t have the wrong patient! My fasting blood sugar was 93 (down from previous tests). My total cholesterol had dropped from near 200 to 166 (I do not have the results in front of me and don’t remember the exact HDL/LDL numbers at the moment, but both were well within normal range). My triglycerides dropped from 295 to 155!! (almost there!). As I suffer from fatty liver disease, I was also impressed to see that all of my liver enzymes were in the normal range for the first time in a while. Other than recently adding some Vitamin D supplements, I had literally not changed a thing in my diet or lifestyle in the months before the bloodwork. I’m anxious to see what a few more months of the krill oil AND some lifestyle changes will do to those lab values!

      1. None. I take on softgel of NKO daily (which means four or five times per week as I’m not very good at taking supplements and meds on a schedule).

  231. I am planning to start trying to get pregnant next month, and starting to take DHA and EPA (from Nordic Naturals, they have a Prenatal DHA that has EPA in it too). I am now doing all this reading about Krill Oil, and am wondering if you have any knowledge to share on how it could benefit the baby and mother during pregnancy or have there been any studies?

  232. One thing that is worth mentioning, krill oil is not only a good product but also a source that is a lot easier to replenish compared to fish oil, which is in high demand due to its high consumption

  233. HI,
    Can you throw any light on how exactly how the oil is extracted? eg is it extracted by crushing the whole krill or does it come only from the shell or only from the flesh? Thanks.

  234. I’m a 62 year old male my cholesterol was hovering around 200 about three years ago. My Doctor at the VA prescribed Simvastatin to regulate it. It hovered around 200 for six months. She doubled the quantity and it finally came down to 175 and stayed there. It was also recommended that I take a fish oil supplement too. When I heard about Krill oil I read up on it. I searched the internet and found a 300 softgel supply for $39.99 at Vitacost. I’m almost done with that first bottle. In November my six month checkup and lab work showed my total cholesterol dropped to 125 and my HDL’s came up. Something that had not happened with the statins and fish oil.

  235. My LDLs have not dropped after 1 mo on 1.5g of krill, keeps creeping up, but triglycerides dropped by 30%. Only slight elevation in HDL. Sorry to sway this post from krill oil, but it seems in line with the general idea of reducing or eliminating heart problems. Has anyone visited lef.org, they have a report (a number of them) on reducing heart attacks. They state that indian gooseberry, Amlamax is a good supplement to take. http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2009/may2009_Heart-Attack-Risk-Factors_01.htm
    However, a brief search on pubmed.org shows some clinical trials that once people stopped taking it their cholesterol went back up.
    Also, I found this interesting read on “Heart Disease: Unified Theory of Cause and Cure” by Linus Pauling. Apparently, Vitamin C has to be taken, line 2,000 to 3,000 to reduce LDL. This guy’s findings show that animals don’t get heart attacks, only humans because animals produce their own Vit. C.

  236. In the past I have had minor alergic reactions to shrimp and other shell fish. Should I avoid Kill il for thist reason. What would yu suggest?
    Usually people are allergic to shrimp don’t have an allergic reaction to krill oil, but I would be careful and test it with a small, small dose first. Stick a pin in one of the softgels and rub some of the oil on your arm to see if you have a reaction.

  237. Hi Dr. Eades,
    Any research and feedback you can share with regards to taking Krill oil and its impact on muscle soreness and joint stiffness due to surgically-induced menapause (age 35)? Also, what about hot flashes, grouchiness and other symptoms? I’m pretty much been thru many different HRT treatments and am getting desperate.
    Krill oil has anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, should help somewhat with muscle soreness, especially from working out. There has been some evidence published showing that krill oil also helps with PMS, but I’ve never seen a study showing that it improves menopausal symptoms. That’s not to say there isn’t such a study published somewhere or that one isn’t being done currently – I’ve just never seen such a study. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  238. Hi Dr.
    I take half an aspirin a day as precaution for a DVT problem I had two years ago, which was taken care of with medication.
    I take 500mg krill oil and 800mg fish oil a day with no bleeding problems. Should I reduce the omega 3’s as a precaution for blood thinning?
    Also, I couldn’t agree with you more on cholesterol levels being a non issue, except for the oxidative portion of LDL which may occur. There is only one lab I know of where I live that tests for oxidative LDL, but would recommend anyone with concerns to try and find that test in their area. And of course keep Homocysteine as low as possible. Thanks for a great blog.

  239. I’m 44 years old with chol. around 200 and anxiety problems. But the biggest problem is food intolerance problems and the doctor recommended a rotation diet. Which is hard to stay on, but i do stay away from the biggest problems milk and wheat. So i put myself on a rotation diet for my omega 3, I take 1-2 grams of fish oil (monday,thursday), 1 gram of flax seed oil (tuesday,friday) and 1 gram of krill oil (wed.,saturday,sunday) I figured this was my best approach to get my omega 3 without building up a intolerance to krill or fish oil. Do you see any problems or any benefits I’m missing out with this approach ?
    I’m not a big fan of flax seed oil. You won’t build an intolerance to krill oil. I think krill oil is much more effective than flax seed oil. I take it daily myself.

  240. Hi Doc,
    I was wondering if you could anwser a question for me? My question is, is it safe to give megared krill oil to my son who has ADHD. He is 9 1/2 years old and currently takes an ADHD medication Concerta and I also currently give him a omega 3 supplement which I belive has help him. But I had heard about krill oil before I started him on this supplement and could not find it. I would be very interested in what your thoughts are on this subject.
    There is some evidence that krill oil may help with ADHD. I would prefer it to fish oil. He shouldn’t have to take as much krill oil as he does fish oil because krill oil is more potent because of the way the fatty acids are hooked up.

  241. Hi Doc,
    I am a father of a 7 year old autistic child (high functioning). My wife discovered the benefits of krill oil and purchased MegaRed. However after 2 days my boy has had some discomfort in his tummy. Is it possible the gel cap is to much for his stomach? Should we puncture them or is he old enough to handle the cap?
    I might puncture the softgels and try a smaller amount.

  242. What do you recommend for somebody taking an aspirin regimen daily and adding NKO into the mix? We take Tri-Shield from Herbalife and have had phenomenal results but not sure about if should continue to aspirin regimen?

    1. Depends upon why you take the aspirin. If it’s for the prevention of heart disease, most of the recent work that has been done shows that it doesn’t really help. But I don’t know so can’t make a recommendation. I don’t take aspirin, but do take krill oil.

    2. I’m not familiar with the Herbalife product, so I can’t really comment on it. As long as someone doesn’t have a bleeding disorder, I don’t see a problem in taking NKO along with aspirin. But recent studies have shown that aspirin isn’t as protective against heart disease as was once thought.

  243. I have taken Mega-Red for well over a year but recently changed to a different source of Krill Oil for 2 reasons:
    1) Dr Eads heavily touts NKO Krill oil which MegaRed USED to use, however, they switched to Superbia. Their website doesn’t give a reason for the change nor any info about Superbia. This leads me to believe they made the switch for $$ reasons and perhaps spend less on Superbia, hence increasing their revenues.
    2) It is well known that the 2 most important properties of Krill are the EPA & DHA. MegaRed has 45 mg & 27 mg respectively per capsule and many of the other Krill supplements which use NKO (I am taking NOW brand I bought from VitaNet online for less per capsule than MegaRed) have levels of 150 & 90 respectively per capsule which is more than 3 times as much of EPA/DHA as MegaRed. Furthemoe they recommend 2 a day and MegaRed only 1 a day. How can there be such a descrepancy, almost 7x as much of recommended levels of the DHA/EPA.
    Anyway, I will not take MegaeRed anymoe and will continue with the brands using NKO with the significantly elevated levels… Any thoughts Doc or anyone???
    Matt H

    1. My question is this . . .
      If it doesn’t say 100% Pure Krill Oil like some of MegaReds do and some don’t which one is the real thing?
      I just started taking MegaRed Krill Oil but it is only a count of 60 and both my husband and myself are taking it. Now reading your posting and alot of others I am confused as to what I should buy. This one cost 29.00. But if it helps, it will be worth it. I just don’t want to be scammed
      Brenda S

  244. my daughter is 7 weeks pregnant and had migraines prior to being pregnant, but now they are even worse. As I am writing this she is up at the hospital trying to get some relief. I had someone suggest Red Krill oil as something she could take to help. Is this safe during her pregnancy? She is only 17 and we have had a past history with a sibling of neural tube defect so I am terrified to give anything.

    1. This is an issue your daughter should discuss with her obstetrician. I don’t see a problem with her taking it, but I don’t know all the facts about her or her pregnancy.

