Said heiress Paris Hilton as she was led off to jail:

In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make.

paris_hilton_booking_photo1.jpgWhat’s even more pathetic than this actual sentence is the fact that it was in a statement released by her lawyer to the press. One would think that the Hilton’s could afford a legal team that wouldn’t let this kind of idiocy slip through. Perhaps celebrity lawyers are as feebleminded as the celebrities they represent.


  1. Another sad thing (besides idiocy) is that this women is actually 26 years old (I think) even though she looks at least 36. All in all, a sorry, sad case.
    A very sorry, sad case. 

  2. *eyeroll* Does she have a split personality? Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a celebrity say.
    Easily the dumbest thing.  It makes one wonder how it got by the lawyer. 

  3. I think I read the other day that Lindsey Lohan’s attorney said that she had to make a 360 dgree turn in her personal life. I do think the lawyers might be more of an idiot than the celebs.
    In these two cases the attorneys are indeed morons.

  4. ROFLMAO!!!
    That’s what happens with people who are born rich.
    They don’t have the firm boundaries and restrictions the rest of us do to develop a normal character.
    I’ve know some who do develop normal characters, but their parents treated them like they weren’t rich while they were growing up. 

  5. Much as I would like to avoid the “dumb blonde” stereotype, it’s hard not to apply it in this case. Obviously some dumb lawyers too.
    Who knows, maybe a dumb blond lawyer. 

  6. I think some context around being a mega-celebrity might be enlightening. I worked at a business management firm in LA for a year back in 2000. They managed every aspect of a client’s life that involved money, from insurance, to property, to cars, cell phones, whatever. Client gave some direction, firm helped it come true. Some clients needed more of a financial babysitter because they couldn’t not spend more than they were taking in. It was a little sad.
    Now, your average mega-celeb has a business manager, a manager (who helps manage their career, rather than their money), an agent (who brokers deals, and can be the manager as well, though most mega-celebs have both), and lawyers (at least one, but frequently more). These firms (we think of them as people, but when you hired our firm, you got the partner, a CPA, an accountant, a bookkeeper, the insurance girl, a file clerk and a person to handle calls and sort your mail. I am sure that when you hire an agent, a manager or lawyers, you get staff, not a person.
    Now, these teams, depending on how actively you manage your career, can have a ton of control over what you do, what you spend, who you sue, who sues you, and what you get paid for any of the above. If you are really passive (I suspect Paris just gets told where to go, and then goes to the club when she’s off and not doing personal appearances), it would make sense to say what Paris said. Wholly accurate.
    Now, I think PH is trashy and a symptom of what sucks about this decade so far (celebrity obsession, sound bite culture, image over substance, and who gets famous). But maybe it’s a good thing she’s gonna take control of her stuff. Probably not, but maybe.
    Hi Max–
    It’s not that she’s going to take control of her stuff that I find hilarious; it’s the way she said it and the fact that it got by her high-dollar lawyer.  “I’m going to take a more active role in the decisions I make.”  Did she not take an active role in the decisions she made before?  How can one not take an active role in the decisions one makes?


  7. How about this scenario: My newly-wed friend and his wife were looking to move into a new house. He’s out on a business trip for the week, when she falls in love with a house she’s seen…calls him and after he initially resists, he gives in and so flies back into town and signs the papers. Turns out to be a mistake and he loses a bunch of money. Wonder what would’ve happened if he took a more active role in that decision?
    I believe we have a subconscious mind that can ‘think’. I believe decisions made by this part of our brain can be executed with a varying degree of conscious thought involved. I’ve done things spur-of-the-moment I would never have done if I’d thought longer about it, or took a more active role – however you want to say it.
    Hmmm.  If your friend made a decision he took an active role.  If he merely went along with someone else’s decision, then he didn’t make the decision.  To my way of thinking it’s impossible not to take an active role in a decision one makes oneself.  One can make poor decisions or great decisions, but the act of deciding implies that some sort of active role was taken. 

  8. Mike – You are correct to say he took an active role in making the decision to trust his wife. No argument there. Let’s look at the decision to buy the house. I will even give you this: he took an active role in it. What Paris said was that she’d take “a more active role in her decisions”…so the question becomes: Would it have been possible for my friend to have taken “a more active role in his decision” to purchase the house. Active is not the most precise word, you know. It definitely involves energy, probably movement. Here’s the new scenario: After he gets off the phone with his wife he then drinks a cup of coffee (for energy) and researches the real-estate near his house-to-be. After a-while he finds out the problem and changes his mind on the purchase. This extra activity my friend engaged in was done to make the decision to buy the house. And so, one can say he was more active in the decision to buy the house in this scenario than the first one. Would you?
    I suppose, if you’re going to split hairs.  But I don’t think that Paris went through this kind of analysis when she made her statement.  In fact I would bet large amounts of money that she didn’t. 

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