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Kevin Hall, Kickstarter and catching up

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers who write sort of potpourri posts from time to time.  I think I’ve written a few in the distant past.  Hard to believe I’ve been at this – at least intermittently – for over 12 years now.  I want to bring everyone up to date on what’s going on…

Posted on 20th August 2017

How to lower your cholesterol

The most common question I get asked via comments on this blog and email is how to lower cholesterol levels and/or LDL levels. People asking this question have usually just gotten a high cholesterol reading of one kind or another and have heard the pronouncement from their doctor: You need to go on a statin….

Posted on 25th July 2017

Why are doctors so stupid?

Since I’ve been writing this blog for the past 12 years, I’ve received innumerable comments and e-mails all containing the same words: Why are doctors so stupid about diet? statins? fat? saturated fat? carbohydrate restriction? low-fat diets? and on and on. I’m not sure stupid is the right word – the right word is probably…

Posted on 11th July 2017

Low-carbohydrate diet and climate change

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the forces arrayed against us meat eating, low-carbohydrate diet followers firmly believe the ‘fact’ that running herds of animals destroys the grasslands and ecosystem. And that’s not to mention that the methane from their belches destroys the ozone layer and worsens climate change. But is…

Posted on 2nd July 2017

The world’s best guacamole

What better way to enjoy a summer barbecue than with some really good fat?? Maybe some baby back ribs or brisket or pork belly sliders? And some slaw? But whatever your pleasure, there’s always room for the piquant fave — guacamole! Here’s our long-time family recipe. Holy Guacamole! Serves 4 INGREDIENTS ½ red onion, peeled…

Posted on 1st July 2017

Avo Mayo

I love mayonnaise. Always have. But, as I’ve written before, I find most of what populates store shelves unacceptable — filled with partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil or soybean or some other equally wretched seed or vegetable oils. And so I have tended to make my own for the last many years, using EVOO, avocado oil,…

Posted on 25th June 2017

Dr. David Ludwig on high-carb vs low-carb vs slow-carb diets

I came across this short talk Dr. David Ludwig gave on some of his research on the difference between high-carb, low-carb, and slow-carb diets.  The presentation is a great summary of the calories-in/calories-out way of thinking of dieting versus the alternative hypothesis, which is that carbs drive insulin, and insulin drives fat storage.  Dr. Ludwig…

Posted on 11th March 2017

Dr. Salim Yusuf and the PURE study

If you’ve been following a low-carbohydrate diet for any length of time and have experienced the changes in weight and energy levels, the reductions in blood sugar and blood pressure, and the improvement in GERD that typically accompany such diets, you may wonder why the mainstream doesn’t jump aboard.  I know I did. When I…

Posted on 4th March 2017

Tripping Over the Truth

As I type these words, I’m hurtling through the sky somewhere over the North Atlantic on my way to the US from Germany. I just woke up from about a two hour nap, during which I was flat on my back and got to stretch my 6’2” frame to the max without hitting the end…

Posted on 20th February 2017

The Case Against Sugar

I read Gary Taubes’s new book The Case Against Sugar twice. First I read it in manuscript, then in galley proof. My intention was to write a review of it to be posted around the book’s publication date, but on or just before pub date a dozen other reviews hit the web. Consequently, some of…

Posted on 5th February 2017

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