  245. I am a 51 y/o male, who is taking warfarin (Protein S) since 1996. I have recently begun taking Simvastatin (40mg) because my cholesterol was 272 (LDL 191)!! It has since come down a lot on the Simvastatin, but I want to get off of it.
    I have been seeing a nutritionist for 4 plus years who has made a tremendous difference. I have lost 50lbs. I take other supplements and put Extra virgin olive oil on almost everything I eat (I am Italian).
    I want to get off of the Simvastatin and get on Krill Oil. Do you think I can take Krill Oil if I take warfarin? I am “sensitive” to shell fish but not allergic.
    Thank you

    1. It’s been my experience that most people who are allergic to shellfish can tolerate krill oil okay. I would test it first by rubbing a little on your arm before taking it. I doubt that one krill oil softgel per day would interfere with the warfarin, but you should check with your own doctor to make sure.

  246. P.S. I am in excellent shape. I work out 3 – 5 times a week, but have a very bad lower back w/2 desicated discs. I try to play a bit of golf and do a lot of core exercises, but am extremely sore after playing (self induced I know but I can’t run, etc., so it’s my only sport that I can do).
    Will the Krill Oil also help with inflammation and soreness?

  247. My doctor prescribed 3,000 mg of fish oil…so I’m taking 3 huge capsules that I can barely swallow. He said I could try Krill Oil; however, he didn’t know the equivalent amount to take. What ist the equivalent “dosage”?

    1. Probably one NKO softgel (maybe two) would do the trick. Because of the way the fatty acids are hooked up, krill oil is much more potent on a gram per gram basis than fish oil.

      1. DR. E
        I was just wondering if the krill oil would benefit me, I have a slight case of tendinitis from an old soccer injury in my left knee. I was also curious as to if you could recommend anything to treat plantar fascitis which I have had for 4 years now( I have tried stretches, rest, icing etc im starting to get worried that I might have actually torn my heel muscle and it never recovered properly). Thanks for you time.

        1. The krill oil could very well benefit you. You’ll have to give it a try to see. And it will take a while – at least a few weeks to see major changes. I don’t know all that much about the up-to-date treatment of plantar fascitis, so I can’t really help you there.

  248. Hi Dr.
    My question is if krill oil is ok for me…….8 years ago i had an operation from breastcancer.
    Thanks for answering me.

  249. Dr. Eades,
    No names here, but the ingredients are. Does this look like a good product? Also, how many should I take per day?
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size : 1 softgel
    Serving per Container : 90
    Calories : 5
    Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
    Total Fat0.5g 1.0
    Saturated Fat 0.0g 0.0
    Polyunsaturated Fat 0.4g
    Monounsaturated Fat 0.1g
    Trans Fat 0.1g
    Cholesterol0.0mg 0.0
    Sodium0.0mg 0.0
    Total Carbohydrate 0.0g 0.0
    Dietary Fiber 0.0g 0.0
    Soluble Fiber 0.0g
    Insoluble Fiber 0.0g
    Sugars 0.0g
    Protein 0.1g 0.0
    Fish Oil EE (33% EPA/22% DHA) 300.0mg
    KriaXanthin Krill Oil 150.0mg

    1. I’m not familiar with KriaXanthin krill oil, so it’s hard for me to comment. The NKO (my preferred krill oil) contains 500 mg krill oil per softgel.

  250. Hi Dr. Eades
    I have two questions if you don’t mind . 🙂
    I notice my hair and skin are shinier and younger looking with krill oil as opposoed to just fish oil. Do you think it’s astaxanthin or the fact that krill is absorbed better?
    Also , I take 2 NKO krill pills recently just like yourself, but as far as the taking fish oil with it – what is the limit of combined EPA plus DHA that I should not go above from fish oil ? ( I know Nordic Naturals has several different strength fish oils )
    Thanks, Dr. Eades

    1. Don’t know the answer for sure to the first question, but I if it is either of the two reasons you gave, I would bet it’s the better absorption of the krill.
      When I started taking krill oil for aches and pains, I took (Nordic Naturals) fish oil along with it. Once I got everything under control, I found out I could keep it there with just one to two NKO per day. I usually just take one per day now. The Nordic Naturals i took were the ProOmega.

  251. I just ran across your website while looking for Mega Red Krill Oil. I currently take 6, 1000 mg. fish oil gels daily. My question is : there are two different strengths out there that I’m finding, one is 300 mg and another is 1000 mg. What would you suggest I take to stay with my regiment?
    I read that you take 2 of each fish oil and krill oil daily. I’m type II diabetic and have high cholesterol. My Doctor wants me to stay on the fish oil for heart health. Could you help out here?
    I also want to get my husband on a regiment of some kind for pain in his knees. Would this be of help to him? He takes calcium everyday and that helps but I think this might be of some help too.
    Thanks from a big fan of yours for many years.

    1. I would take the 1000 mg per day. That’s the dose of the NKO variety, which is the one I prefer. In my opinion it’s a better choice than the fish oil.
      The krill oil may help your husbands joint pain – he needs to take it to find out, though.

  252. I started taking this product & it seems when I take it for a few
    days straight….well…..loose stool isn’t really the name for it!
    I wanted to give it a good 30 days prior to a full blood testing but
    wow….unsure I can stand this “pace” , for lack of better
    wording 🙂
    I was taking one pill of Shiff mega-red (300mg) one day, then
    fish oil the next….would this enhance the looseness?
    Its not the end of the world, but it’d make life easier if I knew
    some answers!
    Thanks for your answer in advance.

    1. I don’t have a clue about the ‘looseness.’ It’s not a common complaint or side effect. At least not with the NKO variety of krill oil, which is the only one I have much experience with.

  253. I just started last night with my 1st 500mg of Krill Oil. Is this the right dosage for a 6′ 3″ 227lb male in good shape?

    1. It’s probably plenty. (I’m assuming it’s NKO krill oil.) Most people with problems I start out on two softgels per day then drop to one per day once levels are built up.

  254. AND, I take warfarin (6mg). Do you think the 500mg of krill oil will interfere/affect the warfarin?

    1. I didn’t see this when I answered before. Usually ‘healthy’ people don’t take warfarin. You need to check with your doc who put you on the warfarin to get his/her take on it.

      1. I have a protein S deficiency that was diagnosed in 1996. I am in pretty dang good shape, exercising 3 – 4 times / week.

  255. My wife and I just found out about Krill oil today and was wondering how much do we need to take. I’m 5’10 and weight 210 and she is 5’2 and weights 128. This is our biggest problem we have how many mg we should take 1000mg, 500mg or what please let me know. Thank for your help.

    1. If you use the NKO brand of krill oil, you should take one or two softgel caps per day. I’m not familiar with the other brands out there, so I can’t make a recommendation for them.

    1. It can, but why do you need flaxseed oil if you’re taking krill oil? Flaxseed oil is primarily alpha linolenic acid that must be converted to both EPA and DHA before it provides much benefit. Krill oil is EPA and DHA to begin with.

  256. We heard about Krill on DR OZ and was wondering how many mg you should have to take in one day and can it be taken with flax seed oil?
    My wife is 5’2 and 128lbs and I’m 5’10 and 210 lbs

  257. Hi I’m a 52 menopausal woman who currently takes flaxseed and fish oil, but I’m considering krill oil. I was told by a nutrisionist that flaxseed was important to a woman that has gone through a hysterectomy. I would like to know your thoughts.

    1. Were I you, I would replace the fish oil and flaxseed oil with NKO krill oil at a dose of one to two softgels per day.

  258. Hey Doctor Mike,
    First, very much appreciate your information and blog. Briefly, I have taken many supplements over the years and spent a lot of money often blindly, not knowing if I actually needed them, are taking the right dose or in the right combination with other supplements. Do you have a suggestion for a comprehensive source that that gives this information?

    1. Such a question is beyond the scope of the comments section. You can read Protein Power or the Protein Power LifePlan to get an idea of the supplement regimen we recommend. I should probably do an entire post on the subject at some time.

  259. Now, we are hearing of a concern about PCB’s in fish oil . typically it gets in because bottom filter feeder type fish are used . The sea floor is where most of the PCB’s wind up . Perhaps krill don’t absorb as many because they are not bottom filter feeder ? Is this a valid assumption ?

    1. You don’t have to worry about contamination of NKO krill oil. Krill are not bottom feeders and are at the bottom of the food chain, so they don’t accumulate PCBs and other contaminants.

  260. Besides lowering ldl levels and raising hdl levels does Krill oil have any effect on lowering Triglycerides? I have elevated Tri’s and do to a fatty liver and slightly elevated liver count my Dr. does not want me to take meds for it. Someone told me Krill oil might help. I am a 40 yr old male in decent shape and this condition runs in the family.

  261. I was wondering if you’ve heard of a product called “moxxor” it has been highly recommended to me from not only my sons psychologist (for his depression and ADD) but also from my veterinarian for my Labrador’s inflammation knee problem. This product claims it is the most potent all natural Omega-3 and antioxidant on the planet, made from Greenlip Mussel from New Zealand and grape seed husk extract. I’m inclined to believe in the product since two doctor’s I respect feel very strongly about it’s benefits……still I’m hesitant since it is a distributor sales type of company and I’m not sure if it’s better than krill oil since I’ve heard great things about it also (Mercola.com). Moxxor’s website is http://www.moxxor.com if you want to read more about it.
    So my questions are: What do you think about Moxxor and their claims and could taking krill oil and greenlip mussel fatty acids together be a problem or a great idea (although a costly one)?
    Thank you for your advice and opinions.

    1. Well, as the product is farmed in New Zealand, with a population of 2 million and a small land mass, one must wonder if they have the capability to produce much of the product at all.
      Additionally, and just my opinion, but anyone (or any company) that decides to sell their products using MLM is pricing it too high (as they have to to pay their ‘distributors’ and downlines) and as such is not really interested in helping others, but in making money first and foremost.

  262. I have read that about 20% of calories in the average North American diet comes from industrial Soy oil — about 45 grams of, daily. Typically about 4 grams of this is omega-6 and 0.1 grams of omega-3, about 40 times omega-6 to omega-3. I have read that a more optimal balance would be 4-1. If this is typical, then a 4-1 balance might be achieved by consuming 2-3 grams of salmon oil, or 2-3 ounces of salmon daily. But if Krill oil has greater efficacy compared to oil from salmon, would one replace fish oil entirely with a reduced amount of krill oil, or would it be reasonable to take say 1 gram of krill oil and 2 grams from salmon?

  263. Hi, I have been taking Krill since you recommend it at the rate of 1000g cap at breakfast and another at lunch. Recently saw a very good doc who recommended I up that temporarily for anti inflammation therapy to 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps at night

    1. I wouldn’t take that much forever, but you might try it to build up tissue levels, then back off from there.

  264. Doc,
    I think it’s time you wrote an FAQ and when someone asks a question you’ve already answered earlier, you can simply link them to the FAQ. The FAQ, if you seed the proper keywords liberally, can also serve as another page to rank well in the search engines for krill oil.
    Anyways, I’m very intrigued by Krill Oil but, like most people, I can see the potential for “paralysis of analysis” because one wants to do the right thing. I know you keep recommending 1-2 capsules of NKO, but let’s be honest here, in a rough economy, we all need the best bang for our buck.
    Now, I’ve found Puritan Pride:
    They have a private label version that they sell at “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” and “Buy 2, Get 3 Free”, so that 5 bottles of 30 capsules each of 1000mg Krill Oil totals $45.95. That’s a SERIOUS savings, and a HUGE opportunity for people (e.g. elderly, unemployed) on a restricted budget.
    So, instead of just telling again, and again, what you use and take, it would be of GREAT help to see if you could find out a little more about such an amazing deal so that the most amount of people can get the greatest benefit.
    Would you be willing to see if you can find out if that particular oil is NKO? You get what I’m saying, right?

    1. It looks to me like the Puritan Pride brand of krill oil is NOT NKO. The Source Naturals on the same page is. Since all the studies have been done on the NKO product, and the NKO product has all the certifications from the US and Europe, every product containing NKO will proudly proclaim it on the label. If you don’t see NKO on the label, it’s probably not NKO.

  265. Hi Dr. Eades,
    I was wondering about what you thought about the “green-lipped mussel oil ” vs krill oil in reference to MOXXOR. (mymoxxor.com/getitnow)?

  266. What do you think about just taking a tablespoon of soy lecithin when you take fish oil vs krill oil. The lecithin contains 1650 mg of phosphatidylcholine per tablespoon to help with the oil digestion/absorption and the cost is so much cheaper. Any thoughts?

    1. I don’t think it makes much difference. The krill oil is a phospholipid so it absorbs just fine as it is. Phosphatidlycholine is good for many things, but I’m not sure I would take it simply to help with krill oil or fish oil absorption.

  267. Hi great Dr. Eades
    I am wondering (after reading PP and PPLP about Flaxseed and ALA) if the same applies to Chia oil (Salvia hispanica), there are a few companies around who sell this and claim great things aboout this type of Omega 3 (http://marvalous.com/default.asp?PageID=5&firstPagehttp://www.salba.com/http://www.lifemax.net/en/products/mila/).
    Especially if someone can’t tolerate Fish, is it a better choice than Flaxseed?
    Samuel Klein
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. I don’t know anything about this product, but if it comes from a plant all the omega-3 are going to be ALA, which isn’t really the EPA and DHA your body needs. You will have to convert it to EPA then DHA enzymatically after you take it. If you are older and/or have any kind of health problems you won’t convert well, and all the ALA in the world won’t help you unless you can convert it.

  268. Hello,
    I have taken many good quality fish oils (Nordic naturals, among others) in the past and have tried krill oil before for knee pain. Anyhow, in the past, all of them including the krill make my knee pain worse and it always brought swelling to the knee. I assumed I just wasn’t digesting the oils well and maybe my body was reacting to them and causing some sort of infammatory condition so I stopped taking them and just tried to eat salmon a couple times a week. Anyhow, about 3 weeks ago, I fractured the tibia of that same knee skiing. I am not having surgery, but I have to wear a brace and the Dr said I have cartilage damage as well-I knew I had that before-and it might need to be repaired after the fracture heals. I decided to try the krill oil again as well as a enteric coated fish oil capsule that also contained lipase in it. I thought with the lipase, maybe I would digest it better. I started 4 days ago taking 1000 mg NKO and 1000 mg enteric coated epa in the mornings. For the first time ever, no fishy burps or stomach upset, however, I have noticed increased swelling and pain to that same knee. Is it possible to have too much epa, and should I take gla? I am not taking any pain meds or any other meds. Any thoughts?
    Oh, I am a 43 yr old female. I have 2 children, and am still breastfeeding my almost 2 yr old. I am very active/fit and eat quite healthy. Your input would be appreciated.

    1. “..still breastfeeding my almost 2 year old.”
      What’s up with that??! Get the kid off the teat!

  269. Hey Dr.
    I was taking fishoil but my numbers never seemed to move SO
    I have been taking Krill oil for about a month. My cholestrol dropped 9 points to 201. My trig dropped from 138 to to 70. But I can not get my LDH to go down. HELP
    On a + note I think it has helped my neck and carpal tunnel pain as well. My dr is concerned with LDH numbers and my Family HX almost everyone is DM and my Dad had a heart attack before age 60. I do exercise about 3 to 4 times a week either walking or wii fit or kettle bell work out. I am overweight about 5ft4 wt 180(weight went up after stopping low carb diet) but my LDH has stayed the same even when I wasn’t heavier. Any suggestions? I take 1 or 2 mega red krill tablets a day

  270. Hi there! Just came across your site when I was searching for krill oil. I have just bought one bottle and it’s from kordel’s company, Australia. I have read a few articles about krill oil and you did mention as well that krill oil doesn’t give those fishy taste and all.
    After taking krill oil for a few minutes, when i burped, i did feel the fishy taste from my throat. urgh. i don’t have this problem when i took shark liver oil. and i have been taking it for only a few days now and i noticed that my urine started to have odor.
    I wonder will Krill oil give this kind of issue to those who are taking it or was it just me? ‘Cus if it’s not krill oil, then i will have to check with the doctor to get my urine tested for some other possibilities.

  271. Hi, Dr. Eades,
    Can you please tell me whether krill oil is safe for an individual who has intestinal bleeding due to ulcerative colitis? If it is, what would be the appropriate dose for a 148 lb. 16 year old girl

    1. @Tsuki, Krill Oil, should not give you a fish type burp. We’ve had lots of people share their experience with us and people find it a great alternative to conventional fish oil. I’d suggest you try a different brand and see if that helps you. I’d also suggest you try an enteric coated krill oil and see if that makes any difference for you.

  272. Doctor, couldd you tell me if its possible to take too much of the fish oil and krill oil? If it is can you tell me what the bad effects would be? I am presently taking 3000 mg Omega-3 and 300 mg of Krill oil (Schiff is Mfg) a day, along with a multi vit, also 400 mg of Co Q-10 and 400 mg of SAM-e. Do you think I am taking too much or over lapping. All of the above is expensive. One more question, what is the best brand of Krill Oil to take? I just saw an article yesterday in my Prevention Mag., and went and purchased this brand by Schiff, called MegaRed. I just found your website here tonight.
    Thank you for your time,

  273. I have been taking Omega-3 Krill oil via MegaRed now for about 3 weeks. I’ve had no side affects but during this three week period I have been having trouble sleeping, and when I do sleep it’s sporadic with multiple crazy dreams that leave me exhausted. I have no “B” cells, a primary lymphopathy. Could I be getting rid of toxins that might be causing me to temporarily have this insomnia and constant night chattering in my head when I should be sleeping? I have read through all your comments and I don’t see anyone else making this observation, but thought I’d ask. Thanks.

    1. Those dreams probably from changes trying to happen, people try and take stands in life and other’s try and get involved with them and the dreams is their communication about worlds issues they and you could be involved in together to find solution with. So, the next day or so you may interact with the dream in the real world. The dreams are the ability to see the communication. When I was a year old I still thought sending thoughts to my mom was enough, I finally learned that she was completely dependent on words and sight, so I had to learn this communication, but it is meant to come with pictures, we people are broken on this. The exhaustion comes from not wanting to be in the dream as they ARE pulling you in to the scene and you are resisting the picture and change and have other concerns so you won’t involve. Exhaustion can follow that won’t thing. People are all going about ego tripping on thinking they have it under control and have all or enough answers and they resist change but it’s what we should do, change in order to learn and help. The picture is saying they need you to think about this and people don’t want anything to do with understanding the problem, solution may take years but you need to see the problem first. Dreams don’t always have time. You can wander into a potential picture of a future timeline. A Mexican young lady had a baby with a friend of mine, we fought over the guy but the baby was born…I woke up puzzled where to take it, in the real world I met her a week later, there was no baby, but we sure fought over a bicycle, and she was extremely drugged on something, acting like the queen bee, being followed by a gang of about 10 young mexican men, setting herself up as they all could tell she was hot and ready to roll. Well….the call to responsibility was that this lady needed not to gain access to my friend or she would, ditch those 10 stupid young mexican men for the white guy that was so nice and get pregnant, he already had gotten 4 different women pregnant and had enough issues with that.

  274. I’m starting to use NKO Krill oil for my cholesterol. Hopefully my results will be like what others have said. One question: I have a mental block when it comes to swallowing pills, is it OK if I open them when taking the soft gels. To be honest, the taste doesn’t bother me one bit and it goes away after a quick drink.
    Just want to make sure I’m not going to lose out on the effects. Thanks!

  275. Hi, I just got some krill oil called MegaRed. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of it and if it’s OK. Also, it says you only need 1 softgel a day but 1 softgel only contains 90 mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (45 EPA and 27 DHA). I know the krill is much more potent than fish oil, but I’m still thinking one per day cannot possibly be enough? How many, then?
    Thank you!

  276. OK, I was finally able to get into a bright enough light and hold the bottle far enough away <<>> to be able to ascertain that the Mega Red Krill Oil is “Superba” krill oil. Is that kind as good as KNO? What I have is 300 mg Krill oil per softgel…how many per day? Start with 2 and back off to one later on?

  277. Have been taking Krill oil for quite some time now. Was wondering which brand you would recommend. I’ve taken NOW and Jarrow. I switched to Jarrow because it didn’t have a fishy odor. It does contain other marine lipids, like anchovy and sardine. NOW is NKO and Jarrow is Azantis.

  278. Hi Dr. Eades,
    My doc says to take 2,000 of Omega 3s (apparently, it’s good for CFS/Fibro). Costco sells 300 mgs., but I doubt I can get by with the recommended 1/day dosage. What is the equivalent of 2,000 mg. of omega 3s? BTW, I (now) believe 2,000 mgs. of omega 3 sounds kind of high. How much NKO krill (mgs.) should I take per day to start? Also, is there a brand name for vitamins and minerals that you know of that is lab tested for quality and accuracy of label contents? Thank you, doc!

  279. Hello! I just heard about Krill after I went out and bought a big bottle of nasty tasting cod liver oil w/lemon (nasty-nasty-awful stuff, with terrible burping afterwards) in liquid form (have trouble swallowing big pills)-all this to get going with Omega 3 because I’m on the New Atkins Diet plan (Induction) and it was recommended. However I noted that you said in response to earlier question ” If you’re on a low-carb diet I would avoid the GLA.” What is GLA?
    I am also having problems finding out the daily dose of Omega 3 (code liver oil (yuk) and the soon to be purchased Krill.
    I am going to have a total right hip replacement & right knee & left knee surgery as soon as I can get my weight down. Should I stop taking the Omega 3 before surgery since it is a blood thinner?
    I thank you so very much for you wonderful site and information! You have helped me very much! Sincerely, Jeanne- (Age 60 years young)

  280. I just found you site and it has been very enlightening. Thank you.
    I read most of the info from 2006 but may have missed any reference as to when is the best time to take Krill oil – with or without meals, all at one time if taking more than one a day, in the AM or PM?

  281. is the choline found in krill oil different than cdp-choline which can ccause serious depression? thanks, ernie

  282. does kril oil have the same compound as in cdp-choline which can cause serious depression. somebody please help! i want krill oil!

  283. ADHD is another invented “disorder” like EVERY “disorder” psychiatry alleges to have identified. Psychiatry is fake medicine & bogus science. Of all “medical” specialties ONLY psychiatry implies that those having degree get IMMUNITY from disorders it alleges to “treat.” Yet we are solemnly told “mental illness is like any other illness,” were that true, psychiatrist could be mentally ill. This is just Matthew Hopkins rampaging across the land like he did in 17th century England looking for “witches.” In psych, if a few are doing something, it’s “illness” (women in pants, slaves wanting freedom) BUT if majority adopts behavior, it’s now “clinically normative” would malaria stop being an illness if majority had it? Forget fables about ADHD—brewed by BIG PHARMA.

  284. Hi Dr. Eades 🙂
    I just want to say hello and that the krill oil has done my worlds of good. My asthma is somewhat controlled by it. The fish oil did next to nothing, but after taking 2 krill pills ( in addition to one fish oil pill) I woke up the next morning noticeable better breathing. Of course I will still need meds, at least sometimes, but this stuff truly works. The krill also helps keep the joints feeling better too. I juast hope it is safe to take 2 krills almost everyday because it is so powerful.
    Thanks for providing far more useful information than our Australian friend ( who never mentioned krill) ever did.
    Take care !

  285. Dr Mike,
    I am interested to know if your studies have gone through the “peer review” process and if so can you give me a citation from those studies?

  286. Hi Doc,
    Krill is from shrimp family. Shrimp has high cholesterol. Does Krill oil have cholesterol?

  287. Hi Dr,
    I am 48 years old and recently suffered a heart attack. I am active, in very good shape with total cholesterol is typically around 130 though my HDL has been unusually low (below 30).
    Since the heart attack I have been on a statin and Niaspan to improve my lipid profile. My total cholesterol has fallen (85 – 100 range) though my HDL remains low (still under 30). I don’t believe the drugs are helping.
    I am considering trying Krill Oil to help raise my HDL. What dosage do you recommend starting with?

  288. I take 100mg of Pycnogenol each day and would like to begin taking Krill oil,
    Are there any conflicts with these two supplements that you know of?

  289. As I read this post It gives me an information about krill oil that it’s like fish oil, contains both of the omega-3 fats eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA), but hooked together in a different form.what degree there is a problem for those people allergic to shrimp?

  290. Hey Doc
    What do ya think of Finest Natural krill oil? I take 3-150mg capsuals a day is that two much?

  291. I have been taking K48-Plus for about 3 months now.
    It is the most potent / powerful krill oil on the market.
    I originally was offered it due to my migraines….
    i have noticed that all my pain levels are significantly down..
    my over all health is getting way better.
    I’m addicted to this pill.
    My 15 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and he is currently on the K48-Plus as well.. he is feeling great and no longer needs the prescription meds.
    thanks for your great info.

  292. Hi, I really want to take these Krill Mega Reds, but can’t swallow any kind of pills. Can I dissolve this in some water/juice and drink it? Thanks, 🙂

    1. Jules…
      I cannot swallow pills either (have tried many fish oil pills and the choking was dreadful) but just started the MegaReds with *no* problem at all. They are very smooth and fairly small — with a big gulp of OJ, went down fine.

  293. I think people need to read up on omega-6 as well. I have an article that gives some pretty cool specifics on how 6’s work and that not all forms increase inflammatory response in the human body. Ratio and type seem to be the keys. Omega-9 is also apparently needed in the equation. Could you give some insight on those at some point? Thank you.

  294. I called Whole Foods Market but they said they do not sell Krill Oil because it’s the primary food for whales and harvesting it will damage them somehow. How can this be since krill are so abundant???

  295. I found that many people find benefits in krill oil, excellent supplement and anti-oxidant: any inflammatory health problem. However, most will still require additional fish oil or other DHA-EPA sources. How to check? Use a 3 day test and measure body oxygenation index described here:
    It helps to find out personal needs.

  296. “And there are no other side effects to speak of. ”
    Why do you neglect to mention the digestive side effects (nausea, diarrhea, etc.) and effect on blood clotting that webMD and other prominent sites caution about?

  297. I recently gave birth and had horendous right hip pain right after delivery. I believe the pain was related to carrying the baby so low in my pelvis over the pregnancy. I have begun treatment at the chiropractor and started taking krill oil around the same time. I noticed within 2 weeks markedly less pain in my hip and on a completely different note, mood elevation. This could be due to combination of things, but I like to think it has been the krill oil reducing stress and relieving inflammation that has accounted for my benefit. I have anxiety and hope this will help long term for that as well. I am breastfeeding and plan on doing so for at least a year. Would love to know more about studies of cognitive levels of babies whose mothers were on krill oil while pregnant/breastfeeding (like the studies of DHA/ARA supplement and the higher cognitive test scores of 4 yr olds whose moms were on the supplements)

  298. is there any other form that krill oil comes in i have a 4 year old autistic son i want to try to give it too.Any ideas?he will def not take a pill.and a very picky eater..

  299. Hello, Dr. Eades –
    My husband and I have never taken vitamins or supplements, but are looking at Krill oil. There are no health problems, and we lead an active lifestyle. After reading the benefits of Krill oil, I’m thinking maybe we should give it a try (I like the brain boost part!). What dosage is recommended?

  300. I recently switched from fish oil to krill oil and have developed long red splotches on the skin on each side of my nose that don’t improve with skin conditioners. Could this be an allergic reaction to the oil or the capsule?

    1. Could be, I suppose. Stop the krill oil and see what happens. If the rash goes away, it was obviously either the oil or the capsule. Test again with another brand.

  301. I was giving my ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) daughter who is 6 years old the Metagenics EPA-DHA 720s and just switched to the Krill oil. The DHA and EPA values are way less. I was giving her 4 of the Metagenics per day (1720 mg of EPA per day and 1160 DHA per day) and now with the krill oil she is only getting 150 mg of EPA and 90 mg of DHA a day. I am a little concerned. But I understand that it may still be better for her as it will be more readily absorbed in the krill oil. Any thoughts on treating Autism with krill oil as one of the supplements???

    1. I haven’t really read any reports in the literature on krill oil and autism. That doesn’t mean there aren’t reports, just that I haven’t read them if they exist. Given the nature of the disorder, I would think krill oil would help. It is more potent than standard fish oil – it is absorbed much better due to the way the fatty acids are hooked up. I would give it a try assuming there are no allergies.

  302. I read one article about thr krill oil which said, for those who are on the blood thinning drugs should consult doctor first, well I’m on plavix and had undergone by-pass surgery last june, Is it ok for me to take krill oil?

    1. It depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish. I recommend people take one krill oil softgel per day. It can be taken with red rice yeast (although why one would want to take red rice yeast is beyond me) and a multi-vitamin.

  303. hi sorry i had to go i just wanted to add iam looking for a all natural way to keep my cholesterol in check i watch my diet exercise when i can but i still need a little help with my hdl and ldl

  304. I have elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and low HDL. I developed myositis on Lipitor so statins are out. I have tried fish oil but, frankly, the capsules are huge and the burping is nasty. The small krill oil capsules are excellent in terms of size and absence of taste.
    Skeptics have told me that the amount of Omega-3, EPA and DHA in a 300 mg dose of Krill Oil is too low to even consider expecting an improvement in my lipid profile.
    I would love to hear from anyone who has used krill oil for this purpose with positive results. How much was required? Any particular brand? Able to normalize lipids?

  305. I used to use Fish oil but I couldn’t stand the smell! I have been taking Natural Dynamix’s Krill Oil DX with good success but I was wondering if there a better supplement to take instead?
    Here are the stats on natural dynamix’s…
    azantis krill oil 1000mg
    epa = 150mg
    dha = 90mg
    omega6 = 20mg
    astaxanthin = 1.5mg
    Thanks Doc!

    1. I prefer Nepture Krill Oil (NKO) to Azantis for a couple of reasons. First, people seem to have better results with it. And, second, virtually all of the studies done on krill oil were done with NKO, not Azantis. I’m sure there are probably some studies in the pipeline right now using Azantis, but until I see them, I’m sticking with NKO.
      You may think that krill oil is krill oil irrespective of brand, but that’s not the whole picture. Krill oil is krill oil when it’s in the krill. It changes as a function of the extraction process. Nepture Technologies, the producer of NKO, has a patented extraction process. The Azantis process is different, and I don’t know how it impacts the ultimate product. Which is why I prefer to go with the actual product used in the vast majority of the testing until I see evidence that the other extraction process produces a product that works as well or better.
      Disclosure: I have no involvement, financial or otherwise, with Neptune Technologies. We make the NKO variety available on the products page of this website. For a while we switched to Azantis because it was less expensive, and because I assumed it was essentially the same product. But we had complaints from those who purchased it saying it didn’t work as well for them as did the NKO, so we switched back.

  306. Thank you much Dr Eades for the information. I had come across the benefits of Krill Oil while doing research on brain function nutrition and found a book by Dr. Michael A. Schmidt – “Brain Building Nutrition.” Having an maternal aunt and a paternal uncle suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease has made me very curious about the subject.
    I am also looking into the nutritional benefits of Black Chia Seeds.
    I wish you continued good health.

  307. I used to take Mega Red (Krill oil) and really liked them, but stopped and started taking reg. fishoil pills because my doctor recommended that I take 3600mg per day – I couldn’t find how many Mega Red pills to take to get to the 3600mg. Do you know?

    1. Krill oil acts differently than fish oil. Consequently, you don’t need as much krill oil to obtain the same results as you would from a larger dose of fish oil.

  308. Hi I have been most familiar with the barry sears Zone line of products regarding fish oil.
    A 4 capsule total 4000 serving has 1600mg of epa and 800 mg dha.
    a Dr. Mercola recommended brand of Krill oil contains 90mg epa and 50mg dha.
    At first glance this seems like no comparison…Am I missing something? Is the higher absorption of Krill oil enough to make up for the proportional difference?
    Also it is my understanding that Sears has perfected the GLA in his Eico product.
    Any feedback?

    1. I think the increase in absorption of krill oil compensates for the lesser amounts of DHA and EPA. The krill oil I use and recommend – NKO – contains 150 mg EPA and 90 mg DHA per serving.
      As long as I were following a low-carb diet and keeping my insulin levels low, I wouldn’t take GLA irrespective of how ‘perfected’ the product was.

  309. Thank you for your GREAT information. I have been researching Krill Oil for a while, as I am taking it. I bought the Mega-Red at Walmart that was the most reasonably priced. Since you revealed that all Krill Oil comes from one manufacturer, I do not see why I should pay more from, say, the Dr. Mercola website.
    Also, my Kaiser doctor claims he does not know anything about Krill Oil. Says for me to take 1200mg of Fish Oil instead. Poop on him, I say.

    1. There may be such studies out there, but I’m not aware of any studies specifically on krill oil, gout and uric acid. There are a number of studies showing that krill oil reduces inflammation, so I would certainly take it myself if I had gout, which is an inflammatory process.

    1. The krill oil should help a bit, but it’s not going to cure psoriasis. It’s been my experience that vitamin D helps more on the psoriasis front, especially the vitamin d3 cream that some compounding pharmacists prepare.

      1. Hi,
        how much vitamin D would you recommend orally to help with psoriasis? I’m still going to give the krill oil a try though.
        Thanks for your help.

        1. I would start with 10,000 IU per day and watch what happens and adjust accordingly. But, only after getting your 25 (OH) D levels checked.

      2. Just f.y.i., I know several people that used cold pressed organic flaxseed oil to clear up psoriasis and some other skin diseases. 1000mg 2 to 3 times a day. Good luck!

  310. Dr. Mike…
    Question please. The fish oil I had been trying to take (pills too large – Fisol) have 250 mg. of omega-3 fatty acids, 150 mg. of EPA and 100 mg. of DHA. The krill oil (MegaRed) that I just started has 90 mg. of omega-3’s, 50 mg. of EPA, and 24 mg. of DHA. The natural pharmacy told me that I should be taking 2 softgels of the Fisol per day yet the krill indicates to only take one per day.
    The amounts of the omega’s, EPA, and DHA are far lower in the krill oil vs. the fish oil. Can you tell me whether this is okay (and how it is supposed to be) and whether, because it is krill, taking such lower amounts will still have a positive effect on cholesterol (my LDL’s are very high yet so are my HDL’s and triclycerides are fine). Thanks so much.

    1. The amounts of EPA and DHA are indeed lower in krill oil as opposed to fish oil. The way these fatty acids are hooked up is different in krill oil making the lower doses much more effective.

  311. To Kylie
    Dr Dumont in France has treated patients with fish phospholipids and has obtained spectacular results. Since krill oil contain about 40 % marine phospholipids, it is expected to work as well . However one has to absorb relatively high dose of krill oil. I would suggest that you start at the recommended doses and push gradually a little more .Anyway it is going to be beneficial to your health
    I t is an interesting blog .
    The inventor of the krill oil extraction process!….

  312. Thank you for this blog; it is very informative. I was in an accident four months ago and broke my legs and heel. My surgeon told me that because of the damage to my heel, I may be at risk later in life for arthritis. I’m in the middle of relearning to walk now, but I want to start doing whatever I can to prevent future problems. I was going to try fish oil, but a friend told me krill oil was better. Here’s my question–if I don’t have arthritis, but want to prevent it, what dose would you recommend? Also, do you have any other suggestions for me to promote healing during this time?
    Thank you again

    1. Fractures that cross the joint space are prone to develop arthritic changes with age. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing you can do is to allow the fracture to heal properly during the convalescent stage. Krill oil has a multitude of benefits, but I’m not sure taking it now will do a lot to prevent arthritis formation later in life. I would take plenty of magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3 to enhance the healing process.

  313. I’m 48 years old, overweight (5’2″~170#), just started (on 2-4-2011) working out daily & taking Walgreens brand Omega-3 Krill Oil 300mg, 1 per day w/food. Cholesterol is a bit high, blood pressure fluctuates up & down on a regular basis, and I have Hypothyroid which I should be taking meds for but don’t. Actually I take no Rx meds unless my blood pressure skyrockets. I also have artheritis & an aching lower back. I take Motrin for that. I’ll let ya know how it goes!

  314. Dr. Eades,
    I’m a 61 years young Japanese female.
    I run 4 miles each day and do strengthening exercises daily as well.
    I have been taking 1 gr. Neptune Krill oil daily since August 2010.
    My recent labs:
    Total Cholesterol 282
    LDL Direct 187
    HDL Direct 76
    Triglycerides 93
    Glucose 88
    A1c 5.7
    LP(a) Cholesterol 5.0
    Will it be advisable to increase my daily Krill oil to 1.5 or 2.0 grams daily to improve my labs?
    My only other medication I take is Amour 30 mg daily for Hashimoto’s hyperthyroiditis.
    Thank you,

  315. Hi Dr. Eades,
    I started taking NKO 3 weeks ago. I started megadosing at about 4000 to 10,000 mg a day because I have rather severe Sjorgrens Syndrome; within a day or two I noticed significant benefits all across the board. My tongue and eye dryness were significantly improved, and most important to me, my constant brain fog went away and I could remember things almost as well as I could when I was a child-which is a total miracle. I am concerned about a few things; however. I am hypothyroid and read an article that krill can be toxic if taken with thyroid medication–is this true? Also, is there a limit as to how much krill is too much? I notice mental decline when I decrease my dosage even down to 4-6 a day. How long does the effect of the krill last for (ie., how long in between doses)? When I take too much I get quite ansy shaking my leg nonstop and sometimes get a headache. Also, are you aware of any studies done on NKO with Sjorgren’s syndrome patients? Mine is quite severe. Thank you so much for your response, it is greatly appreciated.

  316. I take Mega Red omega3 krill oil and GNC’s MEGA MEN multivitamin that has 5000IU of vitamin A in one pill, and i take that multivitamin twice a day. i was wondering if that combo is safe and how much vitamin A is in the mega red omega3 krill oil? Also how much vitamin A is to much for a daily intake?

  317. 3 months ago I stared taking Krill oil after hearing a radio program. My sciatica pains&lower back pains from hernated disc & a touch of arthritis are gone. To me its a miracle. I take 1000 grms each day & purchase Natures Bounty Brand from Walgreens.
    Will inform you mid April if there is any reduction in my cholesterol & trigliceride levels.
    very informative comments

  318. Dr. Eades,
    I am age 51 with rheumatoid arthritis since age 17. Around 2004, I read about benefits of fish oil for inflammation (one book by a Harvard doctor/researcher said it would take about 3 months to see benefits). I tried GNC Fish oil gel caps, but my body started to get very puffy within the first week (including face, trunk, arms, and legs). I didn’t notice any other adverse symptoms, other than weight gain, so thought it might be water retention and continued for a total of two months. The puffiness never subsided, I never felt any reduction in my pain/joint inflammation, and was afraid of continuing to gain weight, so I stopped . It was very hard for me to lose the weight, but eventually the puffiness subsided and was able to lose most of the extra weight gained during the two months on the gel caps.
    About 3 months later, I tried a liquid cod liver oil, but within a week I experienced the same symptoms (puffiness/water retention and weight gain with no reduction in pain or joint inflammation). So I stopped after one month thinking the puffiness might be a sign of adverse effects.
    In 2008, I went to a doctor who ran extensive tests (including food allergies) and prescribed supplements to correct severe vitamin deficiencies. He also said the tests revealed inflammation/oxidation in my body and prescribed a liquid pharmaceutical grade fish oil (available only through doctors) to correct inflammation.
    I told him of my previous history with fish/cod live oils and he suggested they might have been rancid or maybe the brand wasn’t very good. Once again, I experienced the same symptoms (puffiness/water retention and slight weight gain), but not as severe as the first 2 times. I continued taking the fish oil for about 6 months or so. I was still concerned about the puffiness, so he switched me to pharmaceutical grade krill oil, but I saw no difference in the puffiness. I stopped after about 2 weeks. My doctor said he couldn’t figure out why I reacted that way, since tests showed no food allergies to fish/shellfish. I’ve eaten fish, shrimp, tuna all m life with no adverse reactions, so I don’t think it’s an allergy.
    Another doctor told me that some people get puffy, but it should subside after about 3 months — which didn’t happen in my case during 2008.
    Do you know of any reason why I might be reacting this way? Should I try krill oil again for a longer period of time, and if so, how long should I take it before deciding that it will not work for me?
    I’ve been on many major arthritis medications over my lifetime — various anti-inflammatories, NSAIDs, gold salts, Methotrexate, Enbrel (which actually worked the longest — about 7 years); the last one I tried was Humira which suppressed my immune system to the point of triggering a shingles outbreak — 5 weeks of extreme pain followed by mild neuralgia that continues to this day. I gave up on mainstream arthritis medications — tired of the side effects (plus constantly dealing with respiratory/sinus infections).
    In 2007, I started IV antibiotic treatments (Lincocin) with oral Minocin. Currently doing IV once every 3 months (stopped Minocin) with daily Naltrexone. This combination controls the pain moderately well, but I still have some swollen joints (primarily knuckles, some fingers, right wrist and shoulder, and middle metatarsals and a bunion in left foot). I’m also taking allergy shots every 3 weeks (the last 7 years) and armour thyroid and bio-identical hormones (DHEA, bi-estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone). I’ve gained 20 pounds within the last 2 years and can’t seem to lose it, but my sleep has improved, and not feeling as fatigued as I used to – but still need improvement. From what I’ve read in various places, it sounds like I should benefit from krill oil, but am concerned about what the puffiness means — is it a signal of adverse effects?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  319. Is it safe to take baby aspirin with krill oil or fish oil ? If there is a difference in the 2 ( fish or krill ) please tell me which is the safest to take with the baby aspirin. I am 62 years ol. Thanks for any info about this that you can provide

  320. What brand name of krill oil do you use? there seems to be a lot of different names selling krill oil & how does one know which one’s are real or not

    1. Hello! Mike, I have been using Krill Doctor Professional Brand oil. According to study published in the American Journal of Nutrition highlighted, krill oil significantly inhibits inflammation and reduces arthritic symptoms within a short treatment period. Krill Doctor Professional is one of the best products as it contains 2x more Phospholipids & Omega-3 DHA and EPA, as compared to other Krill products available in market.

  321. Hi-new to this post, and scanned but didn’t see anything relating to my question. I have recently started taking fish oil on the advice of my eye dr for chronic dry eye. My father, who has heart disease, was told by his nurse that krill was much better absorbed by the body, and he has lost 30+lbs and made huge strides in his overall health since taking it. So I switched to krill about a month ago. Noticed that krill has vit d in it from earlier post-I also take a vitd3 supplement daily. Had a severe deficiency last yr and after getting it back on track my dr recommended a daily 2000 iu. Want to make sure I am not getting too much vit d3 – I am 5’3, 125lbs, and otherwise very healthy, no other problems. Any advice would be appreciated.

  322. Hi – I have been using MegaRed Krill Oil for over a year and it has done a much better job at reducing my trig numbers then fish oil, plus, no crappy burping. My friend took the same amount and had no change in her numbers, so she went back to pharmacy drugs, which I absolutely refuse to do unless nothing else will work. Two little red pills a day and I’m good to go. My dr is impressed with how my numbers are coming down so no worries for me.

  323. I take 2 baby aspirins a day for heart protection. Is it safe to take fish oil or krill oil capsules and the aspirins on a daily basis ? I asked my pharmacist and doctor and neither one could give me a definite answer. Thank you for your time in answering my question.

  324. I have a 9 yr old grandson who has ADHD.. would he benefit from taking KO and if so, what would be the recommended dosage for someone his age?

  325. Doc,
    I happened to start Krill oil (2000 mg) and Ginkgo supplements almost together and ended up with mild hives. After reading one of your posts, I tried the Krill-oil skin test and observed no reaction.
    researching further I found that Ginkgo Biloba is also known to cause side-effects like hives.
    I really want to take Krill oil supplement for ADHD related benefits. I need advice on:
    1. How do I know if its KO that caused the reaction ?
    2. If I can take it again, what dose do you recommend ?(500mg?)
    3. My hives haven’t completely gone yet, so how long should I wait (after hives have cleared) before I can start KO again ?

  326. Hello Dr. Eades,
    I am hoping this to be a miracle suppliment for me.
    I was diagnosed with an early stage of Breast Cancer Aug 2008. Estrogen Receptor Positive. Followed by lumpectomy, radiation treatment, hysterecotmy. My 5 year treatment medicine I was supposed to take was Femara, and was only able to take it for 4 months. It’s side effects reference only bone, joint and muscle pain and heart problems. However, it causes high BP, high cholesterol, migranes, weight gain, hot flashes and on and on and on . . . Before I got sick I was walking 4 miles a day, 7 days a week. After taking the Femara, I could not walk a block away from my house. I was 54 then. Now at 57, almost two years of not taking it since May 28th 2009, my hands hurt real bad. Finger knuckles and the bones between. Knees are real bad along with the bones that go down the legs, bones on top of feet, ankles, an achilles heal issue on the right foot. I stopped taking it because I wanted to be able to walk when I was 60. Not working out that way. Because of heart desease in my family we thought my chances were high that I could have a heart attack or a stroke or an aneurism from the headaches and decided I would take my chances with the cancer. My walking is very bad. My knees and hands are awful. I am over weight and can’t move fast enough to do to much. I found out about Megared Krill Oil from a web site called “Ask a Patient.com. Type in Femara and you will come up with 39 internet pages of survivors and their terrible side effects from the medicine. Three pages in someone posted about the Krill oil and one posted about Herbs of Gold – Pain Ease (found in AU of which I am waiting for some to arrive) So here is my shortened version of what all has happened. I even have tirgger finger on my ring finger on my right hand now. I am truely hoping that these herbs and oils will help me to have a better quality of life. You do all the things they tell you to do so that you will have a life ahead of you. Instead the treatments take your life from you. Thank you for your time in reading my post.
    If you think you may have any ideas for the 789 survivors on that web site it would be great if you could help to give them and me some hope. Actually, one of the aromatase inhibitors is being taken off the market because the side effects out way any possible good that can be done.
    Again, Thank you Dr. Eades for reading . . .
    Brenda Skinner

  327. I have severe bipolar 1 and have been wondering the effectiveness of krill oil over fish oil, and in a lot of studies for bipolar there are high amounts of fish oil used. Up to 9 g in one study I read. Do you have any thoughts on the dose and use on bipolar?

  328. I have been taking Krill oil for 3 months now. I had my annual physical on March 24th, and my blood test showed that my cholesteral levels dropped by about 20%, bringing me into the normal level. This was without any other dietary changes other than adding Krill oil and a multivitamin to my daily regime. I cannot deny the benefits of this product. My physician was impressed and encouraged me to continue. I purchase my Krill oil from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, based out of Maine. They have the lowest price if you’re willing to purchase a few month’s worth, which, given the results, I’m more than happy to do.

  329. Hello Michael… I’m 46 years old and have a VERY heavy menstrual flow that has me unable to do everyday things. I just purchased Krill Oil for the first time. Will it help with the heavy bleeding or will it make it worse? I’m looking for a natural way to help with this. Do you have any thoughts on how to make it lighter?
    Thank you for your blog.

  330. For those who can’t swallow pills, try this, it works for me. Chew up a dried fruit (apricots work great) to the point where you’re ready to swallow. Add the pill, work it around to where you can’t tell it’s in the mess and it goes down easily. As long as I can’t feel the pill, it works. The key is to have a large mess in the mouth that does not turn liquid. It also helps a lot if you are HUNGRY.

  331. I am very interested in trying krill oil and want to know the best, most reputable on line company to buy it from. What are your recommendations?

  332. I am iodine sensitive and am unable to take cod liver oil or fish liver oil. Does krill oil contain iodine as well?

  333. is i take NKO, is there any effect on my blood uric acid level?? i mean does NKO elevates uric acid in the blood??

  334. Dear Mike,
    I started taking Krill oil supplements almost 2 weeks ago. When I took the first dose(2caps) I woke up the next morning with numbness and tingling in my hands. I waited a few days until the numbness was gone and started taking only 1 capsule instead. I haven’t had the numbness or tingling in my hands anymore but they seem to be swollen. Should I still take the krill or is this a normal reaction to krill. I though it was suppose to have an anti-inflammatory response this seems like it is doing the opposite.

  335. Stephanie, There are currently 3 main producers of krill oil that supply their product to nutritional supplement companies. Neptune Technologies (Neptune Krill Oil), Aker Biomarine (Superba Krill Oil) and Enzymotec. Neptune Krill Oil is one of the first krill oils used in research studies on its cholesterol lowering effects and reduction in PMS symptoms. Superba Krill Oil is beginning research in a number of areas. Neptune Krill Oil is reported to have a higher astaxanthin content than Superba. Personally, I would use Neptune Krill Oil as a first choice and then Superba as a second choice.

  336. In fact, i do have shellfish allergy like crabs, little for shrimp. I can eat smaller shrimp and small reaction but crab can cause big reaction to my body. By the way, when i took krill oil as test,easy to sweat out and lose weight. I got amazing result. I realize that it has shellfish but not affect my body at all. Very interesting.. I read article about krill oil. They mention that dont take it if i have shellfish allergy. It sounds like lie and prevent others to get healthy. So far, i still take krill oil no matter what. To today, i still have no problem with krill oil at all.

  337. Dear Dr. Mike,
    First time to post….I’ve been scanning through the earlier posts and did not see anything about contaminants in krill oil. Recent articles have been posted about the lack of decontamination krill oil gets as opposed to fish oil which has been on the market much longer. (example) http://healthyomega3.com/krill-oil-vs-fish-oil/ I have been taking fish oil for about 4 months now and it completely eliminated some severe swelling and inflammation in my feet and lower legs. It was a build up of uric acid in the joints (used to be called gout) red, swollen and painful, couldn’t even wear shoes at times. It is now gone completely as of the first 3 1/2 to 4 weeks taking the fish oil. Brand was Nature Made 1200 mg and I took 3 a day at first but now twice a day. No adverse side effects that I know of and my blood cholesterol, pressure and sugar have dropped into healthy levels. I’m just posting this to let folks know that an affordable but reliable and proven brand can work as good as the over $50/bottle brands. I would still like to try krill but I need to know more about the contaminants and why it is better than fish oil. Thanks.

  338. I’ve been taking Krill Oil for the last few months and I really feel like the Astaxanthin has made a world of difference this summer when out in the sun.n=1 I know.

  339. I’ve been wondering what is the difference between fish oil and krill oil. Finally, the answer! Thank you for posting this important information. I actually take fish oil omega 3 supplements now from Maxalife. I only take the dosage suggested on the label. I’m afraid to rake more as the company said that taking so much of it may cause to blood thinning. With krill oil, what is the prescribed dosage for an adult? I know that although these products are supplements and are supposed to help our body, too much or too less of it might lead to a side effect.

  340. Hi Dr Eades-
    I have tried hydrocortisone after being diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency. When I took it I noticed that I got so hot and sweaty and even more fatigue- I never get that ever so I stopped. I tried it again 2 more separate times and the same thing happened. So I conclude that it wasn’t for me.
    I also was diagnosed with hyporenemic aldosteronism, but got the same feeling when I took that!
    But then after I stopped taking florinef and HC I noticed I still felt that hot and sweaty feeling with fatigue. I couldn’t understand it. But then i went away for vacation I didn’t have my vitamins with me and I realized I didn’t feel those bad effects. I now have zeroed in on what i think is causing this. Evening Primrose Oil.
    I was taking three 500mg capsules in the morning and three in the evening. I have just stopped it all today and will see how it works.
    Can you tell me why EPO would cause this reaction and why it would interfere with HC and florinef?
    Thank you

    1. EPO contains GLA, which is the start of the inflammatory cascade of eicosanoid production. I’ve seen many people experience the same effects you did. All of which went away when they quit taking the EPO.

      1. Hi Dr. Eades, I am confused on the EPO and GLA. It looks like you are saying not to take EPO. Is there a better form of GLA that I can take or are you saying to avoid GLA all together?

  341. Hi Mike,
    I have been taking krill oil for a few months now. I just wondered if you could tell me how many mg of vitamin A and vitamin D are in a 1000 mg krill oil caplet?
    Also, can you advise as to a recommended dosage for a 60 year old healthy female?
    I have researched the net but cant seem to find anything helpful in the above.

    1. The A and D depend on the brand. I take one caplet of krill oil per day, and that’s what I recommend to most people.

  342. I take a MegaRed Krill Oil capsule daily. I also take Vit. D3. between 2,000 and 5,000 daily. Is this too much with the Krill Oil and if so how much D3 should be taken?

  343. Hi MReades,
    I was wondering if you have ever heard of Moxxor and if you believe it is better than Krill Oil? Thanks ahead of time for your help.
    Sandy Kash

  344. My 12 year old son is taking mega red omega-3 krill oil 300 mg. For his ADHD, It seems like its working. The doctor tried to put him on concerta. I didnt like that, So he gave him this. I like it so far.

  345. Krill oil, the best thing for anti-inflammatory! I helped our neighbors move last Saturday. Have been on Krill oil for a number of months and have been incredibly less stiff and sore than “usual”. I’ve also found that it helps my joints as far as sewing goes. My CMC joint of left thumb still goes out, but the pain has been reduced to a very minor ache as long as I get it readjusted by my chiropractor in good time.
    No burps, just feeling good, better, almost best.

  346. Hi Dr. Eades, please suggest the most effective of the following daily protocols:
    1. 1g. krill
    2. 2g. krill
    3. 1g. krill 1g. fish oil
    4. 2g. krill 2g. fish oil

  347. The appropriate dose of krill oil depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for krill oil. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other health care professional before using. My Father used this twice a day for 3 months as he is suffering from depression, Krill Doctor Professional Brand oil is really effective to fight against these diseases.

  348. Thank you so much for this great information! I’ve read both here and on mercola.com reference to promising research about krill oil for bipolar disorder. Do you know what dosage was used, or can you point me in the right direction? I have a son who is suffering from depression and very possibly bipolar disorder. His holistic psychiatrist has him trying EMPower Plus (www.truehope.com) instead of psychopharmaceuticals, but if we don’t see drastic improvement, will want to add in Lithium. I would like to first try Krill Oil, but need to know how much. Thank you so much for your time!

    1. I use a product called MoodLift by Shaklee
      and it has really helped me. Also, your son
      may need more B vitamins. I also use Shaklee
      B vitamins and their multi-vitamin and have
      found them to be the best!
      I hope this helps your son.

    2. i am interested in krill or omega 3 oil being used to help bipolar depression. What is the dosage if so. Are there any research used. I am a doctor who use nutritional products if possible to treat my patients. Thank you. my email shelleyma45@yahoo.com.au

      1. I have no experience using krill oil in those with bipolar depression. I’ve never taken care of such patients other than referring them to psychiatrists. Consequently, I have no information. Sorry.

  349. Hey, indeed krill is a very interesting creature. Antarctic Krill are just one of 85 species of krill found all over the oceans of the world. Krill are zooplankton invertebrates that float in huge swarms. Euphausia superba krill are the most common krill, found mostly in the waters of the Antarctic. Euphausia krill are at the very bottom of the food chain and can only found in the pristine oceans around Antarctcia, where there is very limited accumulation of contaminants. I recommend you to visit: http://www.krillfacts.org – a sea of information about krill and Antarctica.

  350. Hi, I have read several websites that fish oil my be rancid if it is the cheaper brand, I just bought 3 bottles if natures made fish oil and it was very cheap, I can’t stand the taste of fish that is why I bought pills, now if I bite into pill and it is rancid it will be a strong taste right? Does this happen to krill oil also, do I have to worry about it being rancid when I buy it, I am already dreading it if I have to throw the fish oil away. Please let me know. Thank you!

  351. Hi Dr.,
    I am a 31 year old woman and working on starting a family now. 6 months back i was diagnosed with hypo thyroid (low metabolism one if i got it correct), very low Vit D and B12 levels (almost negligent).I was put on Mecofol and Calcimax Forte for both and Eltroxin 50 mg. Vitamin levels have since then improved.
    Recently, my husband got me cod liver oil capsules from Seven Seas with 2 capsules 2wice a week to be taken. With the amount of mercury and possible rancidity and other problems i read on the net about it, am worried now. Your article on Krill oil looks promising. Given that am planning pregnancy, do you recommend it? if so, could you please advise how many (i also suffer from severe constipation for which i take 2 spoonfuls of softovac each night as well as asthematic). I am afraid you would advise consulting a local doctor, but any general information you could provide would be helpful.

  352. There is one minor problem with this article. The statement “The phospholipid structure of the EPA and DHA in krill oil makes them much more absorbable and allows for a much easier entrance into the mitochondria and the cellular nucleus,” sounds great but there is one minor flaw.
    Krill is not absorbed intact.
    Omega-3s are broken down and metabolized and converted during the actual process of digestion. This is the flaw with the krill theory. Omega-3s have to get to the cells and they are converted long before they get there.

  353. I live iin British Columbia, Canada and cannot get krill oil shipped here. Do you know who might ship it? Health stores have a little but sooo pricey.

    1. my mom was resently prescribed krill oil by doctor…..its available here…..price is around 1200 INR for 100 capsules, which is around 25USD……………..

  354. The main reason why I decided to take Krill over Fish Oil was the high levels of mercury found in fish oil vs Krill. Something to think about, as you know mercury is horrible for you, so I’d rather pay the extra price to be safe than have high levels of mercury in my body. + the huge benefits of Krill.

  355. Hi Michael.
    I have read that astaxanthin can cause a loss of calcium in the blood and that patients with osteoporosis should avoid it. I have osteopenia and I’m wondering if the small amount found in krill oil would be a problem. Cheers.

  356. Hello Dr. Eades,
    I am taking 5 mg of Warfarin daily due to a DVT I had in approx. 2000. Could I safely substitute Krill Oil for the Warfarin (with my doctor’s monitoring)?
    She has said that they don’t work on the same components. I don’t understand, since they are both blood thinners.
    Thank you for any additional information you can provide.

  357. At what point of extraction do the whales start to die out?, and at what point do they become extinct? and, So why krill oil

  358. My close friend Lori suffered from Fibromyalgia and she started getting huge relief from taking krill oil. I was a bit skeptical at first but could definitely see the positive results in her life. I found out she was taking K 48 Plus purchased from a company by the name of JD Premium which goes through 5 days of extra purification. Long story short I ended up becoming a distributor in the company and now the products is having a positive impact in my life.

  359. Very informative but from all other articles I have read…isn’t one other drawback to Krill oil is that it thins out your blood…or slows down the clotting process? I am a little concerned it is not mentioned here.

    1. The nice thing about krill oil is that due to the way the fats are connected, it doesn’t require as much to get a good outcome. So it actually thins the blood less than fish oil because you use less of it.

  360. For example
    and krill oil decreases gluconeogenesis, of value to diabetics, which fish oil does not:
    We found that ω-3 PUFA supplements derived from a phospholipid krill fraction (KO) downregulated the activity of pathways involved in hepatic glucose production as well as lipid and cholesterol synthesis. The data also suggested that KO-supplementation increases the activity of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Surprisingly, an equimolar dose of EPA and DHA derived from FO modulated fewer pathways than a KO-supplemented diet and did not modulate key metabolic pathways regulated by KO, including glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Moreover, FO upregulated the cholesterol synthesis pathway, which was the opposite effect of krill-supplementation.